Industrial Disease

Wilson Nesbitt launch a new Belfast Office Suite and Client Meeting Hub

Wilson Nesbitt launch a new Belfast Office Suite and Client Meeting Hub

Wilson Nesbitt is pleased to announce the opening of a new office suite and client meeting hub at 36 Alfred Street, Belfast. The office suite provides a substantial increase in... Read more

Northern Ireland accident victims receive less compensation than rest of UK

ByGary Adair Victims of road accidents, accidents at work or medical negligence in Northern Ireland are receiving much less than the rest of the UK according to the Ministry of Justice... Read more

Damages awarded over mother's second-hand asbestos death

By Gary Adair A landmark case in Scotland has been decided in favour of the family of a mother who died from second-hand exposure to asbestos. William Sweeney had been employed at... Read more

High Court throws out insurers’ attempts to block rate decision

By Gillian Crotty The Association of British Insurers has failed in its' High Court bid to delay the government announcement on the rate used to discount compensation awards. Personal Injury Solicitors have... Read more

Asbestos compensation ruling sets benchmark

By Gillian Crotty A landmark Court of Appeal ruling on an asbestos compensation claim could prove to have an impact on a significant number of similar cases where minimal contribution is... Read more

Majority of compensation claims paid by PSNI relate to hearing loss

By Gillian Crotty The Police Service of Northern Ireland has paid out £30million in compensation to officers, civilian staff and members of the public in the past 3 years, with the... Read more

Compensation for loss of life in Northern Ireland to be reviewed

By Gillian Crotty The Department of Justice in Northern Ireland is to consider whether the compensation amount for loss of life through negligence should be raised to bring it into line... Read more

Northern Ireland company fined for employee exposure to asbestos

By Lenore Rice Mettallix Ltd in Ballymena has been given a fine of £6,000 plus costs for health and safety breaches that resulted in the "needless" exposure of employees to asbestos... Read more

NI doctors lack confidence on dealing with occupational lung diseases

By Gillian Crotty A new survey reveals that a third of respiratory physicians in Northern Ireland lack confidence when it comes to diagnosing or treating occupational lung diseases such as mesothelioma. A... Read more

Electrician wins compensation for 'fractional' asbestos exposure

By Gillian Crotty An 85 year-old retried electrician who has been diagnosed with asbestosis has won his compensation claim in respect of exposure to asbestos at Exeter University more than 20... Read more

Compensation awarded in respect of asbestos related death

By Gillian Crotty The family of a bricklayer who died from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma has been awarded £122,500 in compensation from two of his former employers. Frederick Dodson died at... Read more

Inquest concludes historic asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma

By Gillian Crotty An inquest into the death of a hospital employee who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2012 has concluded that he died as a result of industrial disease following... Read more

Legal action over wife exposed to asbestos dust from clothes

By Gillian Crotty A landmark legal case has been launched by the son of a woman who died from mesothelioma at the age of 86, after years of exposure to asbestos... Read more

University pays six figure sum in respect of asbestos death

By Gillian Crotty The widow of an employee of Aston University is to receive a six figure payment by way of compensation after her husband died from the asbestos related cancer... Read more

Asbestos exposure caused death of hospital worker

By Gillian Crotty An inquest has heard that exposure to asbestos caused the death of hospital worker Barbara Fiona Fargas. The coroner, Edward Thomas, concluded that Ms Fargus died on 14th September... Read more

Asbestos victims win ruling on legal fees deduction

By Gillian Crotty Victims of industrial diseases as a result of exposure to asbestos have won an important court case over whether or not legal fees should be deducted from any... Read more

Unannounced site visits planned to tackle work accidents

By Gillian Crotty Unannounced building site visits will be carried out by the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) in order to clamp down on working conditions that increase... Read more

People injured in accidents not making compensation claims

By Gillian Crotty New research suggests that the majority of people who suffer personal injury in an accident do not make a claim for compensation, challenging the notion of a 'compensation... Read more

Painter died of asbestos industrial disease says coroner

By Gillian Crotty An inquest into the death of painter and decorator Leonard Newman, aged 82, has revealed that he died of an industrial disease connected to exposure to asbestos. Mr Newman... Read more

Ship worker turned teacher dies of mesothelioma

By Gillian Crotty A former headteacher who had previously worked for 6 years as a ships fitter/turner has died at the age of 81 from the asbestos related illness mesothelioma. Kenneth Strong,... Read more

Belfast school pleads guilty to asbestos breaches

By Gillian Crotty A grammar school in Belfast has pleaded guilty to two breaches of health and safety regulations in respect of asbestos management. The Belfast Crown Court heard that Bloomfield Collegiate... Read more

Ex-pat wins £100k asbestos compensation from UK employer

By Gillian Crotty A 67 year old man from Liverpool, now living in Cyprus, has won £100,000 asbestos compensation from his former UK employers after he was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Norman Turner... Read more

Widow urges people exposed to asbestos to see a doctor

By Gillian Crotty Yvonne Wilding, who lost her husband this year to mesothelioma, the cancer linked to asbestos exposure, is urging anyone who has come into contact with asbestos in their... Read more

Retired sailor dies as result of asbestos exposure

By Gillian Crotty A retired navy sailor that served on Royal Navy Ships for 22 years has died at the age of 74 as a result of exposure to asbestos. David Topliff... Read more

Asbestos proposals don't favour victims says APIL

By Gillian Crotty A new proposal in consultation to settle more asbestos related claims cases outside of court does not favour the victims, according to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers... Read more

