Writing a Will - Good intentions and resolutions for 2020

Writing a Will - Good intentions and resolutions for 2020

By Lenore Rice The first few weeks of January are the golden period of good intentions and resolutions to make improvements across a number of areas in our lives. Gym membership... Read more

Write a Will in November and our fee goes to charity

Wilson Nesbitt is once again taking part in the Will Aid scheme in November, where you can write a Will and make a donation to charity instead of paying our... Read more

Farming Estate Planning - replacing promises with written agreements

By Lenore Rice Approximately 70 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland do not have a Will, with many trusting that the rules of intestacy will result in their assets eventually... Read more

Chancellor hints at Inheritance tax reform

By Lenore Rice Chancellor Sajid Javid has sparked speculation that inheritance tax could be scrapped or otherwise reformed by saying there was "a real issue" around inheritance tax and that it... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 4

By Lenore Rice At Wilson Nesbitt we wholly understand that writing a Will is a difficult thing to even think about, as we are very aware that nobody really wants to... Read more

Inheritance dispute relies on Court to decide order elderly couple passed away

By Lenore Rice The estate of an elderly couple who were both discovered having passed away in their homes is being disputed by their stepdaughters. The dispute, currently being heard in... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 3

By Lenore Rice In the second part of our Wills Legal Guide, we looked at the initial steps involved in writing a Will, such as listing your beneficiaries and estimating the... Read more

Advice on Contesting a Will

By Lenore Rice How to contest a Will We are largely able to pass on our estate in a Will as we please, but there are circumstances where certain people will have... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 2

By Lenore Rice In the first section of our Wills Legal Guide, we explored the various reasons for writing a Will, including what happens to your assets and to your beneficiaries... Read more

The Myth of Cohabitation and How it Affects Wills

By Lenore Rice One of the reasons that people so often put off writing a Will is that they assume that their assets will pass to their ‘common law’ partner. This... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 1

By Lenore Rice Why make a Will? Writing a Will can give peace of mind to you and those closest to you if the unthinkable should happen. While no one wants to... Read more

Survey reveals unrealistic inheritance expectations of millennials

By Lenore Rice A new survey has revealed that some millennials expect a much higher inheritance than they will actually receive, and that they will have to wait longer for it... Read more

Survey reveals lack of awareness of inheritance rules

By Lenore Rice Results of a new survey by Quilter suggests that 63 per cent of people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are not aware of some... Read more

We’re taking part in Free Wills Month in support of Marie Curie

By Lenore Rice We are delighted to be taking part in the ‘Free Will month’ scheme in support of Marie Curie throughout the month of March. Free Wills month supports 55 different... Read more

Have you resolved to finally write a Will in 2019?

By Lenore Rice Writing a Will often appears in a list of New Years resolutions and is something that is regularly put off. Most people are in agreement that making a... Read more

64 per cent of 25-to-45 year olds expect to receive inheritance

A report by Sanlam UK suggests that 64 per cent of 25-45-year-olds in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK expect to receive an inheritance, and just over a... Read more

Why you need to write a Will in 2018

By Lenore Rice   Research on the number of adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK who have not written a Will regularly suggest that somewhere between 50 and... Read more

Northern Ireland farmers encouraged to make death bed tax plans

By Lenore Rice Specialist rural accountants have encouraged farmers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK to seek advice in respect of inheritance tax and capital gains tax in... Read more

Carer who stole £300k from vulnerable elderly woman jailed for 9 years

By Lenore Rice A woman who has been given a 9 year jail sentence for stealing nearly £300,000 from a vulnerable 102-year-old woman that she was caring form, and for making... Read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

By Lenore Rice Thursday 15th June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which aims to increase awareness about the abuse and suffering inflicted on older people in Northern Ireland, the UK... Read more

Significance of u-turn on absolute limits to care funding

By Lenore Rice The Conservative Party would prefer to call it a clarification rather than a u-turn, but either way, Theresa May has announced that there would be an “absolute limit... Read more

Over half of parents want to give away early inheritance

By Lenore Rice Just over a half of parents want to give an early inheritance gift to their children according to a new study by Key Retirement. The 53 per cent of... Read more

Brothers asserting lack of testamentary capacity lose Will challenge

By Lenore Rice Two brothers have failed in their efforts to contest a Will of their father which bequeathed half of his £250,000 fortune to their stepmother. Richard and Jonathan Powell claimed... Read more

More parents using discretionary trusts to protect family assets from divorce

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that more people are using discretionary trusts to protect gifts of money or assets to their married children in the event of a future divorce. Discretionary... Read more

Inheritance lessons to learn from Prince and a princess

By Lenore Rice When it comes to making a Will and making plans to pass on your estate, there are no more obvious high-profile examples to look at than the cases... Read more

Making a Will continues to feature on resolution lists

By Lenore Rice There are a few resolutions that carry over from each year, and will almost certainly find themselves on next year's list as well - one of which is... Read more

5 things to consider when making a Will

By Lenore Rice A high percentage of adults in Northern Ireland consider making a Will but fail to carry through to writing one, largely because it is difficult to contemplate a... Read more

