Professional Negligence

Wilson Nesbitt launch a new Belfast Office Suite and Client Meeting Hub

Wilson Nesbitt launch a new Belfast Office Suite and Client Meeting Hub

Wilson Nesbitt is pleased to announce the opening of a new office suite and client meeting hub at 36 Alfred Street, Belfast. The office suite provides a substantial increase in... Read more

NHS resources strained as cancer referral times miss targets

By Gary Adair Healthcare waiting time targets are at the forefront of debate once again after new figures have revealed that 200 patients were not seen by a breast cancer referral... Read more

Employers under increased pressure to reform zero-hour worker contracts

By Gary Adair  Employers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are under increasing pressure to improve working conditions for workers on zero-hour contracts. The new Living Hours programme... Read more

Jury concludes that football fans killed in crush were unlawfully killed

The jury at the Hillsborough Inquests have concluded that 96 football fans who died during a stadium crush in 1989 were unlawfully killed, with match commander Ch Supt David Duckenfield... Read more

Teachers win millions in discrimination and injury compensation

By Gillian Crotty Teachers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK won millions of pounds of compensation last year in respect of a wide range of issues, including discrimination,... Read more

Cheap divorce cost doctor's wife her £3.2million home

By Lenore Rice A doctor's wife has described how she lost her £3.2million property as a result of trying to cut costs during their divorce. Norma Wilson was a nurse and a... Read more

Compensation for house buyers who weren't told of wind farm plans

By Lauren Burns A couple who bought a house in Wales have been awarded compensation after their conveyancer failed to notify them of plans to build a wind farm less than... Read more

Closure of ward at Bangor Community Hospital was unlawful

Campaigners have successfully won a High Court declaration that the closure of a 20-bed ward at Bangor Community Hospital was unlawful. Eleanor Wilson, who uses the hospital, began judicial review proceedings... Read more

NI developer says bank should have warned of property crash

By Gillian Crotty Michael Taggart, formerly a property developer and one of the wealthiest men in Northern Ireland, says the Ulster bank should have warned him about their serious concerns about... Read more

Doctors prescribing drugs to patients with known allergies

By Gillian Crotty Doctors in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are putting patients at risk of harm, and even death, by prescribing drugs to patients who have allergies... Read more

Poots criticises Belfast Health Trust's patient management

By Gillian Crotty Northern Ireland Health Minister Edwin Poots has criticised the Belfast Health Trust for the manner in which it managed patients, and says it demonstrated an inability to identify... Read more

Northern Ireland health and social care complaints increase

By Gillian Crotty The number of complaints in respect of health and social care received by the Northern Ireland ombudsman increased by 46 per cent last year. The dramatic rise in medical... Read more

Three nurses charged with wilful neglect of patients

By Gillian Crotty Three nurses from the Princess of Wales Hospital in south Wales have been charged with wilful neglect of patients. The criminal charges were brought under Section 44 of the... Read more

£8m compensation for boy left with brain damage after birth

By Gillian Crotty The London High Court has approved a compensation package expected to reach between £8million and £9million after "deficiencies" in the medical care he received after his birth resulted... Read more

£5m compensation for woman left waiting by ambulance

By Gillian Crotty A woman who suffered brain damage after waiting nearly two hours for an ambulance that was parked just 100 metres away has been awarded £5million in compensation. Caren Paterson,... Read more

Northern Ireland nurse failed to investigate abuse claims

A Northern Ireland nurse has been struck off for failing to investigate allegations of abuse affecting five residents at a Country Antrim nursing home. Nurse Katherine McCall was employed as nursing... Read more

Case win for near drowning during swimming lesson

By Gillian Crotty A landmark case has been decided by the Supreme Court in favour of a woman who suffered brain damage at the age of 10 when she nearly drowned... Read more

Negligent nurse mistook blood for jam

By Gillian Crotty A nurse who thought that blood around a patient's mouth was jam, among 29 charges considered against her, has been suspended for 12 months by the Nursing and... Read more

Belfast property overvalued by £2million

By Gillian Crotty The High Court has ruled that a Belfast property was overvalued by as much as £2million by an estate agent asked to confirm its worth by a lending... Read more

Leg amputation needed after hospital negligence

By Gillian Crotty A 76-year-old man has been awarded substantial medical negligence compensation after errors at a hospital during a knee replacement surgery resulting in him having to have his leg... Read more

