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Safeguarding your Will against challenge

Safeguarding your Will against challenge

By Lenore Rice According to a recent survey conducted by a prominent life insurance company, 24% of residents in the UK would be prepared to contest the Will of a loved... Read more

High Court rules to allow trust to treat illegitimate child as beneficiary

By Lenore Rice The trustees of a discretionary settlement worth £80m have received permission from the High Court to treat one of the settlor’s descendants as a beneficiary, despite being born... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 4

By Lenore Rice At Wilson Nesbitt we wholly understand that writing a Will is a difficult thing to even think about, as we are very aware that nobody really wants to... Read more

Inheritance dispute relies on Court to decide order elderly couple passed away

By Lenore Rice The estate of an elderly couple who were both discovered having passed away in their homes is being disputed by their stepdaughters. The dispute, currently being heard in... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 3

By Lenore Rice In the second part of our Wills Legal Guide, we looked at the initial steps involved in writing a Will, such as listing your beneficiaries and estimating the... Read more

Advice on Contesting a Will

By Lenore Rice How to contest a Will We are largely able to pass on our estate in a Will as we please, but there are circumstances where certain people will have... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 2

By Lenore Rice In the first section of our Wills Legal Guide, we explored the various reasons for writing a Will, including what happens to your assets and to your beneficiaries... Read more

Wills Legal Guide - Part 1

By Lenore Rice Why make a Will? Writing a Will can give peace of mind to you and those closest to you if the unthinkable should happen. While no one wants to... Read more

How a Will protects your beneficiaries

By Lenore Rice Why write a Will? Sometimes one of the reasons that people don’t have a formal Will is that they believe that the matter of inheritance will simply work itself... Read more

Carer who stole £300k from vulnerable elderly woman jailed for 9 years

By Lenore Rice A woman who has been given a 9 year jail sentence for stealing nearly £300,000 from a vulnerable 102-year-old woman that she was caring form, and for making... Read more

Significance of u-turn on absolute limits to care funding

By Lenore Rice The Conservative Party would prefer to call it a clarification rather than a u-turn, but either way, Theresa May has announced that there would be an “absolute limit... Read more

Study suggests dementia link to living near busy roads

By Lenore Rice A new study suggests that increased exposure to air pollution or noisy traffic may be a contributing factor to the onset of dementia. The study published in the Lancet... Read more

Diagnosis of dementia in younger people is increasing

By Lenore Rice Dementia is often considered to be a condition that only affects the elderly, but there are an increasing number of people in their 40s and 50s being diagnosed,... Read more

Increase in gifting to cut inheritance tax bills

By Lenore Rice An increasing number of people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are making gifts of assets in order to reduce the inheritance tax bill their... Read more

Will Aid - Write a Will and our fee goes to Charity

Wilson Nesbitt is delighted to confirm that we will be again taking apart in the Will Aid scheme this November, which means you can write a Will and donate the... Read more

People in Northern Ireland are the most reluctant to make a Will

By Lenore Rice Fewer people in Northern Ireland have made a Will according to research that looked at adults across the whole of the UK. The research by looked at how... Read more

Increase in number of people contesting a Will in court

By Lenore Rice Figures from the Ministry of Justice have revealed a large increase in the number of people going to court to contest a Will. Complex family structures are thought to... Read more

Robin Williams family take inheritance dispute to court

By Lenore Rice An inheritance dispute involving the family of Robin Williams highlights the importance of clear and detailed instructions when writing a Will or creating a Trust. The children of Robin... Read more

Why modern life for over-50s makes writing a Will a necessity

By Lenore Rice Surveys consistently conclude that approximately 7 out of every 10 adults in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK do not have a Will, and there is... Read more

NI farmer admits forging will to inherit £1m estate

By Lenore Rice A farmer from Northern Ireland has pleaded guilty to forging a Will in order to inherit the £1million estate from an elderly woman. Catherine Haughey, who died in December... Read more

Son faked signature of brother to take £1.5m inheritance

By Lenore Rice Bristol Crown Court has heard that a man was cheated out of his share of a £1.5million inheritance after his businessman brother forged his signature to wind up... Read more

Daughters contest Will leaving fortune to mother's young lover

By Lenore Rice Two daughters are challenging the Will of their mother that left most of her £1.2million estate to her lover who was 23 years younger than her. Alison Walker and... Read more