Inheritance tax payments in the UK reach 35-year high

By Lenore Rice A freeze on the inheritance tax threshold, coupled with the removal of some tax reliefs and rising property prices has resulted in the highest number of families in... Read more

Woman used power of attorney to steal sister's inheritance

By Lenore Rice A woman is facing prison after being found guilty of the theft of her sister's £50,000 inheritance. Maxine Forster, now aged 50, had been granted a power of attorney... Read more

People in Northern Ireland are the most reluctant to make a Will

By Lenore Rice Fewer people in Northern Ireland have made a Will according to research that looked at adults across the whole of the UK. The research by looked at how... Read more

Will revisions required to benefit from new inheritance tax allowance

By Lenore Rice Accountants are warning that thousands of people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK will need to update their Will in order to benefit from a... Read more

Budget speech delivers living wage and inheritance tax boost

Chancellor George Osborne surprised many people in his Budget speech with the announcement that the living wage would be introduced for employees aged over 25, coming into effect next April. The... Read more

Court accepts entry in notebook diary as a valid will

By Lenore Rice An entry in a woman's diary has been accepted as a valid will by the Edinburgh Sheriff Court, who considered that it clearly expressed her wishes for how... Read more

Increasing number of estates are liable for inheritance tax

By Lenore Rice The continued freeze of the threshold at which inheritance tax becomes payable is expected to result in a record amount of inheritance tax receipts in 2015/16. The current inheritance... Read more

£1.3m compensation for daughter who was promised inheritance

By Lenore Rice The High Court in Cardiff has awarded £1.3million compensation to a woman who worked for nothing on her parents farm for years on the promise that she would... Read more

38,000 inheritances delayed each year because of DIY Wills

By Lenore Rice New research suggests that as many as 38,000 inheritances in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are delayed each year because of poorly drafted Wills. An ineffective... Read more

Robin Williams family take inheritance dispute to court

By Lenore Rice An inheritance dispute involving the family of Robin Williams highlights the importance of clear and detailed instructions when writing a Will or creating a Trust. The children of Robin... Read more

Call for capital gains tax and inheritance tax to be merged

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is calling for the government to merge capital gains tax and inheritance tax to stop owners of high valued properties being taxed twice on the... Read more

Why modern life for over-50s makes writing a Will a necessity

By Lenore Rice Surveys consistently conclude that approximately 7 out of every 10 adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK do not have a Will, and there is... Read more

Court rules father holds Strabane house on trust for daughter

By Lenore Rice A High Court judge has ruled that a father must honour a legal agreement in which he declared that he would hold his property on trust for his... Read more

Men are more likely to keep and update a Will

By Lenore Rice New research by the Law Society reveals that men are more likely to have a Will and keep it updated than women, however the vast majority of adults... Read more

NI farmer admits forging will to inherit £1m estate

By Lenore Rice A farmer from Northern Ireland has pleaded guilty to forging a Will in order to inherit the £1million estate from an elderly woman. Catherine Haughey, who died in December... Read more

Cameron says inheritance tax cut will have to wait

By Lenore Rice Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that an increase in the threshold at which inheritance tax becomes payable may have to wait until after the General Election in... Read more

Rise in council charges on houses to recoup care costs

By Lenore Rice Local councils are registering a legal charge on 8 properties a day to recoup elderly care costs according to new data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. NFU... Read more

Inheritance disputes causing older couples to divorce

By Lenore Rice Divorce solicitors in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are seeing an increase in divorces among older couples who cannot agree on inheritance issues, and in... Read more

Son faked signature of brother to take £1.5m inheritance

By Lenore Rice Bristol Crown Court has heard that a man was cheated out of his share of a £1.5million inheritance after his businessman brother forged his signature to wind up... Read more

Musician Sting tells children not to expect big inheritance

By Lenore Rice Musician Sting has said that he does not intend to leave his £180million fortune to his children, and that they have already been told not to be expect... Read more

Daughters contest Will leaving fortune to mother's young lover

By Lenore Rice Two daughters are challenging the Will of their mother that left most of her £1.2million estate to her lover who was 23 years younger than her. Alison Walker and... Read more

Council fails to force sale of house to fund nursing care

By Lenore Rice A local council has lost it's bid to force the sale of a property belonging to an elderly woman who was taken into a nursing home. Mary Walford, aged... Read more

Government to promote lasting powers of attorney

By Lenore Rice The government is keen to promote lasting powers of attorney, will writing, and other matters connected to life planning with a special day to be held next year. The... Read more

Thank you to all our clients who took part in Will Aid

We would like to thank all our clients who took part in Will Aid 2013 - the annual scheme where people can make a Will and have the solicitor fee... Read more

Emily Morris receives STEP NI Diploma

Pictured right - The President of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger presents Emily Morris with her STEP NI Diploma at a STEP conference at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast with... Read more

Carney moves to allay fears of early interest rates rise

By Lauren Burns Bank of England governor Mark Carney has today reacted to growing speculation that interest rates could increase this year by saying the economy is still not ready. The continuing... Read more

