PSNI launch annual Christmas Domestic Abuse Campaign

PSNI launch annual Christmas Domestic Abuse Campaign

By Lenore Rice The PSNI launched their annual Christmas Domestic Abuse campaign with the news that they received 400 domestic abuse complaints across just 3 of the main days of the... Read more

Domestic violence crimes reach another record high in Northern Ireland

By Lenore Rice The number of domestic abuse crimes in Northern Ireland reached their highest 12 month total since records began. There were 16,575 domestic violence crimes recorded between July 2018 and... Read more

Domestic violence-related homicides in UK at 5 year high

By Lenore Rice There were 173 deaths as a result of domestic violence in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK last year, a significant jump up from the 141... Read more

Wilson Nesbitt launch a new Belfast Office Suite and Client Meeting Hub

Wilson Nesbitt is pleased to announce the opening of a new office suite and client meeting hub at 36 Alfred Street, Belfast. The office suite provides a substantial increase in... Read more

Over 100 drivers caught going over 100mph in 2018

By Gary Adair New figures, published by the road safety charity Brake under a Freedom of Information request, have revealed that 109 drivers were caught by police in Northern Ireland driving... Read more

Number of female prison inmates highest in five years

By Gary Adair A new report by the BBC has revealed that the number of women in prison in Northern Ireland has reached its highest level in the past five years.... Read more

New report reveals the Northern Ireland roads with the most speeding motorists

By Gary Adair New statistics released by the Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership have revealed that almost 41,000 speed-related offences were recorded in 2018, an increase of over 30% from... Read more

PSNI gearing up for summer drink driving crackdown

By Gary Adair The Police Service of Northern Ireland have released new figures indicating that over 1,400 motorists have been arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving so far in 2019.... Read more

PPS taking longer to decide on Crown Court proceedings

  By Daren Johnston New statistics have revealed that there has been a marked increase in the amount of time taken by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) to decide whether or not... Read more

Legal Aid modernisation promises to deliver faster process

The Legal Services Agency (LSA) is in the finals stages of preparation for the launch of its new digital case management system LAMS on 1 July 2019. Currently, the system... Read more

Nurses to have first full-time presence in PSNI custody suites

By Daren Johnston It has been announced that Northern Ireland police custody suites will be getting their first full-time nursing presence. While there have been full-time nurses present in custody suites... Read more

Falconer regrets vilifying legal aid solicitors to curb expenditure

By Lenore Rice Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor from 2003 to 2007, has admitted his regret over the campaign to curtail the legal aid budget which led to widespread condemnation of... Read more

Calls for groundbreaking changes to handling of serious sex offence trials

Retired judge, Sir John Gillen, has delivered what has been described as a "groundbreaking report" to the Department of Justice outlining changes that should be made to the way serious... Read more

Police to inspect mobile phones of victims of crime in England and Wales

Police in England and Wales can now ask for victims of crime to give them permission to inspect emails, messages, photographs and other information on their mobile phones. The victims of... Read more

PSNI officer says legislation needed to tackle domestic abuse

By Lenore Rice Supt Clive Beatty, a senior PSNI officer, has said that legislation to tackle psychological and emotional abuse, such as that introduced in England and Wales, is needed to... Read more

Domestic abuse levels at record high in Northern Ireland

By Lenore Rice The number of incidents of domestic abuse reported to the PSNI in 2018 was the highest since records began 15 years ago, and experts say there is still... Read more

Justice Secretary queries value of short jail term sentences

By Gary Adair The justice secretary David Gauke has suggested that there is a strong argument for abolishing jail terms of less than 6 months in favour of an approach that... Read more

NI Juror use of social media needs to be tackled says retired judge

By Gary Adair Just six weeks into a nine month inquiry about sexual offences cases in Northern Ireland, retired judge Sir John Gillen has already said that it is vital to... Read more

Over a thousand pounds raised by our marathon teams

Our marathon relay teams were very delighted to hand over a cheque for £1,240 to Brian Shanks of the Simon Community NI. The team would like to thank everyone who made... Read more

