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New domestic abuse legislation introduced to Northern Ireland Assembly

New domestic abuse legislation introduced to Northern Ireland Assembly

By Lenore Rice The Domestic Abuse and Family Proceedings Bill 2020 was introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly on Tuesday 31st March, aimed at bringing the laws here into line with... Read more

Coronavirus - How the lockdown affects child contact arrangements

The fight against COVID-19 has seen the Government impose much more stringent measures which is having serious implications on our everyday lives.Despite some initial confusion the government has made clear... Read more

Domestic Violence legal assistance during the Coronavirus crisis

During the current crisis, there are concerns that there will be significant increase in incidents concerning domestic violence. This is due to people spending more time at home or in... Read more

Divorce award lost on legal fees due to irresponsible conduct

The High Court divorce case of MB v EB highlights the importance of timely and informed negotiating in financial remedies cases. The case involved a very wealthy wife, a struggling artist,... Read more

Same-sex marriage legal in Northern Ireland from today

By Lenore Rice As of today, Monday 13th January 2020, same-sex couples can register to marry in Northern Ireland, and couples who married previously outside Northern Ireland will now have their... Read more

Why is 6th January 2020 referred to as Divorce Day?

By Lenore Rice The first Monday of January has for some years now been referred to widely in the media as Divorce Day because family law solicitors and mediators throughout Northern... Read more

Wilson Nesbitt is the first NI law firm to gain a GDPR Certification

We're delighted to announce that Wilson Nesbitt has become the first Northern Ireland law firm to gain a Certification in GDPR, underlining our continuing commitment to protect the data of... Read more

Wilson Nesbitt confirmed as finalist for 2019 GNI Legal Representation Award

We are delighted to be confirmed as one of the finalists for the 2019 GNI Legal Representation Award. The GNI Mag Awards gala evening will take place at the Crowne Plaza... Read more

Update on NI law changes in respect of marriage, civil partnerships and abortion

By Lenore Rice There have been significant changes to the laws in Northern Ireland by virtue of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 and the failure to restore the... Read more

Farming Estate Planning - replacing promises with written agreements

By Lenore Rice Approximately 70 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland do not have a Will, with many trusting that the rules of intestacy will result in their assets eventually... Read more

Domestic violence crimes reach another record high in Northern Ireland

By Lenore Rice The number of domestic abuse crimes in Northern Ireland reached their highest 12 month total since records began. There were 16,575 domestic violence crimes recorded between July 2018 and... Read more

Domestic violence-related homicides in UK at 5 year high

By Lenore Rice There were 173 deaths as a result of domestic violence in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK last year, a significant jump up from the 141... Read more

Cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the UK

By Lenore Rice The number of people cohabiting in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK has increased by 25.8% in the last 10 years according to new figures from... Read more

New research shows change in most common reasons for divorce

By Lenore RiceThe most common reasons for divorce historically focussed on the behaviour of one or both spouses, but new research suggests that people are now more inclined to separate... Read more

Divorce case highlights complexity of dealing with maintenance and assets split

ByLenore Rice A recent financial remedy application that came before the Family Court highlights the difficulties of separating out complex assets following divorce, identifying the difference between needs and standard of... Read more

Safeguarding your Will against challenge

By Lenore Rice According to a recent survey conducted by a prominent life insurance company, 24% of residents in the UK would be prepared to contest the Will of a loved... Read more

No-fault divorce option takes another step forward

By Lenore Rice Last month, Lord Chancellor David Gauke introduced the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill to the House of Commons, and last week the Bill reached the committee stage. The... Read more

High Court rules to allow trust to treat illegitimate child as beneficiary

By Lenore Rice The trustees of a discretionary settlement worth £80m have received permission from the High Court to treat one of the settlor’s descendants as a beneficiary, despite being born... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 4

By Lenore Rice At Wilson Nesbitt we wholly understand that writing a Will is a difficult thing to even think about, as we are very aware that nobody really wants to... Read more

Inheritance dispute relies on Court to decide order elderly couple passed away

By Lenore Rice The estate of an elderly couple who were both discovered having passed away in their homes is being disputed by their stepdaughters. The dispute, currently being heard in... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 3

By Lenore Rice In the second part of our Wills Legal Guide, we looked at the initial steps involved in writing a Will, such as listing your beneficiaries and estimating the... Read more

Number of Domestic Abuse Cases in Northern Ireland at Record High

By Lenore Rice New statistics published by the Police Service of Northern Ireland reveal that the number of domestic abuse incidents in Northern Ireland are now at a record high. The statistics,... Read more

Advice on Contesting a Will

By Lenore Rice How to contest a Will We are largely able to pass on our estate in a Will as we please, but there are circumstances where certain people will have... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 2

By Lenore Rice In the first section of our Wills Legal Guide, we explored the various reasons for writing a Will, including what happens to your assets and to your beneficiaries... Read more

The Myth of Cohabitation and How it Affects Wills

By Lenore Rice One of the reasons that people so often put off writing a Will is that they assume that their assets will pass to their ‘common law’ partner. This... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 1

By Lenore Rice Why make a Will? Writing a Will can give peace of mind to you and those closest to you if the unthinkable should happen. While no one wants to... Read more

How a Will protects your beneficiaries

By Lenore Rice Why write a Will? Sometimes one of the reasons that people don’t have a formal Will is that they believe that the matter of inheritance will simply work itself... Read more

Divorce Legal Guide - Part 4

Meet the Team By Lenore Rice At Wilson Nesbitt we understand that every divorce is different, and so the care and attention given to seeing through each divorce case is tailored to... Read more

Ensuring the well being of children during and after a divorce

By Lenore Rice In a separation or divorce involving children it is absolutely paramount to ensure and maintain their wellbeing throughout and after the divorce proceedings. Here are somethings you will... Read more

Divorce Legal Guide - Part 3

By Lenore Rice In the second part of our Divorce Legal Guide, we looked at how to begin a formal divorce process, from the presentation of evidence to the lodging of... Read more

Divorce Legal Guide - Part 2

By Lenore Rice In the first part of our Divorce Legal Guide, we looked at an introduction to the divorce process and how it works, as well as exploring some useful... Read more

Dividing digital assets in divorce proceedings

By Lenore Rice The division of marital assets is one of the main elements of divorce proceedings, as both parties endeavour to separate their inevitably entwined lives and prepare for the... Read more

Divorce Legal Guide - Part 1

By Lenore Rice Making the Decision The decision to consider divorce is not one which is taken lightly, and usually comes when a marriage has moved from being in difficulty to having... Read more

How to avoid court in divorce proceedings

By Lenore Rice A common belief is that animosity is unavoidable in divorce proceedings, but that simply isn't true. While a divorce is obviously a difficult situation, the ultimate goal of divorce proceedings is... Read more

Six fold increase in NI children waiting for mental health appointment

By Daren Johnston New figures show that the number of children in Northern Ireland waiting for access to mental health services has increased by more than six times the figure from... Read more

Criticism of delays on new domestic abuse legislation in Northern Ireland

By Lenore Rice In 2017/18 the number of domestic abuse incidents recorded by the Police Service of Northern Ireland amounted to one every 17 minutes, a record high. These statistics illustrate... Read more

No-fault divorce option moves closer for England and Wales

By Lenore Rice David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, has pledged an end to “unnecessary mudslinging” in the divorce process as he introduced the new Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill to the... Read more

Are you considering thinking about maybe writing a Will?

By Lenore Rice   Writing a Will can give peace of mind to you and those closest to you if unthinkable should happen. While no one wants to prepare for death or future... Read more

Survivors of domestic abuse at risk of serious mental health problems

By Lenore Rice New research, undertaken and published by Birmingham University, indicates that women who experience domestic abuse are three times more likely to develop a mental health problem. A new study... Read more

Legal Aid modernisation promises to deliver faster process

The Legal Services Agency (LSA) is in the finals stages of preparation for the launch of its new digital case management system LAMS on 1 July 2019. Currently, the system... Read more

Falconer regrets vilifying legal aid solicitors to curb expenditure

By Lenore Rice Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor from 2003 to 2007, has admitted his regret over the campaign to curtail the legal aid budget which led to widespread condemnation of... Read more

No-fault changes could remove resentment from divorce

By Lenore Rice A recent survey conducted by Grayson Solicitors has found that half of people in England and Wales believe that a “no-fault” option would shorten the current divorce process,... Read more

Cuts to legal aid risking quality of decisions in domestic abuse cases

By Lenore Rice The former head of family courts in England and Wales, Sir James Munby, has said that cuts to legal aid had led to more people representing themselves, and... Read more

Private pension wealth most significant asset in high-net-worth divorces

By Lenore Rice New research into the breakdown of assets of divorcing couples with net financial wealth of £1million or more has revealed that private pensions make up 43 per cent... Read more

Divorce reform in England and Wales to lose need for blame and consent

By Lenore Rice Divorce law in England and Wales will undergo its most significant reform in 50 years with the removal of the need to allege adultery or unreasonable behaviour to... Read more

PSNI officer says legislation needed to tackle domestic abuse

By Lenore Rice Supt Clive Beatty, a senior PSNI officer, has said that legislation to tackle psychological and emotional abuse, such as that introduced in England and Wales, is needed to... Read more

Domestic abuse levels at record high in Northern Ireland

By Lenore Rice The number of incidents of domestic abuse reported to the PSNI in 2018 was the highest since records began 15 years ago, and experts say there is still... Read more

The potential implications of a divorce on a family-run business

By Lenore Rice The goal for any divorce is to find a way to disentangle two lives that had grown increasingly more intertwined with each year of marriage. That includes a... Read more

Some tips on making divorce proceedings more amicable

By Lenore Rice While news articles on divorce tend to focus on high profile splits and drawn-out court battles over money and custody of children, the majority of divorces in Northern... Read more

