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HMRC sign commercial property lease on new Belfast office

HMRC sign commercial property lease on new Belfast office

By Neil Logan HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has signed a new commercial property lease that will see 1,600 employees situated in the Erskine House in Belfast from 2021. Erskine House is... Read more

U-turn on self-employed NI contributions increase

Small business owners and self-employed workers have today been told that the planned increase in national insurance contributions for the self-employed announced in the budget will not go ahead. There was... Read more

Small businesses and self-employed hit hardest by the budget

An increase to the national insurance contributions (NICs) paid by the self-employed and small business owners, as well as higher taxes on dividends meant Philip Hammond's first budget made for... Read more

HMRC reclaims record amount in unpaid taxes

Almost £3.65 million of unpaid tax has been recovered from taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK by HMRC as a direct result of avoidance schemes, evasion... Read more

Don’t file your paper Tax Return

Taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK who were issued with a paper self assessment Tax Return, had until 31st October 2014 to submit the return in... Read more

Increase in total amount of capital gains tax paid

The total amount of capital gains tax paid in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK rose to £3.8billion in 2013-14, with 154,000 people liable for the tax. The amount... Read more

Northern Ireland tax workers to strike over redundancies

Northern Ireland employees of the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are to go on strike on Friday over redundancies and office closures. The strike action has been co-ordinated across HMRC offices... Read more

Self Assessment payment deadline looms

Many individual taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK will have recently received a self assessment statement from HMRC. This statement will usually have a payslip attached to... Read more

Emily Morris receives STEP NI Diploma

Pictured right - The President of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger presents Emily Morris with her STEP NI Diploma at a STEP conference at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast with... Read more

HMRC treble use of debt collection firms

Taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK owing money to HMRC are finding bailiffs calling to their door more often as evidence shows that the taxman has... Read more

Northern Ireland tax investigations on the rise

The number of people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK being investigated by the taxman has doubled in one year. Recent figures show that HMRC made... Read more

Completing your 2013/14 Tax Return form

Self Assessment (SA) taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK should now be thinking about gathering the relevant information in order to complete their 2013/14 Tax Returns. SA... Read more

Last chance for 2013/14 PAYE details

Employers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK must now use an earlier year update (EYU) if they still need to send PAYE information for 2013/14 that ought... Read more

Northern Ireland taxpayers can now submit their Tax Returns

As from 6th April 2014, self assessment taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can submit their 2013/14 Self Assessment forms. If you send in a paper 2013/14... Read more

Northern Ireland self employed – things you should know

As a sole trader your profits are taxed as any other income by the HMRC and as you are self-employed your tax will be self-assessed. You will need to register with... Read more

NI Tax avoiders to be forced to pay off bills sooner

HMRC will now demand faster payments of income tax and national insurance from people in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK using disclosed avoidance schemes. The new rules mean... Read more

7pc of Northern Ireland taxpayers filed late tax returns

HM Revenue & Customs has broken down Self Assessment taxpayer by region and finds that taxpayers in Northern Ireland registered 7 per cent of late tax returns, which was the... Read more

Tax Cheats in Northern Ireland and rest of UK named by HMRC

HMRC have today published the latest list of deliberate tax defaulters which include individuals and businesses from all parts of mainland UK and Northern Ireland.This policy is HMRC's latest approach... Read more

Tax return deadline looms for small businesses

Small business owners and managers in Northern Ireland need to take note of the 31st January deadline for the submission of online tax returns. Failure to submit the self assessment tax... Read more

Thousands miss self-assessment child benefit deadline

By Lenore Rice Approximately 165,000 high earning parents are estimated to have missed the 5th October deadline for submission of their self-assessment form in respect of collection of Child Benefit. Parents earning... Read more

Tax deadline approaches for high earning parents

By Lenore Rice Parents who receive a salary over £50,000 and also receive Child Benefit must complete an income tax self assessment return by 5th October to avoid penalties. The High Income... Read more

Tax fraud prosecutions double as HMRC gets tough

The aggressive approach taken by the HMRC to tax evasion and tax fraud over the past couple of years has seemingly paid off, as prosecutions relating to tax fraud are... Read more

Call to name and shame tax avoiders

The Commons public accounts committee is calling on the government to adopt a 'name and shame' approach to tax avoiders in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Over the... Read more

Self-assessment tax return deadline looms

The deadline for the submission of online self-assessment tax returns is approaching, with taxpayers failing to meet the 31st January deadline to receive a £100 fine, even if they do... Read more

HMRC warns late self-assessment tax filers

The 300,000 people who failed to meet the deadline for filing their self-assessment tax return, and continue to ignore letters from the HMRC, have been warned that it could reach... Read more

Chancellor's Autumn statement: Tax summary

Chancellor George Osborne announced the government view on the UK economy and its future plans in his Autumn Statement today. In particular, there were a number of tax changes outlined,... Read more

End of month deadline for self assessment returns

People in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK that file paper self-assessment tax returns have just over a week to avoid large fines. Approximately 20% of self-assessment returns are... Read more

Self Assessment deadline looms for paper returns

Taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are being notified by HMRC to submit their self assessment tax returns before 1st November 2012 in order to avoid... Read more

Higher rate taxpayer deadline looms

Higher rate taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have until 2 October to contact HMRC to confirm they wish to take part in their Tax Return... Read more