Choose solicitor carefully warns Legal Ombudsman

The Legal Ombudsman that deals with complaints about advice received from lawyers in England, received most complaints in respect of advice on divorce, highlighting the need for clients to choose... Read more

NI Health Dept paid £116m in negligence compensation

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has paid out negligence compensation totalling £116million over the last five years according to a new report by Stormont's Public Accounts Committee. The report raises... Read more

Compensation for dental patient left brain damaged

An unnamed man has been awarded £1million dental negligence compensation after his heart stopped beating during a tooth extraction. The man, now aged 22, was 6 years old when he went... Read more

Farmer can seek damages over land development delay

Court of Appeal judges have paved the way for a farmer to claim up to £400,000 damages against consulting engineers that delayed his housing development by 15 months, with the... Read more

NI health negligence compensation to reach £250m

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has paid out compensation totalling £116million over the last five years in respect of clinical and social care negligence. There are also estimated to be... Read more

US dentist reused needles for 12 years

In one of the most alarming cases of professional negligence involving a dentist, Dr Stephen Stein is said to have reused dirty syringes and IV's on patients for 12 years,... Read more

High Court urges swift NI law reform

A High Court judge has warned of the need to expedite Northern Ireland law reform, saying the current proposals before the Assembly should not be allowed to "gather dust". Mr Justice... Read more

£7.65m payout in professional negligence case

The High Court has ordered law firm Wragge & Co to pay £7.65million to their former client Amalgamated Metal Corporation (AMC) after finding them liable for professional negligence. ... Read more

U2 bassist sues band's financial controller for 'negligence'

Adam Clayton, bassist with the rock band U2, is launching a High Court case against the 'financial mastermind' of the band Gaby Smyth for alleged negligence. The case is attracting... Read more

Increased negligence claims against Accounting firms

Accounting firms are facing more professional negligence claims from investors who lost money in the credit crunch, and some solicitors are predicting that it is just the beginning of a... Read more

Northern Irish farmers seek compensation for livestock

Farmers in Northern Ireland will be making sure they have the number of a good solicitor handy in order to seek legal advice should the same fate befall them as... Read more

Solicitors' PI market 'is contracting'

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance cover may be harder to find for solicitors, in light of recent market activity reported by the Law Gazette.The publication notes that around a fifth of... Read more

Security plans questioned

Plans to increase security in Northern Ireland's prisons have been criticised following the seizure of a number of gangland weapons linked to a leading Dublin criminal who is currently incarcerated.... Read more

Work-related illness or injury 'affects 11.8 million'

Injury or illness in the workplace has affected 11.8 million people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the last year, a new survey has found.The statistics, produced by YouGov... Read more

"Worrying situation" in workplace fire safety

Not all businesses in Britain and Northern Ireland are fully protected under fire safety regulation, it has been revealed.Speaking to the Workplace Law Network, fire safety consultant Alan Cox said... Read more

"Zero tolerance" to hospital infections

There has been "good progress" in Northern Ireland's fight against C difficile infections in hospital, the health minister has said.Michael McGimpsey commented that all five trusts have been working hard... Read more

Post-traumatic study due this month

The 'world's largest' study on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is due to be published this month, Legal & Medical magazine reports.Moving Minds, a psychological services provider, told the publication that... Read more

Armed police 'fire guns by mistake'

The number of shots fired by officers by mistake is higher than those done on purpose, new investigations have revealed.Between January 2006 and March 2008 police in the UK opened... Read more

Maternity closure 'would put lives at risk'

The NHS has been warned that closure of a Northern Ireland maternity unit would put mothers and babies at risk.Lagan Valley Hospital's maternity unit is set for closure, though health... Read more

RoSPA awards celebrate success in workplace safety

A charity has held an awards ceremony recognising the achievements of firms in workplace safety.The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Awards are open to companies in Northern... Read more

Public liability insurance 'should be legal requirement'

Companies should be forced to take out public liability insurance, according to the British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba).Solicitors can represent their clients in mounting campaigns against a firm in case... Read more

Cutbacks 'could have major effect on Northern Ireland healthcare'

Cutbacks in the amount of money spent on healthcare provided by the NHS in Northern Ireland could "have a major impact on the services [it offers]", according to a union... Read more

'Serious' setback for injured firefighters

A High Court ruling on ill-health could have a serious effect on the pensions of retired firefighters, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has claimed.Matt Wrack told... Read more