Over 3,000 children in care in Northern Ireland

By Lenore Rice The number of children recorded as living in care in Northern Ireland reached a record high in 2018. Over 3,000 children are the subject of a Care Order, and... Read more

Remarrying couples often unaware that marriage revokes a Will

By Lenore Rice There is a general lack of understanding about writing a Will, and what happens to your estate if you don't have one, but another aspect that very few... Read more

Unreasonable behaviour most common reason for divorce

By Lenore Rice Divorcing couples most commonly cite unreasonable behaviour to prove that their marriage has irretrievably broken down, according to the latest figures on divorce from the Office for National... Read more

We can help you with your resolutions for 2019

The first month of the year is usually when we most consider the things we are determined to achieve in the year ahead, and they are usually a list of... Read more

The Divorce week myth

By Lenore Rice The first working week of January has come to be reported  as ‘Divorce week’ in the media because family law solicitors often report a large increase in the... Read more

Government consultation to consider introduction of no-fault divorce

By Lenore Rice England and Wales could be moving towards a no-fault divorce system with an announcement expected that a government consultation will consider how to remove “unnecessary antagonism” from the divorce process. The anticipated... Read more

Cohabitation and the law - steps for couples to protect their family

By Lenore Rice Living together, or cohabiting, is on the increase with approximately 3.3m cohabiting couples in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. That equates to one family in... Read more

Case win for Northern Ireland unmarried mother could help 1.2million couples

By Lenore Rice A Northern Ireland woman has won her case before the Supreme Court challenging whether the denial of Widowed Parent's Allowance (WPA) to unmarried partners is incompatible with human... Read more

Supreme Court Owens decision keeps no-fault divorce in spotlight

By Lenore Rice While the decision of the Supreme Court in the Owens v Owens case was to dismiss the appeal of the wife wanting to divorce her husband, the reluctance... Read more

Supreme Court overturns decision to increase divorce monthly payments after 16yrs

By Lenore Rice The Supreme Court has overturned a Court of Appeal decision to increase the monthly maintenance payments that were set when a couple divorced 16 years previously. following an... Read more

Prepare to Relax - Your Holiday Checklist

Well, the summer holidays are finally upon us, and many people across Northern Ireland gearing up to jet off somewhere much more reliably sunny. There’s a lot to think about... Read more

Supreme Court ruling on civil partnerships for heterosexual couples

By Lenore Rice The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the Civil Partnership Act 2004, which is only applicable to same-sex couples, is not compatible with the European Convention on Human... Read more

No-fault divorce campaigners await Owens v Owens decision

By Lenore Rice The Supreme Court heard the case of Owens v Owens on 17th May, in what was the first time that the highest court considered the divorce provisions in... Read more

Over a thousand pounds raised by our marathon teams

Our marathon relay teams were very delighted to hand over a cheque for £1,240 to Brian Shanks of the Simon Community NI. The team would like to thank everyone who made... Read more

MPs move to guarantee grandparent rights after divorce

By Lenore Rice MPs are moving to enshrine in law the right for grandparents to see their grandchildren after a divorce. The bid to amend legislation to cover a child's right to... Read more

Domestic Violence and Abuse Disclosure Scheme explained

By Lenore Rice The PSNI responded to 29,676 incidents of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland in 2017, the highest amount in 13 years. Of those incidents 12,803 contained one or more... Read more

NI judge calls for longer jail terms for domestic violence cases

By Lenore Rice   A Northern Ireland judge has highlighted the need for longer jail sentences for domestic violence in a case in which he gave a man an 8 month jail... Read more

Judge describes protracted divorce case as scandalous waste of time

By Lenore Rice A family court judge has described the protracted divorce case of a couple who have already spent almost £2million on solicitor fees as a "scandalous waste of court... Read more

Divorce Day and the continuing myth about Christmas separations

By Lenore Rice The first working Monday of the New Year has rather unfortunately been dubbed Divorce Day in recent years, as it is a day that divorce solicitors see an... Read more

Increasing number of enquiries about prenuptial agreements

By Lenore Rice Divorce and family law solicitors are reporting an increase in the number of people making enquiries about pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. There are a number of reasons why someone... Read more

Divorce payout appeal fails as wealth was obtained before marriage

By Lenore Rice The Appeal Court has refused a woman’s bid to increase her £3.5million divorce payout from her property tycoon husband, in a case that illustrates the difference between wealth... Read more

Woman denied divorce to challenge fault based system at Supreme Court

By Lenore Rice A woman who was refused a divorce by both the High Court and the Court of Appeal says she will tell the Supreme Court that she should not... Read more

Belfast woman arrested after fleeing to Spain with daughter

By Lenore Rice A Belfast woman who took her 5-year-old daughter to Spain without the father’s consent has been arrested pursuant to a European Arrest Warrant. The girl’s Senegalese born father reported... Read more

PSNI launch summer domestic abuse campaign

By Lenore Rice PSNI are urging victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland to make a report to the police, as they prepare for another summer period of increased incidents of... Read more

Landmark divorce ruling says length of marriage should affect assets split

By Lenore Rice A Court of Appeal ruling has been described as a "sea change" to how a basic principle of asset division in matrimonial law is applied in divorce cases,... Read more

Bid to take divorce maintenance payment case to Supreme Court

By Lenore Rice A man is bidding to raise funds to take his divorce maintenance payment challenge to the Supreme Court, in order to change the "outmoded and dangerous" courts that... Read more

Call for money disputes to be separated from divorce process

By Lenore Rice A senior family law figure has called for financial disputes to be removed from the divorce process and dealt with separately in order to reduce the pressures on... Read more

Divorce refusal appeal will go to Supreme Court

By Lenore Rice The case of a woman who was refused a divorce from her husband by the Court of Appeal last month will now be taken to the Supreme Court,... Read more

Parents warned about mobile phone videos in custody cases

By Lenore Rice Divorce solicitors are seeing an increase in the number of parents producing videos of their children taken on mobile devices and tablets to support their case for custody... Read more

Some useful divorce advice for the Brexit split

By Lenore Rice There is very little news in the UK at the moment that doesn't involve Brexit, or speculation on its repercussions on different aspects of our daily life. The... Read more

Criticism of judge's comments on vulnerability in domestic abuse case

By Lenore Rice A judge has commented that a woman who was made to swallow bleach and pills and beaten with a cricket bat by her husband was not vulnerable, because... Read more

Prenups allow couples to choose the sort of marriage they want

By Lenore Rice A Supreme Court Justice has spoken of his support for binging pre-nuptial agreements, saying that couples "should be allowed to elect the sort of marriage which they want." Lord... Read more

Wife loses appeal against refusal of divorce on grounds of unhappiness

By Lenore Rice Tini Owens, aged 66, has lost her appeal against a family court refusal to grant her a decree of divorce from her husband of 39 years. The appeal court... Read more

Judge urges agreement on divorce case lasting longer than the marriage

By Lenore Rice A judge has urged a couple to reach agreement on their divorce settlement as the case has now lasted six times longer than the actual marriage itself. Marilyn Levesque... Read more

New figures reveal extent of unpaid child maintenance backlog

By Lenore Rice Approximately 1.2million people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are owed child maintenance payments according to new figures revealed by the Victoria Derbyshire programme. The figures... Read more

Divorce settlement appeal challenges asset-sharing principle

By Lenore Rice A woman has appealed a High Court decision to award her husband £2.7million as part of their divorce settlement, saying that the equal sharing of assets should not... Read more

More parents using discretionary trusts to protect family assets from divorce

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that more people are using discretionary trusts to protect gifts of money or assets to their married children in the event of a future divorce. Discretionary... Read more

Wife denied divorce as allegations were flimsy and exaggerated

By Lenore Rice A 65-year-old woman has told the Court of Appeal that she should be allowed to divorce her husband of 37 years after a previous judge ruled that her... Read more

Deliberate parent alienation after divorce is a form of abuse says Cafcass

By Lenore Rice Parents who deliberately manipulate their children against the other parent following a divorce are guilty of "abuse", says Anthony Douglas of the Children and Family Court Advisory and... Read more

Northern Ireland woman wins landmark pension case

A Northern Ireland woman has won a landmark legal case that could have significant impact on the rights afforded to cohabiting couples. Denise Brewster lived with her partner Lenny McMullan for... Read more

Woman who spent divorce payout to be maintained for life

By Lenore Rice A woman has successfully requested an increase in the monthly maintenance payments she receives from the man she divorced 15 years ago, after spending the £230,000 lump sum... Read more

Case decision shows prenups are binding for better or for worse

Family law solicitors in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK know that until quite recently prenuptial agreements weren't always worth the paper they were written on when it... Read more

Decree absolute issued 4 years after filing for divorce

By Lenore Rice Four years after filing for divorce, a decree absolute has been issued in respect of the marriage of the Laura Ashley boss, Dr Khoo Kay Peng, and his... Read more

Divorce among over 55s increases as overall rate falls

By Lenore Rice Women over the age of 55 are the only group to see an increase in the divorce rate in the past ten years, according to new figures from... Read more

Using pre-nups to protect company in event of a divorce

By Lenore Rice Pre-nuptial agreements are increasingly prominent among business owners in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK in recent months, as people take action to make sure developments... Read more

The Divorce Day myth continues

By Lenore Rice Divorce Day is fast becoming a fixed calendar date in the media world, with articles about an increase in divorce enquiries appearing every year in the first week... Read more

Family Law solicitors continue call for no fault divorce

By Lenore Rice Divorce solicitors and mediation groups in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are continuing to call for the introduction of 'no fault' divorces, which was first... Read more

Over-50s divorces increasing demand for rental property

By Lenore Rice The number of people over the age of 50 who are renting a property has increased significantly in the last 5 years, according to new research. Over a third... Read more