Most first time buyers getting cash help from parents

By Michelle Rock New research from Halifax has found that 63 per cent of first time buyers aged between 20 to 45 received financial help from their parents in order to... Read more

Maeve Binchy considered herself a great Will maker

By Lenore Rice Irish novelist Maeve Binchy, who died aged 72 in 2012, considered herself to be a "great Will maker" and claimed she had updated her Will at least 40... Read more

How first time buyers intend to raise their deposit

By Michelle Rock While first time buyers are perhaps getting more assistance than ever before to get a foot on the property ladder, the issue of the deposit still remains the... Read more

HMRC challenges yield £108m in additional inheritance tax

By Lenore Rice New research shows that the HMRC brought in 23 per cent more inheritance tax in 2013 as a result of challenging the valuation of estates, netting an additional... Read more

The Will to keep your New Year's resolution

By Lenore Rice Around half of us in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are expected to make resolutions for the New Year - only a small percentage will... Read more

Wealthy women under 65 are most likely to inherit

By Lenore Rice A new government study has revealed that self-employed women under the age of 65 who are already considerably wealthy are the most likely to receive an inheritance. The figures... Read more

Make a Will and help charity at the same time in Nov

By Lenore Rice In November you can make a Will and have the solicitor fee donated to charity by taking part in Will Aid. This is the 25th year of Will Aid,... Read more

Councils cracking down on care home fee avoidance

By Lenore Rice Councils are said to be paying more attention to the motivation behind transfers of property by older people to their grown up children before they go into care... Read more

Inheritances dropped to sort retirement shortfall

By Lenore Rice An increasing number of people are having to drop their plans to leave an inheritance to their children as they begin to count the cost of retirement, says... Read more

7 out of 10 people who died last year had no Will

By Lenore Rice Seven out of ten people who died last year did not have a Will according to charity Carers Trust. People who die without a valid Will are said to... Read more

Care home costs reduce chance of inheritance

By Lenore Rice A new report claims that 75 per cent of people in England and Wales that go into a care home will see all their savings and property value... Read more

Fewer people to leave their property as inheritance

By Lenore Rice The number of people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK planning to sell or rent their property in order to fund their retirement has risen... Read more

Wording of Will prompts Gov u-turn on cash gift

By Lenore Rice David Cameron has said that £520,000 left as a bequest to the government by Joan Edwards in her Will is now going to be passed to the Treasury,... Read more

Inheritance tax payments at 6 year high

By Lenore Rice The amount of inheritance tax paid by people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK rose for a third consecutive year in 2012, taking it to... Read more

Executor stole money meant for children's charity

Christopher MacKnight, aged 53, has been given a 27 month prison sentence for abusing his position as executor of his best friend's estate to steal money intended for a children's... Read more

Fewer people in Northern Ireland have a Will

When it comes to writing a Will there is a general reluctance among adults in the UK, and particularly among those living in Northern Ireland. Various surveys have been carried out... Read more

Will upheld despite declining mental powers

A son has lost his attempt to overturn a Will signed by his mother at the age of 88 without legal advice and without a medical check, despite the judge... Read more

Children fail to revoke Will leaving £6.7m to charity

The four children of multi-millionaire Alfred Stewart have failed in their bid to revoke his Will leaving almost all of his £6.7million estate to charity, and nothing to them. The children... Read more

New Years resolutions more finance orientated

The past couple of years have seen a change to the most popular New Years resolutions made by people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. While dieting, exercise... Read more

More people living to 100 alters inheritance plans

A new report by the Office for National Statistics shows that more people in England and Wales are living beyond 100 years, raising more questions on the affect of an... Read more

Daughter says inheritance actually for cats

A woman who has been accused of concealing a  £50,000 inheritance gift from her Mum in order not to lose her pension credits says the gift was actually for her... Read more

Labour MP blames lack of support for failure of inheritance tax amendment

A Labour MP's proposal that siblings should be entitled to the same inheritance tax break as a married couple has been discarded.The Guardian reports that Frank Field's suggested amendment to... Read more

Trusts a 'great opportunity' for lessening inheritance tax

Well-planned trusts can prove a "very effective way" to reduce inheritance tax liabilities and ensure that as much of your wealth as possible is passed onto the next generation, according... Read more

IHT problems for unmarried couples

Co-habiting couples who are not married or in civil partnerships are not entitled to the same inheritance tax (IHT) benefits as those who are, a firm of independent financial advisors... Read more

CTFs worth £2.4bn in future

The first group of children in Britain and Northern Ireland who have been eligible to set up a child trust fund (CTF) through a solicitor are looking at reaping around... Read more

IHT planning 'should start early'

Inheritance Tax (IHT) need not be a burden and though it is advisable to start planning early, it is never too late to begin, financial advisers have said.For homeowners in... Read more

Non-working parents can still invest in CTFs

Family Investments has said that with more parents taking leave from work to look after their newborns, finances may be stretched, but that is no excuse not to build up... Read more

Beat the 'death duty' through giving

On April 6th the new inheritance tax (IHT) nil band rate will jump to £300,000, meaning that now may be the time for some shrewd gifting.As the new rate comes... Read more