Third of ambulances unfit for purpose

One in three ambulances in Northern Ireland have been found to be unfit for purpose because they are too old, according to the Department of Health.The BBC reports that figures... Read more

NI contractor fined for serious negligence

Contractors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have been sent a stern message to take health and safety regulations seriously after a court ordered a hefty fine for a breach in... Read more

Brides in favour of contracts for bridesmaids

While solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland are well versed in dissolving marriages where one partner has breached the contract, soon lawyers could see bridesmaids penalised for failing to fulfil... Read more

NI rugby fan wins libel damages

Solicitors in Northern Ireland have won libel compensation for an Ulster rugby fan after newspapers claimed he had fought with Toulouse lock Trevor Brennan at a match in January 2007.Patrick... Read more

Education boards in massive legal payout

The Department of Education and Northern Ireland's five education boards spent a massive amount on legal disputes last year, new figures show. According to the Belfast Telegraph, disregarding solicitors' fees,... Read more

Family questions hospital over mother's fractures

Northern Ireland solicitors have accompanied the family of a pensioner to a hospital to ask how she sustained 34 fractures that were found after she died.On the first anniversary of... Read more

NI considers jail for chatty drivers

Solicitors in Northern Ireland could see the number of cases of road traffic accidents fall if motorists in the province are put off using their mobile phone while driving by... Read more

Vet sued over lame horse

Two equestrians from Northern Ireland have contacted their solicitors after they claim a vet breached her contract over a lame horse. Northern Ireland's event rider Jayne Doherty and her husband... Read more

HSE warns landlords on gas

Landlords in Belfast and Northern Ireland may have to call in solicitors if they do not heed the latest warning on gas appliances from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).People... Read more

Businesses 'should document everything' to avoid claims

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland may be able to defend more businesses against professional negligence claims if only firms documented all the advice they give.Northern Ireland solicitors are best... Read more

Extreme team building brought to an end

Companies are set to be forced to end their extreme team bonding sessions with the introduction of new legislation into Britain and Northern Ireland. Solicitors could see claims being brought... Read more

PSNI pays out £9.5m in compensation

Solicitors in Northern Ireland have had to deal with eliciting more compensation from the police force per resident than anywhere else in the UK excluding London.According to the Times, solicitors... Read more

Pleural plaques compensation blocked

People suffering from work-related pleural plaques in Northern Ireland are less likely to visit their solicitors to try to make a case for compensation, following a House of Lords ruling... Read more

Door firm forced to pay damages

A door firm has agreed to pay £5,350 in damages to a hospital worker after she was injured by a product that had not been fitted correctly.Workplace Law reports that... Read more

Compensation awarded for dental hell

Legal action against dentists who have been negligent is increasing in Britain and Northern Ireland and a man from Bridgwater who £25,000 in compensation has sent out a warning to... Read more

Man snaps up photo shop compensation

A man confined to a wheelchair has accepted compensation from Jessops, the photographic shop which operates across Britain and Northern Ireland, after he was unable to enter its Bournemouth store.Michael... Read more

Law firm hit by lawsuit

City legal practice Charles Russell has been served with court papers by pop record producer Mike Stock, who is suing the firm for professional negligence.The law firm will face a... Read more

Floods could bring about landmark claim

A victim of this summer's flooding is trying to get her local community involved in a class action claim for compensation against the Environment Agency.According to the Oxford Mail, Binsey... Read more

Stockpile tragedy families unhappy with court outcome

A representative for families affected by the Stockpile tragedy said he was not satisfied with the fine that the firms responsible received for professional negligence.The 2004 explosion at Glasgow's Stockpile... Read more

Hammer man wins damages for severed hand

Bryan Banham has been awarded a six-figure sum in damages after his hand was severed while he was rebuilding a factory in Suffolk.In February, the 31-year-old was working for foundation... Read more

Tesco shopped by two employees

Tesco Stores has been forced to pay compensation to two members of staff following health and safety breaches which resulted in two separate accidents.It has paid out £11,000 in total... Read more

Ellis outcome could mean more PI claims

While Susan Ellis won her case against Bristol City Council for slipping on a wet floor in her workplace, a law firm has warned that the ruling could mean that... Read more

Chartered surveyor wins clinical negligence claim

A chartered surveyor from Andover has been handed a six-figure sum in damages after the doctors Royal at Hampshire County Hospital failed to detect his perforated appendix.Philip Russell was paid... Read more