Five things to avoid when considering divorce

By Lenore Rice If you are considering a separation or divorce you no doubt have many questions and concerns. How you set about divorcing is very important for the future relationship... Read more

Caution for parents who left 1yr old in car in 25C heat

Two parents, aged 24 and 28, have been fined by police and told to work with social services after they left their one-year-old son in their car at a retail... Read more

Relate charity concern at report on distressed relationships

By Lenore Rice The charity that provides counseling services for couples in the UK, Relate, have described the findings of a report suggesting 18 per cent of couples in the UK... Read more

Divorce rate among over-50s up 75 per cent in 20 years

By Lenore Rice The number of couples over 50 getting a divorce has increased by 75 per cent in 20 years according to new figures from the Office of National Statistics... Read more

Widow stood to earn £6m from divorce but got £36k in Will

By Lenore Rice A woman is contesting the Will of her husband who died while they were in the middle of divorce proceedings from which she expected to receive a £6million... Read more

Lineker calls for mathematical solution for divorces to reduce legal costs

By Lenore Rice Ex-footballer Gary Lineker has called for a "mathematical equation" to help resolve divorce settlements to replace lengthy court proceedings that run up huge legal bills. Mr Lineker, who has... Read more

Appeal Court judge sends warning on divorce tourism

By Lenore Rice An appeal court judge has expressed her frustration at 'divorce tourism', saying that the UK courts are "not here to provide a top up for every foreign divorce". Lady... Read more

Figures reveal high dependency on NI courts to resolve child custody issues

By Lenore Rice There were over 10,000 child contact and residence orders submitted to Northern Ireland Courts over the past 3 judicial years, prompting calls for increased promotion of mediation for... Read more

95 per cent of divorcing couples opt for court over mediation

By Lenore Rice The government's attempt to make divorcing couples attend mediation before going to court in England and Wales has been labelled a failure, after new figures revealed that only... Read more

Wife who gave up career to raise family given 90pc of assets in divorce

By Lenore Rice A family court judge has awarded a woman 90 per cent of the family assets, saying her 20 years away from her career in order to raise a... Read more

Father prosecuted for leaving 2yr old in car alone for 5 minutes

By Gary Adair There are calls for more clarity on the laws governing the age at which children can be left unattended, after figures showed that 500 people in England and... Read more

Judge allows 'significant figure for wine' in child maintenance payments

By Lenore Rice A family law judge criticised a woman's request for child maintenance to cover the cost of wine when entertaining her child's friends parents, but disagreed only with her... Read more

President of Family Division says 'digital divorces' will begin in 2017

By Lenore Rice The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, told guests at an annual dinner of the Family Law Bar Association that online divorce cases are planned "for... Read more

Judge awards co-habiting partner of 18 years share of property

By Lenore Rice A judge has awarded a woman her deceased partner's share of the property they lived in together for 18 years, after it had originally passed on to his... Read more

Cohabiting partner of 18 years sees share of house go to estranged wife

By Lenore Rice A women who cohabited with her partner for 18 years has gone to court to fight against the decision to give her deceased partner's share of their property... Read more

Celebrity's wait for divorce highlights pitfalls of marrying abroad

By Lenore Rice It is becoming increasingly common for couples from Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK to get married abroad, but the case of singer Cheryl Fernandez-Versini highlights... Read more

Divorcing parents encouraged to give a voice to their children

By Lenore Rice Divorce solicitors and charities are encouraging separating parents to improve how they communicate with and involve their children in the divorce process. Family law solicitors are already beginning to... Read more

The truth about Divorce Day and why enquiries increase in January

By Lenore Rice The very unfortunate name of 'Divorce Day' was coined several years ago and has been used ever since to refer to the first Monday of the New Year,... Read more

Reports of increase in domestic abuse incidents in NI over Christmas

By Lenore Rice There are concerns that domestic abuse in Northern Ireland increased significantly over Christmas after one policing area dealt with 20 incidents of domestic-related violence over a 4 day... Read more

PSNI dealt with domestic violence call every 20mins in Christmas 2014

By Lenore Rice Police were contacted in respect of an incident of domestic violence in Northern Ireland every 20 minutes during Christmas day last year. In Northern Ireland and the rest of... Read more

Divorce case to consider legal limplication of 'for better or worse'

By Lenore Rice A husband who is appealing the financial settlement awarded to his wife as part of their divorce is asking the courts to consider the legal implications of his... Read more

Thousands of divorce settlements could be revisted after software error

By Lenore Rice An error in the software used to calculate financial terms for divorces could mean that thousands of settlements in England will need to be revisited. The error with Form... Read more

Abortion law in Northern Ireland ruled incompatible with human rights

A High Court judge has ruled that the current abortion laws in Northern Ireland are incompatible with human rights law, but says that it is up to Stormont to decide... Read more

Survey reveals children's attitudes to their parents divorce

By Lenore Rice A survey by the family law organisation Resolution reveals some interesting views about divorce by the children of separated parents. Perhaps surprisingly, 82 per cent of children aged between... Read more

Advice for separated parents planning their first Christmas apart

By Lenore Rice The holiday season can take a lot of careful planning at the best of times - getting the right gifts, dedicating equal time around two families in the... Read more

Online system proposed for compensation and divorce cases in NI

By Gillian Crotty Solicitors dealing with divorces and compensation cases are being asked to consider the introduction of an online dispute resolution system in Northern Ireland. Holland and British Columbia in Canada... Read more

Maintenance arrangements agreed by parents increased in 2015

By Lenore Rice More children are benefiting from maintenance arrangements agreed directly between the parents according to new figures released by the Department for Work & Pensions. There were 34,000 effective Family... Read more

Number of children in care in Northern Ireland at record high

By Lenore Rice The number of children in care in Northern Ireland is at its highest level since records began 20 years ago. There are currently 2,875 children in the care system... Read more

Landmark divorce ruling aims to tackle dishonesty about finances

By Lenore Rice The Supreme Court has allowed two women to have their divorce settlements revisited because of dishonesty by their spouses in respect of the total value of their assets. Alison... Read more

Divorcing couples fight more over possessions than children

By Lenore Rice More couples going through a divorce fight over possessions than the children, according to a new survey by Big Yellow Self Storage. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most common thing... Read more

Injured war veteran at risk of losing compensation in divorce

By Lenore Rice A war veteran who was left severely brain damaged when the vehicle he was travelling in was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan is now facing the... Read more

Divorce judge seeks to make example of husband's 'blatant dishonesty'

By Lenore Rice The judge in a High Court divorce case has sought to make an example of the 'blatant dishonesty' of a husband by making him pay his ex-wife's legal... Read more

Study suggests women are twice as likely to initiate divorces

By Lenore Rice A new study suggests that women are twice as likely as men to initiate a divorce, with the author of the research suggesting that gender imbalance when it... Read more

First divorce case following Ashley Madison data breach

By Lenore Rice It has been reported that the first divorce case has been instigated following the theft of user details from the Ashley Madison website, which is a service for... Read more

Man gave false DNA sample to avoid child maintenance payments

By Lenore Rice A man has been handed a suspended jail sentence and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work, after it was discovered that he provided a fake... Read more

Landmark NI court warning on domestic violence statement withdrawals

By Lenore Rice A Northern Ireland judge has issued a stark warning to domestic violence "bullies", saying that the withdrawal of a statement from a victim will no longer automatically mean... Read more

Divorced woman refuses to leave marital home despite court ordered sale

By Lenore Rice A woman is refusing to leave her £2million martial home following her divorce, despite the court ordering that the property should be sold with the proceeds split between... Read more

Ex-wife is awarded all assets in rare divorce case judgment

By Lenore Rice Family law courts normally approach the division of assets in a divorce case from a starting point of aiming for equality, but in one rare case an ex-wife... Read more

Father withdraws case against runaway mum Rebecca Minnock

By Lenore Rice Rebecca Minnock, who ran away with her son after losing a two year long custody battle has been told by a judge that she "owes her liberty" to... Read more

Number of spouses revisiting divorce settlements doubles

By Lenore Rice Last year the number of spouses going to court to revisit their divorce settlement more than doubled, with 29,060 court hearings compared to 14,690 in 2013. The so-called 'double... Read more

Judge criticises runaway mother for custody battle publicity stunt

By Lenore Rice Rebecca Minnock, who ran away with her 3 year old son, Ethan, after losing a custody battle with his father Roger Williams, has appeared in court after handing... Read more

Mother still on the run after custody decision goes against her

By Lenore Rice A woman who was involved in a custody battle with her ex-partner over their son remains in hiding with her 3 year-old after the court ruled that the... Read more

Cheap divorce cost doctor's wife her £3.2million home

By Lenore Rice A doctor's wife has described how she lost her £3.2million property as a result of trying to cut costs during their divorce. Norma Wilson was a nurse and a... Read more

Judge likens millionaire divorce battle to boxing match

By Lenore Rice The judge who presided over the divorce of Ekaterina and Richard Fields has likened the divorce hearing to a "boxing match", and criticised the £1million spent by the... Read more

Legal aid cuts could result in unsafe child contact arrangements

By Lenore Rice A new study looking at contact applications lodged by parents after a divorce or separation raises concerns that legal aid cuts have removed the option of going to... Read more

Supreme Court to consider how much dishonesty in divorce is acceptable

By Lenore Rice The appeal case of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil has begun at the Supreme Court, with both women arguing that they and the courts were misled by their... Read more

Ex-wives challenge divorce payouts over concealment of wealth

By Lenore Rice Two ex-wives will go to the Supreme Court to challenge the divorce payouts they received because they have subsequently learned that their husbands lied about the full extent... Read more

More grandparents seek legal advice on access to grandchildren

An increasing number of grandparents are seeking legal advice on how to get access to spend time with their grandchildren following a divorce or family feud, according to new figures. The... Read more