Belfast Health Trust faces further asbestos charges

By Gillian Crotty The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust has faced further charges in respect of asbestos management and control, just 5 months after they were fined in respect of... Read more

Compensation payout for carpenter with mesothelioma

A carpenter who has been diagnosed with the terminal lung disease mesothelioma has won a large compensation payout from his council employers of 3 years. Michael Brandon worked for North Herts... Read more

Insurance pot for mesothelioma sufferers

A new £300m insurance fund has been established for people diagnosed with mesothelioma who are unable to trace a liable employer or insurer to claim compensation. Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer... Read more

Damaged asbestos found at Belfast school

A building at Bloomfield Collegiate School, East Belfast, has been closed after the discovery of damaged asbestos. It is understood that part of the building was used by a private day-care... Read more

'Postcode lottery for asbestos victims'

The government is coming under increasing pressure to restore compensation for pleural plaque victims in England and Wales, after Scotland and Northern Ireland both legislated to allow claims for sufferers... Read more

Historic asbestos ruling against parent company

The decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold a High Court ruling that a parent company is liable to pay compensation to an employee who developed asbestosis after dust... Read more

Barn fire serves as reminder of danger of asbestos in old buildings

A large barn fire in Bedfordshire on 1st December provides a stark warning to the dangers of asbestos found in old buildings. 40 firefighters were called in to tackle the... Read more

Woman seeks guidance on assisted suicide

A woman has gone to court to challenge the director of public prosecutions (DPP) over the law around assisted suicide, the Guardian reports.Debbie Purdy, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, has... Read more

Work-related illness or injury 'affects 11.8 million'

Injury or illness in the workplace has affected 11.8 million people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the last year, a new survey has found.The statistics, produced by YouGov... Read more

Post-traumatic study due this month

The 'world's largest' study on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is due to be published this month, Legal & Medical magazine reports.Moving Minds, a psychological services provider, told the publication that... Read more

RoSPA awards celebrate success in workplace safety

A charity has held an awards ceremony recognising the achievements of firms in workplace safety.The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Awards are open to companies in Northern... Read more

Radon gas regulations 'should be reviewed'

UK Building Regulations and British Standards should be changed to protect people from the build-up of radon gas, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has recommended.Amendments should include provisions which ensure... Read more

'Serious' setback for injured firefighters

A High Court ruling on ill-health could have a serious effect on the pensions of retired firefighters, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has claimed.Matt Wrack told... Read more

'Employers must understand - all accidents are preventable'

The minister for health and safety Nigel Dodds and the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions have been commemorating those who have died in workplace accidents... Read more

'Jumbo jet's worth of people killed at work every fortnight'

Enough people die at work to fill a jumbo jet every two weeks, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).This is due to a failure to... Read more

Nuclear workers risk heart health

While solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland may be used to dealing with clients who have developed cancer from working with nuclear materials, there may be an even larger type... Read more

Employee litigation 'biggest business risk'

Businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland could find that their biggest risk of financial loss may come if an employee contacts their solicitors following poor treatment, experts say.According to Hiscox,... Read more

Tradesmen 'ignorant' of asbestos hazard

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland could see more cases of asbestos-related illnesses caused by work in the future as research has shown a stark lack of knowledge about the... Read more

HSE warns on silicosis risk

Solicitors in Northern Ireland could see fewer claimants seeking compensation for silicosis if quarrying companies heed the warnings of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). While such cases are rare... Read more

Pleural plaques compensation blocked

People suffering from work-related pleural plaques in Northern Ireland are less likely to visit their solicitors to try to make a case for compensation, following a House of Lords ruling... Read more

Quarry firm fined for disclosure failures

A quarrying company has been found guilty of failing to report the ill-health of an employee as well as breaching health and safety regulations.The law requires employers to report industrial... Read more

Acra warns of asbestos risk

While asbestos is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in Britain and Northern Ireland, The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (Arca) says it difficult for workers to know when they... Read more

Mesothelioma case snowballs

A family has been awarded over £100,000 in compensation following the death of the father from mesothelioma two years ago.Frank Ede, from Hull, died in July 2005 aged 75 from... Read more

Many work-related accidents not reported

After the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) published statistics of work-related deaths and injuries in Britain and Northern Ireland between 2005 and 2006, Consult GEE says that the full picture... Read more

Solicitors want asbestos compensation raised

Solicitors have said that the amount of compensation awarded to families of mesothelioma victims in Scotland should be the same as that given in the rest of Britain and Northern... Read more

Printers a health and safety risk?

Offices in Britain and Northern Ireland could see a glut of employees reaching for their solicitors' numbers if research into the health risks of modern office printers is proved to... Read more

Quinn wins dermatitis compensation

James Quinn has won an undisclosed amount of compensation after solicitors negotiated a settlement with his former employers for a work-related dermatitis claim. Mr Quinn, a machine driver for Mone... Read more

Mesothelioma victim awarded compensation

Ken McDonald of Barrow has won £102,500 in compensation after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, which he developed from being exposed to asbestos in the workplace.The 67-year-old, who was a former... Read more

Top firms to tackle worker exploitation

Land Securities, Serco and Jaeger are among the firms who have agreed to join the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to try to tackle the problem of exploitation of employees.Some of... Read more

Businesses warned to insure against Corporate Manslaughter Bill

Businesses should be aware that they face big bills and trips to the solicitors if they do not prepare for the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Bill.The bill should be... Read more

HSE summit to highlight asbestos danger

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has felt it necessary to call the eighth summit of its kind to try to persuade the asbestos removal industry to shape up, as... Read more