Non-Domestic Rates, can we do better?

Non-Domestic Rates, can we do better?

After a period of speculation the Department of Finance has announced a major review of the Northern Ireland Non-Domestic Rates System. Many businesses and associations have commented that the current rating... Read more

Law Society criticises celebrity and DIY divorces

By Lenore Rice The Law Society has hit out at celebrity divorces for giving the public an unrealistic view of the process involved, and also warns against the dangers of DIY... Read more

MPs propose Right-to-Buy house sales on eBay

A committee of MPs has proposed that council house tenants should be able to purchase their property under the "right to buy" scheme on popular online shopping sites, such as... Read more

NI trader fined for misleading customer

A Northern Ireland car dealer has been fined £300 for misleading a customer by failing to tell her that the car she was purchasing had been a category insurance write-off. Blair... Read more

Wozniak calls for companies to be taxed on income

At a conference in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called for companies to be taxed on their income instead of profit to bring them into line with the... Read more

HMRC tells employers to prepare for PAYE changes

Employers in Northern Ireland are being advised not to leave it too late to make the necessary changes in order to be able to comply with new Pay As You... Read more

Broadband services 'have helped UK's e-commerce sector'

The UK's e-commerce sector has benefited from increased broadband use among consumers, it has been highlighted.According to the Interactive Media in Retail Group's director of operations David Smith, broadband has... Read more

E-commerce sector 'likely to perform well' this year

The UK's e-commerce sector should continue to perform well over the course of this year, according to one expert.IMRG's chief executive James Roper believes that enhancements that are being made... Read more

Firms urged to remain cautious

Businesses are being warned to remain cautious in the current economic climate.The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) suggests that recovery will be patchy and there is risk of a fall... Read more

Christmas order volumes 'rose for many internet retailers'

The final two months of last year witnessed a substantial average improvement in the number of orders taken by a variety of web retailers, new research suggests.According to Actinic survey... Read more

E-retailers 'now distinguishable from high street stores'

Consumers appear to be waking up to the benefits offered by e-commerce in comparison to traditional high street shopping, an expert suggests.Following recent reports showing that Boxing Day in particular... Read more

Smart devices 'impacting on e-commerce'

Smart devices may be changing the shopping habits of consumers in Northern Ireland and other regions of the UK, it has been suggested.According to Chris Russell, director of the market... Read more

Online Christmas shopping 'proving increasingly popular'

Increasing numbers of consumers are opting to shop for their Christmas presents using online resources this year, it is believed.A spokesperson for the internet auction website eBay believes that there... Read more

New service launched by Wilson Nesbitt a first for Northern Ireland

In a first for Northern Ireland, Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors of Belfast have launched their new business law guide and document builder website. People visiting www.wilsonnesbittonline.co.uk will have free access to... Read more

Online retailers 'should reassure consumers about postal services'

Online retailers operating in Belfast and other UK regions should try to raise awareness among their consumers that postal services will not be disrupted during the run-up to the festive... Read more

Consumer behaviour 'evolving as online retail matures'

UK consumers are now shopping through a number of different channels as the online retail sector continues to mature, an expert suggests.David Smith, director of operations at the e-retail community... Read more

High street retailers 'competing more' with e-retail firms

A number of high street retailers are increasingly looking to meet the varied demands of their customers by offering a presence both physically and through e-commerce, an expert suggests. The... Read more

Online brands 'should improve consumer awareness'

E-commerce firms in the UK should try and improve their awareness of what consumers are saying about their brands, it has been claimed.Online consumers are often using social media to... Read more

E-commerce 'increasingly important' in the UK

E-commerce may be developing into an increasingly important aspect of the UK grocery retail sector, it has been suggested, as people look to make more use of new online shopping... Read more

Legal issues still exist in 'second lives'

E-commerce businesses in Northern Ireland need to be aware that there are legal issues which may involve the participation of solicitors if something were to go wrong, Charlotte Walker-Osborn has... Read more

E-commerce 'cost effective tool for firms'

E-commerce could help businesses in Northern Ireland to operate more effectively, it has been claimed. According to Neil Munroe, external affairs director at Equifax, retailers should be looking to make... Read more

Northern Ireland e-commerce 'least fraudulent'

Northern Ireland and Wales have found to be the least fraudulent places in the UK regarding unsolicited credit card usage.According to research from the 3rd Man and 192business.com, the top... Read more

Ringtone e-commerce sites under fire

Websites which force purchasers of ringtones to be locked into a contract are facing investigation by the European Commission, the Belfast Telegraph reports.According to a survey, many ringtone sites are... Read more

eBay-Tiffany case 'a victory for e-commerce'

The victory of eBay over Tiffany in the case to find out whether the auction retailer was liable for counterfeit jewellery being sold on the site has been called 'a... Read more

E-commerce firms 'should take strong attitude to data protection'

Companies, including those involved in e-commerce, should take a stricter approach to data protection than is enforced by law, a new study has found.According to the study, which examined the... Read more

UK computer law to be upgraded

The law governing computers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland is to be changed by the end of the year, the Home Office has announced.It comes after criticism from the... Read more

Campaign against illegal e-commerce

A campaign has been launched against e-commerce companies who fail to follow the law.Computeractive has launched the movement to stop retailers from breaking online trading rules and hopes to inform... Read more

eBay to lobby EU on e-commerce rules

Online auction website eBay is to lobby the EU parliament about rules governing cross-border trading, the BBC reports.The website claims that regulations were drawn up in the 1950s, but that... Read more

"Surging" e-commerce driving growth

Spending on online advertising in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK is set to overtake that used on television adverts for the first time in 2008, according to... Read more

Cross-border e-commerce set to improve

The EU's consumer commissioner has proposed new regulation which would make it easier for businesses to operate online across the borders of member states.While around 150 million EU citizens purchase... Read more

Inability to handle product 'could be biggest barrier to E-Commerce'

E-Commerce sellers could lose out because of customers' inability to touch a product and assess its quality, a retail expert has claimed.Sites are able to help combat this problem and... Read more

E-commerce 'promotes variety for consumers'

Moving a business online means that there is more competition from consumers who have a variety of retailers to choose from, it has been suggested.According to research from Mercado, online... Read more

Intellectual property difficult for SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Northern Ireland may have to visit solicitors more often than larger firms for getting into bother over intellectual property.People setting up a small... Read more