Millionaire US lawyer wins divorce custody battle over piano

By Lenore Rice Divorce cases in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can occasionally throw up the bizarre and peculiar when it comes to couples fighting over their assets,... Read more

Divorce should take longer says most senior female judge

By Lenore Rice The most senior female judge in the United Kindgom, Baroness Hale of Richmond, has suggested several reforms to divorce laws, including that it should take longer for couples... Read more

Man sues ex-wife after learning ex-boyfriend was father of their son

The Central London County Court is hearing a damages claim from a man who says his ex-wife admitted that he was not the father of their son, and that it... Read more

One in three victims of domestic abuse can't get legal aid

By Lenore Rice The Justice Select Committee say that legal aid changes in England and Wales are preventing a third of domestic abuse victims getting access to a solicitor because they... Read more

Ex-wife allowed to claim against millionaire 20 yrs after divorce

By Lenore Rice A landmark divorce case ruling in the Supreme Court has paved the way for a woman to claim money from her ex-husband 20 years after they separated. Kathleen Wyatt,... Read more

Grandparents encouraged to mediate for contact with grandchildren

By Lenore Rice Grandparents who are trying to get contact with their grandchildren after a divorce should turn to mediation rather than the courts, says Jane Robey, CEO of National Family... Read more

Wife divorced from millionaire told by judge to get a job

By Lenore Rice The ex-wife of a millionaire has been told by a judge that she needs to stop living off her ex-husband's money and to go "get a job". Tracey Wright... Read more

A quarter of divorces involve a dispute over a pet

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that 1-in-4 divorces in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK involve a dispute over who should keep the family pet. According to the research... Read more

Court rejects Will request to keep children from father

By Lenore Rice The children of an English woman who died from cancer will be returned to their father in Australia despite her Will stating that she considered it would be... Read more

Northern Ireland solicitors react to proposed legal aid cuts

It has been claimed that under the proposed legal aid cuts some family law solicitors would earn less than minimum wage, prompting the chair of the Bar Council in Northern... Read more

Fifty Shades of Grey criticised for 'glamorising' domestic violence

By Lenore Rice The book trilogy 'Fifty Shades of Grey' was an unlikely mainstream success with readers across the world, and the movie adaptation being released on Valentine's days is expected... Read more

Divorce among over-50s is up but negligence on Wills remains

By Lenore Rice The number of people over the age of 50 having a divorce has increased by 85 per cent since 2000, yet there is still the same negligence as... Read more

Facebook used as evidence of infidelity in third of divorces

By Lenore Rice A partner's use of Facebook is cited in a third of all divorce cases in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, according to research, and is... Read more

Divorced father must take children to mass as part of contact order

By Lenore Rice A child contact order issued by a judge following a divorce case requires the father to take his kids to mass when he has custody of them, even... Read more

US couple criticised by judge for having a 'fiasco' divorce

By Lenore Rice The dispute of a couple involved in a divorce in the US revealed so much 'horrible' behaviour that the judge said they were having a bad impact on... Read more

Legal help to fulfill your New Year's resolutions

A new year is upon us, and according to surveys and polls, over half of us have made some kind of resolution for 2015. As ever, health and finances top... Read more

Divorce Day - it has nothing to do with Christmas

By Lenore Rice For several years now, the first Monday of the new year has become known as 'divorce day' in legal circles, as most family law solicitors see a spike... Read more

Divorce case decision opens door for genius wealth protection

By Lenore Rice The High Court judgement in a divorce case involving a wealthy couple could result in the creation of 'genius wealth' protection. The Court was hearing the divorce case of... Read more

The landmark case looking at wealth earned after a divorce

By Lenore Rice There is a landmark case being heard at the Supreme Court being watched with much interest as it looks at the issue of a former spouse's right to... Read more

110 domestic abuse incidents in Northern Ireland every day

By Lenore Rice Over the past year there has been an average of 110 domestic abuse incidents and crimes reported to the police in Northern Ireland each day, but with a... Read more

Mum told 6 children she was popping out and then flew to Australia

By Lenore Rice Parents often query at what age they can leave their children at home alone in order to do some errands, or go out for the evening, but one... Read more

Wife could earn £100m settlement by moving divorce to UK

By Lenore Rice London can continue it's reputation as the divorce capital of the world as yet another big money divorce could potentially be moved there to secure a larger divorce... Read more

Why modern life for over-50s makes writing a Will a necessity

By Lenore Rice Surveys consistently conclude that approximately 7 out of every 10 adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK do not have a Will, and there is... Read more

Divorce study highlights need for a managed separation

By Lenore Rice A new study into the impact of divorce on children by the the association of family law solicitors, Resolution, highlights the need to manage the separation as carefully... Read more

Wife feels short-changed by $1billion divorce settlement

By Lenore Rice In one of the largest divorce settlements in America, and the world, Sue Ann Hamm says she has been short-changed by the court that awarded her just $1billion. The... Read more

Social media evidence in divorce cases growing

By Lenore Rice It wasn't that long ago that it seemed modern for sms text messages to be submitted as evidence of unfaithfulness in divorce cases. Fast forward to the current... Read more

David James memorabilia auction shows cost of divorce

By Lenore Rice David James was an international professional footballer who earned approximately £20million from football and endorsements, but a costly divorce in 2005 led to him being declared bankrupt, and... Read more

'Employers should help employees going through divorce'

By Lenore Rice Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has said the government will "push" employers to intervene and support employees who are going through a divorce or separation. Mr Duncan Smith says... Read more

Mother loses appeal against decision to remove daughter

By Lenore Rice The Appeal Court in Belfast has upheld a decision to remove a teenage daughter from her mother and place her in a care centre in Dublin. We reported the... Read more

Lack of support for children who witness domestic violence

By Lenore Rice It is estimated that 25 per cent of children in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK will witness domestic violence before they reach the age of... Read more

New NSPCC office in Belfast to tackle under-reporting

By Lenore Rice The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is opening a call centre in Belfast, which it hopes will help deal with a problem with... Read more

Wife who sacrificed career challenges divorce settlement

By Lenore Rice A woman who gave up her successful career when she became pregnant is appealing against the amount awarded to her in a divorce case, saying she should receive... Read more

Study says link between expensive weddings and divorce

By Lenore Rice A new study suggests that there is a higher rate of divorce among couples who spend more on the engagement ring and wedding. With the rather long title of... Read more

Increase in use of prenups by small business owners

By Lenore Rice Pre-nuptial agreements are often considered to be a marriage contract for the wealthy, a precaution to be taken to protect existing assets, but there has been an increase... Read more

Couples hide money from each other in case of divorce

By Lenore Rice New research has revealed that a significant number of middle-aged couples are concealing the full extent of their finances from each other, with some saying they are hiding... Read more

Divorce tourism accused of clogging up UK family courts

By Lenore Rice Yet another international couple are involved in a dispute to see if their divorce should be handled in the courts in UK, which is generally a favoured option... Read more

Divorce more likely among couples who meet online

By Lenore Rice Married couples who meet online are three times more likely to divorce according to a new study, and also have a bigger chance of separating within the first... Read more

Judge suggests better not to date before divorce

By Lenore Rice The ruling of a judge in a divorce case came with a rather new suggestion that spouses should avoid dating before their divorce is finalised as it may... Read more

70 domestic abuse calls to PSNI every day

By Lenore Rice Police in Northern Ireland are receiving 70 calls relating to domestic abuse incidents every day, and while that number in itself is cause for concern, a senior judge... Read more

Northern Ireland court removes child from mother

By Lenore Rice The High Court in Northern Ireland has approved the removal of a child from her mother, and for the 13-year-old girl to be housed at a centre in... Read more

Aviva warns people to plan for possibility of divorce

By Lenore Rice Couples are being advised to plan for the worst case scenario of divorce and create a financial plan to avoid thousands of pounds in costs in the event... Read more

Inheritance disputes causing older couples to divorce

By Lenore Rice Divorce solicitors in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are seeing an increase in divorces among older couples who cannot agree on inheritance issues, and in... Read more

Jail for attack on cars over farmland lost in divorce

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man has been sentenced to 9 months in prison after using a digger to damage two cars in a dispute relating to farming land he... Read more

Marriage tax break might cause parents to resist divorce

By Lenore Rice In April next year married couples will be able to benefit from a £1,000 tax break, but the policy has come under criticism from a number of quarters,... Read more

Farmers turning to pre-nups to protect family legacy

By Lenore Rice There has been an increase in enquiries about prenuptial agreements from farm owners since the status of the pre-marriage contracts gained more strength in Northern Ireland and the... Read more

Wife wants jail for husband who won't pay divorce settlement

By Lenore Rice The ex-wife of a man said to be worth £40million has asked the High Court to send him to prison because he has not paid any of the... Read more

Study says Facebook use is a predictor of divorce rate

By Lenore Rice A new study says that people who use social media are 32 per cent more likely to consider divorce, and that the use of sites such as Facebook... Read more

Children of divorce cut contact with father to please mother

By Lenore Rice Children of a divorce will say they don't want contact with their father in order to please their mother, says child psychologist Penelope Leach in her book Family... Read more

Parents of obese child arrested on suspicion of neglect

By Lenore Rice The parents of a 11-year-old boy that weighs 15-stone were arrested on suspicion of neglect and cruelty. It is understood that teachers at the school the boy attends raised... Read more

Divorce solicitors can request access to Facebook accounts

By Lenore Rice Divorce solicitors are turning to social media accounts to look for evidence of hidden wealth during divorce proceedings, and can request permission from the judge to access the... Read more

Mother loses child residency because of lifestyle

By Lenore Rice A court has ruled that a mother should no longer have residency rights in respect of her daughter because of her "degrading lifestyle" which was considered to be... Read more

Court allows husband to challenge divorce ruling

By Lenore Rice An Appeal Court has given a husband a chance to try to rescue his marriage by granting his appeal against a divorce decree nisi that was issued by... Read more