Teenagers in court over assault of 16 yr old in Bangor

By Gary Adair Three teenagers have appeared in Downpatrick Magistrates Court in respect of an assault on a 16yr old girl on Bangor pier last week. A 16-year-old girl, a 17-year-old boy... Read more

Domestic Violence and Abuse Disclosure Scheme explained

By Lenore Rice The PSNI responded to 29,676 incidents of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland in 2017, the highest amount in 13 years. Of those incidents 12,803 contained one or more... Read more

NI woman in court had one of the highest ever drink-drive readings

By Gary Adair A woman who appeared in Ballymena Magistrates Court is said to have had one of the highest ever drink-drive readings before a court in Northern Ireland. Roberta Lorraine Aiken,... Read more

NI judge calls for longer jail terms for domestic violence cases

By Lenore Rice   A Northern Ireland judge has highlighted the need for longer jail sentences for domestic violence in a case in which he gave a man an 8 month jail... Read more

Report on perception of crime levels in Northern Ireland

By Gary Adair The Department of Justice has published a report entitled Perceptions of Crime: Findings from the 2016/17 Northern Ireland Crime Survey, which looks at the fear of crime in... Read more

NI court tells repeat motoring offender his driving career is over

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man, aged 75, will not be allowed back behind the wheel of a car until he turns 90, and was told by the judge that... Read more

Cyclist who knocked over and killed woman cleared of manslaughter

By Gary Adair A cyclist who knocked over and killed a woman in east London has been found guilty of causing bodily harm by “wanton and furious driving”, escaping a conviction... Read more

3yr jail sentence for manslaughter of NI man criticised as lenient

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland woman who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of a 67-year-old man has been given a 3-year jail sentence, to be followed by a further 3... Read more

560 agricultural burglary, robbery and theft offences in NI last year

By Gary Adair New figures show that there were 560 burglary, robbery and theft offences involving agricultural equipment and livestock in Northern Ireland last year. While the number of offences has fallen... Read more

Belfast woman arrested after fleeing to Spain with daughter

By Lenore Rice A Belfast woman who took her 5-year-old daughter to Spain without the father’s consent has been arrested pursuant to a European Arrest Warrant. The girl’s Senegalese born father reported... Read more

PSNI launch summer domestic abuse campaign

By Lenore Rice PSNI are urging victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland to make a report to the police, as they prepare for another summer period of increased incidents of... Read more

Carer who stole £300k from vulnerable elderly woman jailed for 9 years

By Lenore Rice A woman who has been given a 9 year jail sentence for stealing nearly £300,000 from a vulnerable 102-year-old woman that she was caring form, and for making... Read more

Belfast man in court over offensive Manchester bomb Facebook message

Belfast man Kevin O'Neill, aged 19, who is alleged to have posted material described as "grossly offensive" on Facebook about the bomb in Manchester that killed 22 adults and children,... Read more

Northern Ireland Crown Court conviction rate at record high

By Gary Adair Conviction rates increased last year in both the Magistrates' Courts and the Crown Courts in Northern Ireland, with the rate in the latter reaching a record high. The figures... Read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

By Lenore Rice Thursday 15th June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which aims to increase awareness about the abuse and suffering inflicted on older people in Northern Ireland, the UK... Read more

Building Contractor jailed after fatal work accident

The Court of Appeal has given a two year prison sentence to a Building contractor whose employee fell to his death, after the original suspended sentence was deemed unduly lenient. Norman... Read more

Belfast Facebook troll given 4 month jail sentence

By Gary Adair A Belfast woman was given a 4 month jail sentence for persistent Facebook trolling of her ex-partner's new girlfriend. Maureen Curoe, aged 42 from Belfast, had set up a... Read more

Teen arrested on suspicion of possession at pro-cannabis protest

By Gary Adair A 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of possession of a class B-controlled drug at a pro-cannabis protest in Londonderry. Protestors had gathered at Guildhall in Derry as part... Read more

Man who beat wife with cricket bat misled the court

By Lenore Rice A man who beat his wife with a cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach has now been sentenced to 18 months in prison, after originally receiving... Read more