HMRC campaign targets higher rate taxpayers

HM Revenue and Customs has written out to 7,100 taxpayers in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK advising them to submit their tax returns or face fines and... Read more

12000 people sent tax penalty notices in error

Approximately 12000 people who had been previously told they no longer need to complete an income tax self-assessment form have received penalty notices because of an error. HM Revenue and Customs... Read more

New apps to help income tax self assessment

HMRC have launched a series of new apps to assist with record keeping for small businesses in Northern Ireland and the UK. The apps which are mostly free will... Read more

HMRC system shut down disadvantages small businesses

Many self-employed, business owners and accountants throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK were unable to file PAYE end-of-year tax returns over Easter as they found themselves locked... Read more

1m people miss tax self-assessment deadline

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have confirmed that 1.1million people have failed to submit their self-assessment tax returns on time and face an automatic penalty of £100. Because of strike action... Read more

UK consumers warned about late self-assessment fines

Consumers in Northern Ireland and other regions of the UK are being encouraged to ensure that they meet the forthcoming tax self-assessment deadline, in order to avoid the prospect of... Read more

NI firms offered January tax workshops

Northern Ireland firms will be able to gain information concerning financial matters such as tax and Statutory Sick Pay through a number of workshops which are being held this month.The... Read more

NI employers to be offered HMRC tax guidance

Employers in Northern Ireland are being given the chance to improve their knowledge of the country's tax system this month, as part of a new scheme launched by HM Revenue... Read more

Consumers reminded of filing returns

Solicitors in Northern Ireland may want to remind their clients that the deadline for filing tax returns on paper is this Friday October 31st.HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is currently... Read more

Pension change "could benefit the divorced"

Changes to pension legislation in the UK and Northern Ireland could benefit millions of people who are divorced, according to a report.It might be of interest to solicitors to learn... Read more

'Simplification in tax forms needed'

A report has claimed that self-return tax forms are too complicated and should be made simpler to complete.The Committee of Public Accounts has found that forms produced by HM Revenue... Read more

Tax break leaves 'no room for manoeuvre'

The chancellor's £600 increase in the basic tax allowance to £6,035 leaves the government no "room for manoeuvre", the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has claimed.IFS's director Robert Chote told... Read more

Consumers 'seeking more financial advice'

The credit crunch has increased the number of people looking for financial advice, according to Figures released by the independent website show that the number of people asking for... Read more

Newspaper seller embroiled in tax case

A man who organised a newspaper selling group in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has had to contact his solicitors after being investigated for tax issues.Not only that, but 28 Romanians who... Read more

HMRC warns of tax deadline

Businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland that are struggling with their tax returns might want to contact their solicitors for help as the January 31st self assessment filing deadline is... Read more

Government to produce Taxpayers' Charter

After solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland have seen many clients complaining that they don't understand their tax obligations and tax forms, the government has announced a new Taxpayers' Charter... Read more

Tax report due today

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland will be paying close attention to the release of the Varney Report today, which is set to detail the tax measures available to government... Read more

Half of firms miss tax deadlines

Solicitors in Northern Ireland will have to ensure that clients adhere to tax deadlines, after a report by the Public Accounts Committee (Pac) revealed that only 60 per cent of... Read more

100,000 offshore tax accounts targeted

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is going to investigate a minimum of 100,000 people in Britain and Northern Ireland who have not disclosed off-shore bank accounts.HMRC had given every taxpayer... Read more

Accountants face greater regulation

Accountancy services in Britain and Northern Ireland will face greater regulation from December 15th 2007.Companies offering accountancy, tax, audit and insolvency services will be forced to undergo monitoring for compliance... Read more

Business non-compliance could be taxing

Businesses in Britain and Northern Ireland could lose millions and face tax investigations if they do not comply with new Managed Service Companies (MSCs) legislation, Global Compliance Limited warns.With the... Read more

Professor joins corporation tax cut battle

Professor Richard Barnett, vice chancellor of the University of Ulster, has spoken up in favour of slashing corporation tax in Northern Ireland. Speaking at a graduation ceremony at the university,... Read more

HMRC consults on tax payments

HM Customs and Revenue (HMRC) has launched a consultation on improving tax payment options and managing debt.Payments, Repayments and Debt: The Developing Programme Of Work is the title of the... Read more

NI workers most taxed in UK

The level of tax that workers in Northern Ireland pay is the highest in the whole of the UK, according to the Adam Smith Institute.People in the province pay more... Read more

Fishermen haul tax help

Share fishermen across Britain and Northern Ireland are being offered the chance to join a tailor-made scheme to help them with self-assessment.After a survey from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)... Read more

Self-Assessment: Tax 'is' taxing

According to recent research, a third of taxpayers in Britain and Northern Ireland found self-assessment (SA) forms were difficult to understand and therefore complete.The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) revealed... Read more

£150 offered for filing online returns

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has offered small businesses in Northern Ireland an incentive of a £150 tax-free lump sum to file their 2006-07 Employer Annual Returns online.Small businesses which... Read more

Offshore accounts due tax probe

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has announced its support for new procedures to enhance clarity within the area of undisclosed income.HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has targeted offshore bank... Read more

UK taxes set for scrutiny

Closer scrutiny of UK taxpayers looks set to be introduced this year, in a move designed to crackdown on non-domiciled claims.HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is planning to toughen up... Read more