Jail term for millionaire's 'flagrant contempt' in divorce case

By Lenore Rice Businessman and property tycoon Dider Thiry has been given a 4 month jail sentence for contempt of court in respect of his multi-million pound divorce case. Mr Thiry and... Read more

Planning a holiday abroad - some legal issues to consider

By Lenore Rice The summer holidays will soon be upon us and it is increasingly common for families to go abroad, but there are certain legal issues to consider before packing... Read more

One domestic abuse incident every 19 mins in NI

By Lenore Rice Domestic abuse levels in Northern Ireland are increasing according to new statistics which reveal that there were 27,000 domestic abuse incidents reported to the police in 2013. The figures... Read more

Belfast court decision on abducted boy overturned

By Lenore Rice The UK Supreme Court has overruled a decision by the Belfast Court of Appeal in respect of a Lithuanian woman living in Northern Ireland who was alleged to... Read more

Family law solicitors see rise in pre-nuptial agreements

By Lenore Rice Solicitors specialising in family law and divorce in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are reporting an increase in inquiries in respect of pre-nuptial agreements. A recent... Read more

Legal aid in spotlight after fraud trial halted

The role of legal aid has been brought into the spotlight once again after a serious fraud trial in England was brought to a halt because the defendants said they... Read more

Study suggests divorce more likely if wife falls ill

By Lenore Rice A study of 2,700 marriages over a 20 year period found that a third of those relationships ended in divorce, and that in half of those divorces the... Read more

Research suggests divorce link to use of Twitter

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that extensive use of Twitter and other social networking sites can have a damaging effect on relationships, and can increase the likelihood of infidelity and... Read more

Man says he signed divorce document without his glasses

By Lenore Rice A High Court judge has been told by an unnamed 'rich Arab' that he was not wearing his glasses when he signed a divorce document that required him... Read more

MP Nigel Evans legal aid rethink after costly defense

By Neil Logan MP Nigel Evans, who was cleared of a number of sexual charges, has said that he has had to re-think his stance on legal aid cuts after spending... Read more

Proposal to criminalise emotional cruelty to children

By Lenore Rice The government is considering reforming child neglect laws in England and Wales to criminalise emotional cruelty to children. The charity Action for Children has previously campaigned for a 'Cinderella... Read more

Report criticises police approach to domestic abuse

By Lenore Rice A new report by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary has criticised the response of police forces to claims by domestic abuse victims. The report looked at 43 police forces... Read more

Paltrow-Martin divorce terminology sparks discussion

By Lenore Rice The divorce of a high profile celebrity couple such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin was always going to attract a huge amount of mainstream media... Read more

High Court tells mother to return son to father in Spain

By Lenore Rice A woman who returned to England with her son in breach of an order by a Spanish court has been told that she must return the boy to... Read more

Guide for parents who are separating

By Lenore Rice After a separation a couple will sometimes find that they disagree on many things, but without exception, if there were children as a result of a relationship both... Read more

Survey reveals extent of domestic violence in Europe

By Lenore Rice A survey of 42,000 women in Europe has revealed that one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence since the age of 15, and Northern Ireland... Read more

Court puts husbands needs ahead of pre-nuptial agreement

By Lenore Rice A High Court has nullified a pre-nuptial agreement because of the financial needs of a husband after his divorce from his wealthy heiress wife. Francesco Limata married Victoria Luckwell... Read more

Child custody battle lost because of permissive parenting

By Lenore Rice A mother who was originally granted residential custody of her two children after a divorce has been criticised by the High Court for her 'permissive' style of parenting,... Read more

Divorce rate spiked as economy emerged from recession

By Lenore Rice There were thirteen divorces every hour across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK in 2012 according to new figures released by the Office for National Statistics. While... Read more

5 per cent of divorces end within first year

By Lenore Rice A new survey suggests that 5 per cent of divorces occur within the first year of marriage, with one of the main reasons for the quick-burn relationships being... Read more

Challenge to pre-nup signed 1 year before divorce fails

By Lenore Rice A wife who signed a pre-nuptial agreement with her wealthy husband just 15 months before their divorce has failed in her attempts to have it disregarded in order... Read more

House husband and investment banker in £11m divorce dispute

By Lenore Rice A stay-at-home husband has filed for divorce from his investment banker wife and the two are disputing the marital assets estimated at £11million, and in what country the... Read more

Judge's despair at divorce case that has already cost £1m

By Lenore Rice A High Court Judge has voiced his despair at a divorce dispute which has already run up legal costs of £1million despite only being at the preliminary stage. Nicholas... Read more

Domestic violence victims at risk of losing children says charity

By Lenore Rice The Family Rights Group has carried out new research that suggests and increase in the number of domestic violence victims at risk of losing their children as a... Read more

Why January 3rd is 2014's Divorce D-day

By Lenore Rice For several years now a trend has been apparent that there is a large increase in divorces in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK after the... Read more

Divorced wife says husband cheated her out of millions

By Gillian Crotty Alison Sharland is asking the Court of Appeal to allow her divorce settlement to be revisited because she believes her husband's dishonesty about the value of his computer... Read more

Parent child abductions likely to increase over Christmas

By Lenore Rice Christmas is a difficult time for divorced parents and their children. Making arrangements that keep everyone happy isn't easy, and for many non-resident parents who don't get to... Read more

Why do divorce rates double over Christmas?

By Lenore Rice Statistics on divorce regularly reveal a spike in the number of people separating in the month of January, so what is it about the Christmas period that pushes... Read more

Judge wants classes promoting monogamy to curb divorce

By Lenore Rice Controversial High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge says married couples should take courses promoting monogamy in order to hold off divorce, and to protect their children from the... Read more

Ex-wife requests jail for husband who won't release assets

By Lenore Rice The ex-wife of former property developer Libor Krejci has applied to the High Court to have him imprisoned for failing to pass on assets as part of an... Read more

Lesson to learn from divorced Mum's passport ordeal

By Lenore Rice Couples who divorce should take note of the case of a UK woman who was suspected of abducting her own daughter because the surnames of their passports did... Read more

Deciding where children of a divorce spend Christmas

By Lenore Rice There is very little about a divorce that isn't difficult for the children involved, but the Christmas holidays are perhaps the most challenging time of the year. Some divorced... Read more

Clare's Law to be rolled out across England and Wales

By Lenore Rice A scheme which allows people to check if their partners have any history of domestic violence is to be rolled out across all of England and Wales, after... Read more

130,000 UK fathers have no contact with their children

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that as many as 130,000 fathers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have no contact whatsoever with their children. After a divorce or... Read more

Investigator says 'broke' ex-husband worth £700m

By Lenore Rice A financial investigator has addressed the High Court in the divorce case involving property tycoon Scot Young and his ex-wife Michelle. The judge is currently trying to assess... Read more

Northern Ireland's adoption laws need urgent reform

By Lenore Rice The adoption laws in Northern Ireland are 30 years out of date according to the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) charity, and do "not fit... Read more

Duncan Bannatyne says prenups should be the norm

By Lenore Rice Millionaire Duncan Bannatyne, a regular on the TV show Dragon's Den, believes that getting a prenuptial agreement should become "as much a part of the wedding planning as... Read more

Wife says she will settle for £300m divorce payout

By Lenore Rice The High Court has begun to hear the divorce case of Michelle and Scot Young, and have been told by the businessman's estranged wife that she will "settle... Read more

180 Italian couples in UK divorce fraud

By Lenore Rice The most senior family court judge is being asked to annul 180 divorces involving Italian couples after it was uncovered that they had fraudulently asserted residency in the... Read more

PSNI criticised for handling of domestic violence

By Lenore Rice The Police Service of Northern Ireland has come under criticism for failing to implement improvements on how they deal with domestic violence three years after they were agreed... Read more

Divorcing couples offered free mediation service

By Lenore Rice Northern Ireland couples who are considering a divorce, but have not yet begun court proceedings, can avail of a free family mediation service which is being funded by... Read more

Owner of $3m apartment tells divorce court he's broke

By Lenore Rice A husband who was battling a County Court order for him to pay £235,000 towards his wife's legal fees told the court that he owned a $3.3million apartment... Read more

PSNI handling 60 domestic violence call outs a day

By Lenore Rice The Belfast Telegraph has revealed that the police in Northern Ireland are having to respond to 60 call-outs a day in connection with domestic violence. There were 27,000 cases... Read more

Sometimes older children should meddle in parents divorce

Family law solicitors know only too well that when parents divorce safeguarding the interests of young children is the priority for everyone, and generally shapes all other aspects such as... Read more

New stats show women initiate divorce more than men

By Lenore Rice New figures released by the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) in respect of 2011 show that women petitioned divorce in 66 per cent of the cases that... Read more

Wealthy witnesses at Young divorce face questioning

By Lenore Rice A number of high profile wealthy business men will be cross-examined by divorce solicitors acting on behalf of Michelle Young after her ex-husband fails to protect his so-called... Read more

Child of divorce offers advice as charity ambassador

By Lenore Rice A 14 year old girl who watched her parents divorce at the age of 5 has become an ambassador for the charity 'Kids in the Middle', which helps... Read more

Stats suggest 7-yr itch has become 11-yr itch

By Lenore Rice Figures released from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggest that couples who eventually divorce are lasting in marriage longer before separating compared to 20 years ago. The infamous... Read more

NI adoption extension battle to go to Supreme Court

By Lenore Rice The dispute over whether adoption in Northern Ireland should be extended to include gay and unmarried couples is to go before the Supreme Court in London, the highest... Read more

Divorced over 60s turn to equity release mortgages

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that a significant number of over-60s divorced and separated couples are turning to equity release mortgages in order to split up their assets. One in 10... Read more