Council fails to force sale of house to fund nursing care

By Lenore Rice A local council has lost it's bid to force the sale of a property belonging to an elderly woman who was taken into a nursing home. Mary Walford, aged... Read more

Government to promote lasting powers of attorney

By Lenore Rice The government is keen to promote lasting powers of attorney, will writing, and other matters connected to life planning with a special day to be held next year. The... Read more

Thank you to all our clients who took part in Will Aid

We would like to thank all our clients who took part in Will Aid 2013 - the annual scheme where people can make a Will and have the solicitor fee... Read more

Emily Morris receives STEP NI Diploma

Pictured right - The President of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger presents Emily Morris with her STEP NI Diploma at a STEP conference at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast with... Read more

Sisters remove mother as administrator of father's estate

By Lenore Rice The wife of multi-millionaire Northern Ireland man Michael Hoey has been removed as his personal representative after the High Court in Belfast ruled that she did not understand... Read more

Nephew promised inheritance successfully contests Will

By Lenore Rice The High Court has acted to ensure that the nephew of an elderly woman who left his job to look after her received the inheritance he was promised,... Read more

Wilson Nesbitt clients help us raise £1665 for charity

By Lenore Rice We are delighted to confirm that our clients have helped us raise £1665 for the charities supported by Will Aid by writing a Will with us and making... Read more

NI Mortgage advisers say only 1 in 4 clients have a Will

By Lenore Rice The results of a survey of mortgage advisers in Northern Ireland suggests that at best only a quarter of clients purchasing or remortgaging their property have written a... Read more

Northern Ireland carer pleads guilty to theft from patient

By Lenore Rice Sally Convery, a former home help care worker from Londonderry, has pleaded guilty to the theft of £700 from her 85-year-old patient, and has been given a suspended... Read more

Councils cracking down on care home fee avoidance

By Lenore Rice Councils are said to be paying more attention to the motivation behind transfers of property by older people to their grown up children before they go into care... Read more

7 out of 10 people who died last year had no Will

By Lenore Rice Seven out of ten people who died last year did not have a Will according to charity Carers Trust. People who die without a valid Will are said to... Read more

Care home costs reduce chance of inheritance

By Lenore Rice A new report claims that 75 per cent of people in England and Wales that go into a care home will see all their savings and property value... Read more

Couple escape jail sentence over Will forgery

By Lenore Rice A couple have evaded a prison sentence in respect of forging a Will and trying to defraud their own son of an inheritance, largely on the basis of... Read more

Power of attorney used to steal £170k from 96 yr old

By Lenore Rice A man has been given a 32 month prison sentence for using a power of attorney to steal £170,000 from this 96-year-old aunt, leaving her in debt and... Read more

Power of attorney used to steal from stepmother

A 66 year old woman has pleaded guilty to using a power of attorney to steal over £10,100 from her stepmother. Ann Fawcet and her husband were given power of attorney... Read more

Will upheld despite declining mental powers

A son has lost his attempt to overturn a Will signed by his mother at the age of 88 without legal advice and without a medical check, despite the judge... Read more

Guidance for bank staff on powers of attorney

The Law Society has produced advice for Bank employees in dealing with people who are having to manage a bank or building society account on behalf of someone else using... Read more

Clergyman uses power of attorney to steal £60k

Reverend Peter Hesketh, aged 65 from Worcestershire, has been found guilty of using a power of attorney to steal over £60,000 from a vulnerable pensioner.The Catholic deacon was given a... Read more

Trustees £500k pay-off amounted to misconduct

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has found that the trustees of Glasgow East Regeneration Agency (GERA) were guilty of misconduct when they paid out a £500,000 redundancy... Read more

Power of attorney used to steal from aunt

A man entrusted to deal with the financial affairs of his dementia suffering aunt via a power of attorney has admitted to spending almost all of her £76,000 savings for... Read more

Wills 'need to be regularly reviewed'

Wills and trusts need to be regularly reviewed as the inheritance people are able to leave changes, according to the Law Society.The society claims that solicitors need to be consulted... Read more

Care home financial advice 'essential'

Taking financial advice about retirement and care home provision is "essential", Saga has claimed.The magazine, insurance and holidays provider for the over-50s, has welcomed Gordon Brown's review on social care... Read more

Having a will ensures money passes to correct inheritors

Making a will is essential for those who want to influence what happens to their estate after they die, a financial expert has advised.David Kuo, head of finance at,... Read more