Compensation settlements soar in NI schools

Some £1,764,212 million was paid out by Northern Ireland's education boards in compensation claims last year, an increase of almost 70 per cent in 12 months, the Belfast Telegraph reports.... Read more

Council not negligent over icy road

After a claim against a council over icy roads was quashed, a solicitor has said that the ruling will have personal liability implications for local authorities across Britain and Northern... Read more

Climber loses 75% of compensation claim

Seventy-five per cent of compensation has been taken away from a man who was left paralysed from a climbing accident, after it was decided that he was partly responsible for... Read more

Solicitors not having to deal with smoking ban breaches

It seems that Northern Ireland's smokers have by and large accepted the smoking ban, with the majority of businesses being compliant with the new laws.In the three months that the... Read more

Marine wins compensation for murder mislabelling

A marine has been awarded an undisclosed amount in damages after the Herald Express mistakenly published a picture of him linking him to a murder trial.The photo of Sergeant Gareth... Read more

Corporate Manslaughter Bill to be a reality

After April 2008, amendments to the Corporate Manslaughter Bill are likely to become law if it gains Royal Assent after the government finally agreed to extend its scope.From that date,... Read more

Illegal landlord smoked out

Hamish Howitt will be the first landlord to involve solicitors in the smoking ban across Britain and Northern Ireland as it was found that the consumption of tobacco occurred on... Read more

PI may rise for summer sports

Personal injury (PI) solicitors in Britain and Northern Ireland may have to deal with an increased number of cases this summer, as research has shown that the number of accidents... Read more

Quinn wins dermatitis compensation

James Quinn has won an undisclosed amount of compensation after solicitors negotiated a settlement with his former employers for a work-related dermatitis claim. Mr Quinn, a machine driver for Mone... Read more

Middle classes 'admit petty' crimes

While solicitors in Britain and Northern Ireland often have to deal with cases where a tradesman has been negligent or where a business has been found wanting, they may not... Read more

Hearing over first day of work death

Two representatives from the construction industry have appeared in court to answer health and safety charges after a 17-year-old from Northern Ireland was killed in an accident on his first... Read more

Cadbury pleads guilty to salmonella charges

Cadbury Schweppes faces huge fines and compensation payouts after pleading guilty to food hygiene breaches that led to over 30 people falling ill last year, alleging that they had become... Read more

PSNI fined £30,000 for safety negligence

Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde's office has been fined £30,000 after a 28-year-old man was crushed to death by the gates of a Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) station.Ciaran... Read more

In hot water over bricks and mortar

Howard Kennedy solicitors is facing a professional negligence claim after its property department allegedly misinformed Secured Property Finance (SPF) about commercial property loans.The £1.7 million negligence claim was filed in... Read more

Bereavement compensation 'not enough'

The amount of compensation people in Britain and Northern Ireland receive upon the death of a partner could be too low, according to new research.A study produced by the University... Read more

PSNI cleared of rave injury claim

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has been cleared of causing injuries to a 31-year-old partygoer after officers infiltrated an illegal rave.Paul Bradley was left with brain damage and... Read more

Smoking ban may involve legal implications

The smoking ban in Northern Ireland may lead to solicitors seeing fewer claims for smoke-related illnesses in employees, but recent commentary has not fully addressed wider implications for employers, according... Read more

TfL admits flaw in road safety

A widower has forced Transport for London (TfL) to admit that the accident which claimed the life of his wife occurred on a pedestrian crossing which did not comply with... Read more

Schools, contractors and councils warned of asbestos risk

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has found it necessary to alert local authorities, schools and contractors to the dangers of disturbing asbestos, following a case involving all three groups... Read more

EU risks food poisoning health

Solicitors in Northern Ireland could see a rise in the number of claims against food outlets if the European Union's plans to relax hygiene legislation for smaller establishments are passed.The... Read more

Solicitors seeing more unusual cases

Around two million people seek legal advice a year and although some cases will always be in a solicitor's daily remit, people are increasingly seeking advice for more unusual matters.According... Read more

No wilful negligence from trucker

TNT Global has won its appeal against Denfleet International, which accused a subcontractor for the freight company of being wilful in shedding Denfleet's cargo of goods.The fact that TNT's lorry... Read more

Beware the builders

Seven out of ten people across Britain and Northern Ireland have said they would prefer to get a professional in to make home improvements to their property, rather than take... Read more