Dishonest tycoon sees divorce settlement ripped up

By Lenore Rice A business tycoon who reached a private divorce settlement with his wife after separating in 2009, without involving solicitors, has seen the agreement ripped up by a judge... Read more

Losing someone else's hair in your divorce

By Lenore Rice Divorce settlements are regularly referred to in terms of severity - just how much does the arrangement push a previously wealthy person down into poverty - did they... Read more

MP found guilty of multiple domestic abuse charges

By Lenore Rice Scottish MP Bill Walker has been found guilty of 23 charges of assault in respect of incidents of domestic abuse involving 3 former wives and a step-daughter. The charges... Read more

People with siblings are less likely to divorce

By Lenore Rice A new study suggests that people who grow up with a lot of siblings are less likely to divorce when they go on to marry. The study was carried... Read more

Court awards UK's biggest ever divorce payout

By Lenore Rice The High Court has awarded the largest ever divorce payout in the UK in a contested marriage split. In the case known as M v M, the divorced... Read more

114 forced marriages involving mental disability

By Lenore Rice A High Court case involving the forced marriage of a mentally incapacitated man has shone the spotlight on an otherwise relatively unknown issue. Last year the government's forced... Read more

Law Society criticises celebrity and DIY divorces

By Lenore Rice The Law Society has hit out at celebrity divorces for giving the public an unrealistic view of the process involved, and also warns against the dangers of DIY... Read more

Increase in divorce among people over 60

By Lenore Rice There has been an increase in the rate of divorce among people over 60 years old in England and Wales, while the rate among all other age groups... Read more

Lawson-Saatchi divorce granted in under a minute

Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi were granted a divorce today at the London High Count in under a minute. The couple were married in 2003 but their 10 year marriage ended... Read more

Lawson-Sattchi quick divorce scheduled for tomorrow

The divorce of celebrity couple Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi is due to take place at 10.30am tomorrow morning, with proceedings expected to be very quick. The couple are said to... Read more

English Tycoon's divorce will not be heard in UK

The Appeal Court has upheld the decision of the High Court to prevent an English property tycoon's wife from divorcing him through the courts in England, because he convinced the... Read more

Public prefers gov involvement in child maintenance

A new survey reveals that the majority of the British public believes the government should be more involved in setting the level of child maintenance payable and enforcing it, instead... Read more

Guidance on asset freezing orders in divorce cases

A family court judge who was recently enraged at a divorce case in which the wife had successfully blocked her husband from dealing with £30million of assets has issued guidance... Read more

Divorce wife raided husband's safe for information

A High Court judge has overturned a £20million asset freezing order on the grounds that the wife involved had illegitimately obtained financial information about her husband's wealth, by raiding his... Read more

Divorce settlements eating into pensions

New research has revealed that pension sharing orders are becoming increasingly more common in divorce settlements in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Figures obtained by Hugh James Solicitors... Read more

'Thousands of fathers deprived of access to children'

Author Louis de Bernières has spoken out about what he calls a relentless attack by society on fathers, and says that thousands of fathers are deprived of access to their... Read more

'Domestic violence was just a playful tiff'

Pictures of art collector Charles Saatchi grasping the neck of his wife, TV chef Nigella Lawson, outside a restaurant caused outrage among campaigners against domestic violence, and they reacted even... Read more

Divorce ruling significant for wealthy couples

The Supreme Court ruling in the divorce case involving an English wife and Nigerian oil tycoon could have significant implications for separating wealthy couples in Northern Ireland and the rest... Read more

Council fined for revealing adoptive parent details

Halton Borough Council in Cheshire has been fined £70,000 after an employee mistakenly sent the address details of adoptive parents to the child's birth mother. The birth mother passed the home... Read more

Judge warning over divorce settlement calculations

An important judgment has been delivered in respect of a divorce settlement, with the judge urging caution when estimating future income to calculate a financial order. The case in question involved... Read more

Husband fails to annul divorce from deceased wife

A husband has failed in his bid to have his divorce from his now deceased wife annulled, despite his assertions that he was completely unaware that they had legally separated. Desmond... Read more

Facebook fall-out over domestic violence images

Facebook has come under fire for refusing to remove images that activists say glorify rape and domestic violence. Facebook did take action in respect of some of the images brought to... Read more

Divorce settlement pension overpayment not to be repaid

The Pensions Ombudsman has ruled that an overpayment of a pension in relation to a divorce settlement does not have to be paid back by the divorcee, as the divorce... Read more

Husband wins appeal against claim made 18yrs after divorce

The Court of Appeal has found in favour of the man who was the subject of a claim for maintenance from the ex-wife he divorced 18 years previously. Dale Vince and... Read more

Bitter public split ends with 65 sec divorce

It was the separation that showed the danger of taking to social media sites to get at your ex, yet despite being said to be 'at war', the divorce of... Read more

Second marriages less likely to end in divorce

A new report by the Marriage Foundation suggests that second marriages are less likely to end in divorce than those couples tying the knot for the first time. Figures from the... Read more

Ex-wife claims maintenance 20yrs after divorce

A former new age traveller who was penniless when he divorced his wife in 1992 is now facing a maintenance claim 20 years later, having now become a multi-millionaire. Dale Vince,... Read more

False allegations of domestic violence are rare

A new report by the Crown Prosecution Service is hoped to dispel some of the myths around how many false allegations of rape and domestic violence are made each year. The... Read more

Landmark prenuptial agreement decision in US

Prenuptial agreements have only recently been recognised by the UK courts, so there is to date very little case law on how the courts view them, and the circumstances that... Read more

Figures show increase in domestic violence

New figures released by the Citizens Advice Bureaux indicate an 11 per cent increase in the number of people advising that they have suffered domestic violence. In the last three months... Read more

Northern Ireland man tricked wife into divorce

A bizarre case before the Belfast High Court in Northern Ireland involved a wife who was unaware that her husband had divorced her. The husband, who cannot be named, successfully obtained... Read more

Domestic abuse of parents by children increasing

Until recent years, domestic abuse was considered a problem that involved a wife being mistreated by her husband. Over the past years there has been an increase in the recorded... Read more

Figures reveal extent of unpaid child maintenance

New figures released by the Child Support Agency have revealed that unpaid child maintenance in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK totalled £3.837billion as of December 2012. In the... Read more

£15m settlement ends 4 year divorce dispute

The eventful 4 year divorce dispute between multimillionaire Vivian Imerman, often called 'The Man from Del Monte', and his wife Lisa Tchenguiz has finally come to an end, after the... Read more

10 year marriage ends over map-reading fight

A man has lost his legal attempt to save his marriage after the court granted his wife a decree nisi on the basis of an argument they had about her... Read more

Billionaire's son regrets divorce war via Twitter

The divorce of Ben Goldsmith, aged 32, and Kate Rothschild, aged 30, has become the sample case of what can happen when an acrimonious divorce is mixed together with social... Read more

Survey says hiding assets common during divorce

An online survey carried out by Onepoll suggests that couples attempt to hide their assets in nearly a quarter of all divorces in Northern Ireland and the rest of the... Read more

Unemployment and divorce factors behind debt

Debt charity StepChange say that two of the factors behind the debt problems of the callers who contact them are unemployment and divorce. Of the just over 22,000 calls from adults... Read more

Half of divorces occur in first 10 yrs of marriage

A half of all divorces in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK involve couples who have been married ten years or less, according to a new study. After ten... Read more

2 million victims of domestic abuse in 12 months

There were 2 million cases of domestic abuse over the last 12 months according to a new report entitled 'Focus on Violent Crime and Sexual Offences 2011/12', and published by... Read more

Fifth divorce most expensive for Lord

The fifth wife of Lord Northampton is to receive a £17million divorce settlement, after their 20-year marriage ended in separation. The Lord's marriage to Lady Pamela Northampton was his longest, but... Read more

Divorce cash struggle results in jail term

A six month prison term has been handed to property dealer Scot Young by the High Court, who failed to provide details of his finances to explain the disappearance of... Read more

Claim that Facebook change will cause divorces

With the word 'Facebook' already appearing in one in three divorce petitions in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, according to research by Divorce-Online, the same company is... Read more

Husband deceived over children wins damages

A man who was tricked into believing that the two children he helped raise until they were teenagers where his has been awarded £25,000 damages after he sued his ex-wife. Factory... Read more

£2.5million per month divorce settlement

January is traditionally the month of the year with the highest rate of divorce in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, which brings with it complicated issues of... Read more

PSNI campaign targets domestic abuse

Along with many positive traditions over the holiday period, there is unfortunately a growing annual trend of an increase in incidents of domestic violence in Northern Ireland and the rest... Read more

Why do divorces increase after Christmas?