Criticism of judge's comments on vulnerability in domestic abuse case

By Lenore Rice A judge has commented that a woman who was made to swallow bleach and pills and beaten with a cricket bat by her husband was not vulnerable, because... Read more

Belfast woman jailed for 113mph chase on M1

By Gary Adair A Belfast woman has been jailed for 4 months for driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, dangerous driving and failing to stop for police, as she drove along... Read more

Hundreds of Northern Ireland motorists caught drink-driving

By Gary Adair The well publicised crack down on drink-driving in Northern Ireland started in very foreboding fashion, with the first person to be stopped at the first checkpoint found to... Read more

Northern Ireland drivers to face random breath tests

By Gary Adair The PSNI has launched its annual winter drink-drive campaign, and have warned motorists that they will be using their new power to randomly stop drivers and ask them... Read more

Fatal road traffic accidents in NI more than double in July

By Gary Adair The number of fatalities from road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland has already more than doubled in July, compared to the same month last year. There have been 7... Read more

Caution for parents who left 1yr old in car in 25C heat

Two parents, aged 24 and 28, have been fined by police and told to work with social services after they left their one-year-old son in their car at a retail... Read more

Drunk driver sentence referred to Appeal Court for being too lenient

The three and a half year prison sentence given to a Northern Ireland man who knocked down and killed an 18-year-old in Belfast while drink driving is to be referred... Read more

Epileptic man told never to drive to go to jail for causing crash

By Gillian Crotty A Northern Ireland man who was told never to drive again because he was epileptic will receive a jail sentence for causing a crash in which a woman... Read more

Northern Ireland drunk driver receives jail sentence for fatal crash

A man from Northern Ireland who was almost two and a half times the legal drink-drive limit when he was involved in a fatal crash has been jailed for 2... Read more

Northern Ireland motorist to pay £4000 in Belfast bus lane driving fines

By Gary Adair A motorist in Northern Ireland has been fined 91 times in 10 months for driving in bus lanes in Belfast, receiving more than twice as many fines as... Read more

Attempt to judicial review denial of legal aid to Hazel Stewart

By Gary Adair Solicitors acting for Hazel Stewart are attempting to have a judicial review of the decision not to award her legal aid. Ms Stewart, aged 53, was found guilty of... Read more

Jury concludes that football fans killed in crush were unlawfully killed

The jury at the Hillsborough Inquests have concluded that 96 football fans who died during a stadium crush in 1989 were unlawfully killed, with match commander Ch Supt David Duckenfield... Read more

PSNI officers face discipline for not investigating fraud claim

By Gary Adair The PSNI is recommending that two officers face disciplinary procedures for failing to make a proper investigation into a claim of fraud, with one of the officers also... Read more

Father prosecuted for leaving 2yr old in car alone for 5 minutes

By Gary Adair There are calls for more clarity on the laws governing the age at which children can be left unattended, after figures showed that 500 people in England and... Read more

Many motorists are confused over their insurance coverage and renewal

By Gary Adair Many motorists are confused over their insurance coverage and renewal Many motorists in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are finding themselves the subject of a fine,... Read more

30 people taken to court each day in NI for not paying TV licence

By Gary Adair A quarter of all defendants who appeared in magistrates courts in Northern Ireland in 2014/15 were charged with not having a TV licence, according to figures released by... Read more

Brothers have suspended sentences overturned following Facebook posts

By Gary Adair A judge repented of her decision to give two brothers suspended jail sentences when they took to face book within an hour of leaving court to post offensive... Read more

Supreme Court ruling on joint enterprise law misinterpretation explained

By Gary Adair The Supreme Court has today ruled that the joint enterprise law used to convict people for murder even if they did not inflict the fatal blow has been... Read more

Northern Ireland legal aid dispute is resolved

By Gary Adair The dispute over legal aid cuts in Northern Ireland that has resulted in delays in 900 court cases has finally been resolved. Since May 2015 many solicitors and barristers... Read more