Each year in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK there is a noticeable increase in the number of divorces in the weeks following Christmas, but what is it... Read more

Majority of people say divorce is too easy

Ahead of the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) report on divorce a separate survey suggests that the majority of adults believe it is too easy to get divorced, and... Read more

Charity says system is ignoring teen fathers

Teen fathers are being excluded from the lives of their children according to a new report produced by Barnardo's and Family Strategic Partnership 2012 group - which as well as... Read more

Hotel owner loses bid to cut wifes divorce payout

Multimillionaire hotel owner Andrew Davies has lost his bid to reduce the £2.7million divorce settlement awarded to his ex-wife. Mr and Mrs Davies had created a successful hotel business, but Mr... Read more

Couple spend £1.3million in divorce court battle

A divorcing couple has been criticised by three Court of Appeal judges after running up a combined legal bill on divorce solicitors and court proceedings totalling £1.3million. Mohammed Salim Alyami, aged... Read more

264 domestic violence arrests in 1 week

An operation carried out by the Metropolitan Police has resulted in 264 arrests on charges of domestic violence in just one week. The operation began on 26th November in support of... Read more

Third of UK divorces cite facebook

A third of divorce petitions in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK cite use of the social media site Facebook as a contributing factor to the breakdown of... Read more

4 Northern Ireland courthouses to be shut down

David Ford is continuing his rally to save money from the legal sector by announcing the closure of four courthouses in Northern Ireland over the next two years. The courts in... Read more

Plan to cut legal aid in NI civil cases

Justice Minister David Ford has outlined proposals to cut legal aid paid to barristers and solicitors in civil cases in Northern Ireland. Family law cases including divorce and child custody hearings... Read more

Pensions only feature in 15pc of divorce settlements

New figures suggest that pensions are only discussed as part of 15 per cent of divorce settlements in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. In the eighth annual Scottish... Read more

Women close to divorce work longer hours

New research suggests that women who feel they are at risk of divorce work longer hours to protect themselves from the fallout of a marriage separation. The research was published by... Read more

Survey reveals confusion on eligibility to adopt

The British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) has carried out a survey about peoples perceptions on adoption in an attempt to dispel some of the myths about who can... Read more

Accused walks free because of incorrect trial time

A man accused of an act of domestic violence which left his then-partner heavily bruised has walked free from court without any hearing because the CPS told the victim the... Read more

Divorce case ruling protects company assets

The Court of Appeal in England has reached a decision in a divorce case that could have huge implications for future divorcing couples in England and Wales if the line... Read more

How volatile divorces are helping the tax man

It seems that the old adage that 'no-one wins in a divorce' may have to be amended, as the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is regularly benefiting from bitter separations,... Read more

Jail for fraud to lower divorce settlement

A man has been given an 18 month prison sentence for committing fraud and perjury in an attempt to deceive the divorce court about his assets, and thereby reduce the... Read more

Case update - celebrity guilty of harassment

Celebrity comic Justin Lee Collins has been found guilty of harassing his ex-girlfriend Anna Larke, and has been sentenced to carry out 140 hours of unpaid work within the next... Read more

Is recession to thank for lower divorce rate?

More couples are choosing not to divorce because of the costs involved, according to a specialist in divorce finance. Graham Campbell told the Telegraph that prior to the recession a third... Read more

Mother told to allow child contact or lose them

The High Court in England and Wales has ruled that a mother intentionally prevented the father of her children from having regular contact with them, and has given her one... Read more

Celebrity comic accused of harassment

An harassment case involving celebrity comic Justin Lee Collins deals with issues covered under the new expanded definition of what constitutes domestic abuse, though that definition will not be employed... Read more

Equal amount of cohabiting and married parents

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the number of cohabiting couples with children has risen to equal the number of married couples with children for the... Read more

Divorcing couple exhaust assets on legal action

A judge has criticised a divorcing couple who managed to squander most of their significant fortune in legal fees. Anna-Marie Harvey Kavanagh and Giles Kavanagh are both practising solicitors, and during... Read more

Law Society says shared parenting plans 'flawed'

The Law Society in England has said that the government's proposals to amend the Children Act 1989 legislation to promote cooperative parenting is "seriously flawed", though welcomes the intention behind... Read more

Research on role of technology in divorce

While some couples who divorce are using technology to improve their relationship with their ex-spouse, others are using it to continue their feud into new forums according to research by... Read more

What we can learn from celebrity divorces

The tabloid news is full of celebrity divorce gossip, and while the articles may involve the lives of people completely divorced from reality, the manner in which they separate represents... Read more

Businesses criticise idea of sharing parental leave

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have pledged that a new Children and Families Bill will give parents "unprecedented support", and that it will include the ability for fathers to share... Read more

Report blames courts for adoption delays

A new report by Ofsted says that the main reason for delays in the adoption process in England is the duration of court proceedings, which on average take 14 months. The... Read more

No change to allow unmarried NI couples to adopt

Attorney General John Larkin, QC, says that Northern Ireland adoption laws should remain unchanged until Stormont Assembly decides to intervene and change the legislation. Unlike their counterparts in Wales, Scotland and... Read more

Clarke warns of dangers of equal access rights for fathers

Justice secretary Ken Clarke has commented on the dangers that could be caused by the newly announced government plans to encourage both divorced or separated parents to have contact with... Read more

1000 children wrongly adopted each year says MP

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has claimed that 1,000 children are unnecessarily taken away from their families and put up for adoption each year. Mr Hemming was giving evidence to the... Read more

Supreme Court judge supports collaborative family law

The Supreme Court judge Lord Wilson of Culworth has talked of his "profound commitment for alternative methods of resolution of family disputes" such as the collaborative law process, saying the... Read more

170 abuse claims in NI under police investigation

Figures released by PSNI show that they are currently investigating over 170 claims of clerical and institutional abuse throughout Northern Ireland. The majority of the abuse claims being looked into are... Read more

Divorce and tax: Principal Property relief

By Lenore RiceSolicitor specialising in divorce at Wilson Nesbitt Couples who decide to divorce after a marriage breakdown are suddenly confronted with a number of important decisions around how to go... Read more

Landmark ruling on lottery wins and divorce

The High Court has ruled on what is thought to be the first divorce case involving lottery winnings in England. The names of the couple have not been disclosed, but... Read more

Important case for cohabiting couples before Court

The Supreme Court is to hear the case of Kernott v Jones this week, with the legal world watching on with keen interest in what could become a landmark decision... Read more

Government study reveals ethnic adoption disparity

A new study which was published by the government last week seems to support previous criticisms among professionals that there is a disparity in the adoption system when it comes... Read more

More fathers jailed over missed child support

An increase in the number of fathers being given prison terms as a result of missing child maintenance payments has been criticised as being disproportionate and counterproductive. At least 50 prison... Read more

Plans to charge for child support criticised

Government plans to charge for the child support scheme have been heavily criticised by Gingerbread, the support group for one parent families. The new scheme proposes that couples agree on a... Read more

Adoption needs to quadruple says Barnardo's chief

Outgoing Barnardo's chief Martin Narey says adoption is at an historic low in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and says levels need to quadruple if they are... Read more

Half of parents split before kids are 16

A new report entitled 'Family Breakdown in the UK: it's not about divorce' says that half of all the children born in the UK today will see their parents separate... Read more

Vulnerable failed by the adoption system

Yesterday saw the end of National Adoption week, a campaign designed to raise awareness and generally inform people about adoption in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. However,... Read more

Government considers compulsory mediation before divorce

A government review due to be published in early 2011 is to recommend that divorcing couples should be obligated to go through a mediation stage before there is any court... Read more

Half of young couples demand prenuptial agreements

A survey of 1,000 people by OnePoll has revealed that almost a half of young couples are requesting prenuptial agreements before they get married; 44% of those aged between 18... Read more

Chancellor announces cap on total benefits per family

Chancellor George Osborne has told the Conservative conference that a ceiling limit will be introduced on the amount of benefits that can be claimed by one family in his efforts... Read more

Higher taxpayers to lose child benefit

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that higher-rate taxpayers will lose child benefits from 2013, in what he described as a "tough but fair" move that could save the government £1billion... Read more

Cohabitation disputes on the increase

Solicitors have reported an increase in the number of cohabiting couples taking legal advice after the collapse of a relationship; highlighting again the complex laws concerning cohabitation which many in... Read more

Business and Children lose out as Gov announces spending cuts

George Osborne has today announced £6.2billion worth of spending cuts and has warned that there is much more to come. The cuts are being made to make a direct impact on... Read more

Recession hit fortune prompts divorce settlement challenge

Racehorse owner and property entrepreneur John Livock is seeking to alter his divorce settlement with his former wife, Lucy Crawford, which granted her a lump sum of £665,000. ... Read more

Tycoon's wife to hand secret files to the taxman

Michelle Young, the wife currently in the process of divorcing tycoon Scot Young, is to hand a computer disk containing hundreds of pages of emails and other documents detailing her... Read more

Tories would consider re-classifying civil partnerships as marriage

The Conservative Party have today launched their Contract for Equalities, in which they say that, if elected, they will consider the possibility of re-classifying civil partnerships as marriage. The contract for... Read more

No special treatment for inherited farms in divorce

A recent case at the High Court Family division has stated that there is no special treatment for long legacy inherited farms when it comes to divorce proceedings. The case involved... Read more

40% of young adults delay marriage because of high house prices

A YouGov survey commissioned by a housing campaign group, National Housing Federation (NHF), and involving 1,096 participants, has found that 40% of young adults say they are postponing settling down... Read more

Supreme Court to hear landmark 'Pre-nuptial' appeal case

The divorce settlement case of Radmacher v Granatino has become the case to watch for interested parties curious to see how much weight would be given to a 'pre-nuptial' agreement;... Read more

Lottery winner narrowly misses sharing fortune with ex-wife

The story of Kevin Halstead highlights the potential problems that can arise out of failing to formalise a split between spouses when a dramatic change of circumstances arises. Bus driver Mr... Read more

Supreme Court decision changes when court can order a child to give evidence

The Supreme Court decision in the appeal case of Re W has changed how family courts should approach the question of whether a child should be ordered to give live... Read more

Ex husband of 'Little Britain' star dies intestate

  Matt Lucas, the comedian and actor best known for his work on 'Little Britain' will not receive any of the £1million estate of his former husband Kevin McGee who took... Read more

Cohabitation among unmarried couples tends to be 'short lived'

A Christian think tank called 'The Jubilee Centre' has published a report providing an analysis of the most current cohabitation statistics. The report, Cohabitation in the 21st Century, used just... Read more

Large increase in divorce rates expected in 2010

While the economy seemingly being on the up is good news for most, it is suspected that it might not bode well for lots of couples in the UK who... Read more

Reform judge recommends new legal rights for unmarried couples

In his first interview since taking up the post as law reform watchdog, Lord Justice Munby championed the cause of unmarried couples and their need for new legal rights to... Read more

Solicitor assures no legal aid problem in Northern Ireland

Lenore Rice of Wilson Nesbitt solicitors in Belfast, Northern Ireland, confirmed that there "is no legal aid resources problem in Northern Ireland" like that being faced in England and Wales. Clients... Read more

Husband wins right to evict ex-wife from ?14million home

Charles Miller Smith, aged 70, and former chairman of ICI, won a court appeal to evict his ex-wife from their £14m Chelsea home on the basis that he was “hemorrhaging... Read more

Charities call for child protection referendum

Children's charities Barnardos and the ISPCC released a joint statement yesterday urging the government to go through with it's pledge to hold a referendum on children's protection and rights. The... Read more

'Lower house prices mean lower divorce rates'

A reduction in the value of properties may mean a slowing in the level of divorces taking place in Britain and Northern Ireland, according to a new survey.Savills Research found... Read more

'Consider the implications of divorce'

Parents in Northern Ireland are being urged to consider the consequences of divorce on their children.Family solicitor and blogger Diane Benussi said on the Benussi blog that statistically, divorce can... Read more

Divorce 'does not have to be painful'

The process of getting divorced from a partner does not necessarily need to be painful, according to a family solicitor.Nicola Walker told the Birmingham Post that while divorces are popularly... Read more

Northern Ireland residents 'never too young to write a will'

It is never too early to visit solicitors to draw up a will, according to Help the Aged.The charity has commented that whether or not to write a will depends... Read more

Consult solicitors in NI for civil partnership 'divorce'

The laws governing dissolution - or 'divorce' - in a civil partnership are not quite the same as those for married couples and as such it is essential to consult... Read more

Northern Ireland divorce rate 'hits new high'

The number of couples in Northern Ireland choosing to consult solicitors and divorce hit an all-time high in 2007.Statistics released by the government have shown that the number of couples... Read more

Conservatives propose divorce counselling centres

The Conservative party has proposed the introduction of Australian-style family relationship centres to help counsel unhappy couples, it has been reported.According to the Times, David Cameron perceives the centres as... Read more

Officers 'to focus on domestic violence'

Police officers in the Antrim area of Northern Ireland have revealed that one of their main priorities for the year will be cutting domestic violence, the Antrim Times reports.According to... Read more

UK 'divorce fair' for splitting couples

Couples from all over the UK, including Northern Ireland, who plan to divorce are being invited to the country's first 'divorce fair'.Solicitors, counsellors and financial advisors will all be on... Read more

Trusts a 'great opportunity' for lessening inheritance tax

Well-planned trusts can prove a "very effective way" to reduce inheritance tax liabilities and ensure that as much of your wealth as possible is passed onto the next generation, according... Read more

Mothers recover financially faster from divorce

While solicitors will note that women in Belfast and Northern Ireland who choose to divorce are usually much worse off financially, mothers may be recovering faster than they used to.Although... Read more

Domestic violence 'not being tackled'

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland are seeing no let-up in cases of domestic violence in the province and now the government has been criticised for failing to protect females.While... Read more

Suspicious spouses engage spies

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland are seeing an increase in the number of clients who use private detectives to spy on the partner they are looking to divorce.According to... Read more

Brides in favour of contracts for bridesmaids

While solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland are well versed in dissolving marriages where one partner has breached the contract, soon lawyers could see bridesmaids penalised for failing to fulfil... Read more

Absentee parents owe £71m

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have had to administrate record numbers of separations and divorces in the past year, and as such more maintenance payments for children have been... Read more

Northern Ireland sees D-Day

January 8th saw a record number of couples getting divorced, with solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland coping with their busiest day of the year for partners splitting up.Solicitors in... Read more

Affairs account for half of NI divorces

Affairs are the cause of half of all divorces that solicitors in Northern Ireland deal with, a higher proportion than in the rest of the UK.While only 27 per cent... Read more

Domestic violence packs a bigger punch

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have to deal with more cases of domestic violence than ever - and the problem is becoming so large that increasing numbers of women... Read more

NI pilots panic rooms

Solicitors in Northern Ireland may see many cases of domestic violence averted as the province is to trial the use of 'panic rooms'.As shown in the film of the same... Read more

Lists of assets help divorcing couples

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland find it much easier to sort out assets splits where full a list of what is shared has been made, but now experts say... Read more

Share-to-buy 'a lifeline' for divorcees

Solicitors in Northern Ireland who help in divorce cases may see the same clients returning for share-to-buy house purchases, as the trend increases among those who would otherwise struggle to... Read more

Northern Ireland urged to focus on divorce rates

There should be investment in children in Northern Ireland to help combat divorce rates and teenage pregnancies, one expert will tell the Northern Ireland Assembly today. Solicitors in Northern Ireland... Read more

New child maintenance system looks promising

The latest figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions show early signs that the new system of securing child maintenance payments may be working.With an increase in population,... Read more

Widow forced to settle with husband's ex-wife

Solicitors in Northern Ireland will have watched an unusual case with interest, as a woman whose husband died only hours after they married has been forced to pay £100,000 to... Read more

Life changes fuel endowment sales

New research has shown that the most common reasons for selling an endowment policy in Northern Ireland are those which involve solicitors.According to aap, the endowment policy company, divorce settlements... Read more

Judge calls for assets split review

Solicitors could see a change in divorce law after the most senior family judge in Britain and Northern Ireland has said that the law on assets splits should be reviewed.Sir... Read more

More divorce in Northern Ireland

While the number of divorces in England and Wales dropped by 6.5 per cent in 2006, solicitors in Northern Ireland had to deal with nine per cent more divorces last... Read more

Children could benefit from cohabitee laws

Solicitors have said that children of unmarried couples who separate could benefit from proposed changes to the law, which would allow cohabitees in Britain and Northern Ireland similar legal status... Read more

Cohabitees 'should' enjoy new rights

The Law Commission has recommended that people who have cohabited and then split up should be given the same rights as married couples who divorce.If implemented, it could mean that... Read more

Domestic violence campaign hits NI streets

More victims of domestic violence in Northern Ireland may be persuaded to visit their solicitors ad make their case known as a new campaign has just been launched by the... Read more

Divorcee must pay for ex's debts

In the second case of its kind, divorcee Vivienne Avis may be forced to sell the home she has lived in for over 20 years due to the bankruptcy of... Read more

Northern Ireland unveils new domestic violence campaign

Police in Northern Ireland are stepping up their efforts to tackle domestic violence, in a bid to encourage more people to report such incidents.The initiative will run for two weeks... Read more

Love not legally binding

With the trend for people in love to live together and even have children without being married increasing, it is vital that people get their financial arrangements sorted out through... Read more

Children should be in on proceedings

Lord Justice Wilson, a senior judge in family law who sits in the Court of Appeal, has said that children should be included in legal proceedings so they can understand... Read more

Father jailed for CSA breach

A solicitor has been imprisoned for failing to pay child support to his ex-wife for their three children, despite the fact that he looked after his sons half the time.Michael... Read more

Partners get 'divorcee' rights

Cohabiters who separate are due to be granted similar rights to married couples who divorce, according to the Times.The new plans, which will be published next month, will mean that... Read more

DWP to enforce maintenance payments

With solicitors in Britain and Northern Ireland having to deal with an ever-increasing number of divorces, new legislation may mean that separated parents do not have to chase each other... Read more

Unmarried adoption bid quashed

The Lord Chief Justice has quashed a bid by an unmarried couple to overturn the law banning those who are not wed to adopt children, the Belfast Telegraph reports.At the... Read more

More laws than ever during Blair years

Solicitors in Britain and Northern Ireland will have had their work cut out for them over the past decade as statistics show that Tony Blair has passed a record number... Read more

More people waiting to get wed

People in Northern Ireland are getting married older, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.While in 1996 only 28 per cent of brides were aged thirty or... Read more

Improvements to custody service that is failing fathers

Judges are being given new powers to impose community service orders and fines when contact orders are breached by resident parents in custody cases.From October 2007 the new legislation will... Read more

Solicitors seeing more unusual cases

Around two million people seek legal advice a year and although some cases will always be in a solicitor's daily remit, people are increasingly seeking advice for more unusual matters.According... Read more

Concerns over domestic violence changes

It has been claimed that changes to the domestic violence laws of Britain and Northern Ireland could make the problem worse.Solicitors across the country often report low numbers of domestic... Read more

Divorcees may fund ex's debts

An unprecedented decision yesterday ruled that a divorcee would have to fund creditors when her ex-husband was declared bankrupt, the Times reports.Solicitors have predicted an influx of trustees in bankruptcy... Read more

Landmark judgement on common-law couple

Solicitors across Britain and Northern Ireland will have been paying close attention to the case of Mr Stack v Ms Dowden, as judges ruled that the unmarried couple should have... Read more

More divorces due to infidelity

Adultery was cited as the leading cause for divorce last year, accounting for 32 per cent of all splits, up from 29 per cent in 2005, according to a new... Read more

Splits cause pressure on housing market

High divorce statistics and reduced marriage rates mean that an increasing number of people are living alone, adding pressure to prices in the housing market, according to the latest reports.Mortgage... Read more

IFA shows domestic violence the red card

The Irish Football Association has announced that it is backing a campaign to end domestic violence against women after it was revealed that there was a 90 per cent rise... Read more

Divorce 'costs £28k'

New research has suggested that the average cost of divorce in Britain and Northern Ireland now stands at £28,000.According to figures released by insurance provider Norwich Union, solicitors are seeing... Read more

Divorce 'really can cost the earth'

As the UK continues to see more celebrity and big-money divorces, ordinary couples are being given some advice on how to manage their finances in the event of a break-up.Divorce... Read more

'No fault' divorces mooted

Solicitors in the UK are calling for the development of no fault liability in divorce cases.A lawyers' group has suggested that a 'no fault' divorce system should be introduced into... Read more