Male victims of domestic abuse fear counter-accusations and arrest

By Lenore Rice A new study suggests that male victims of domestic abuse are not making reports to the police because their vpartners have threatened to counter-accuse them of violence. Senior lecturer... Read more

396 drink drivers caught in Northern Ireland during winter crackdown

By Gary Adair The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) caught 396 drink drivers during the winter crackdown that ran from 27th November to 2nd January, up 40 per cent on... Read more

Northern Ireland legal aid dispute leaves 600 Crown Court cases on hold

By Gary Adair The ongoing dispute over legal aid cuts has resulted in a growing backlog of cases in the Northern Ireland Crown Court, with as many as 545 cases said... Read more

Police concern at speeding on Northern Ireland roads

By Gary Adair A senior police officer in Northern Ireland has described the speeding problem in the province as "madness", with motorists clocked at speeds of up to 138mph. The PSNI District... Read more

PSNI dealt with domestic violence call every 20mins in Christmas 2014

By Lenore Rice Police were contacted in respect of an incident of domestic violence in Northern Ireland every 20 minutes during Christmas day last year. In Northern Ireland and the rest of... Read more

104 drink drivers caught in Northern Ireland over 2 weeks

By Gary Adair There was a 42 per cent increase in the number of drivers and motorcyclists found to be be unfit to drive as a result of alcohol consumption in... Read more

Abortion law in Northern Ireland ruled incompatible with human rights

A High Court judge has ruled that the current abortion laws in Northern Ireland are incompatible with human rights law, but says that it is up to Stormont to decide... Read more

Doctor found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence

By Lenore Rice Doctor Hadiza Bawa-Garba has been found guilty of the manslaughter by gross negligence of 6 year-old Jack Adcock, who died in hospital following what has been described as... Read more

Concerns about road safety in NI as November starts with 2 fatalities

By Gillian Crotty Road safety in Northern Ireland is once again in the spotlight following 2 fatalities from accidents in the first day of November. There were 3 road deaths in Northern... Read more

Northern Ireland woman latest victim of conveyancing email scam

Property purchasers in Northern Ireland are being warned by the Law Society to be vigilant when it comes to emails or phone calls in connection with a house purchase, after... Read more

Driving ban but no jail for footballer following drink-drive accident

By Gary Adair Darren Gibson, a Premier League footballer originally from Northern Ireland, has escaped a prison sentence in respect of a drink-drive collision with cyclists and other motoring offences. Mr Gibson,... Read more

Landmark NI court warning on domestic violence statement withdrawals

By Lenore Rice A Northern Ireland judge has issued a stark warning to domestic violence "bullies", saying that the withdrawal of a statement from a victim will no longer automatically mean... Read more

Survey reveals 1 in 5 young motorists take 'selfies' while driving

By Gary Adair New research suggests that 1 in 5 motorists in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK take 'selfies' with their telephone while driving. The survey by the Institute... Read more

Motorist with 42 penalty points allowed to keep driving licence

By Gary Adair A driver who received 42 penalty points in respect of 7 driving offences successfully pleaded mitigating circumstances including 'exceptional hardship' and has retained his drivers licence. Alex McFarlane, aged... Read more

NI Bill to lower alcohol limit for drivers one step closer

By Gary Adair New legislation to lower the legal alcohol limits on Northern Ireland roads is one stop closer, after the Road Traffic Bill passed through another stage at the Assembly. The... Read more

Father withdraws case against runaway mum Rebecca Minnock

By Lenore Rice Rebecca Minnock, who ran away with her son after losing a two year long custody battle has been told by a judge that she "owes her liberty" to... Read more

NI woman escapes jail over 10mph fatal collision with motorcyclist

By Gary Adair A woman from Coleraine in Northern Ireland has avoided a jail sentence after causing the death of a motorcyclist that she hit with her car at around 10mph... Read more

Mother still on the run after custody decision goes against her

By Lenore Rice A woman who was involved in a custody battle with her ex-partner over their son remains in hiding with her 3 year-old after the court ruled that the... Read more

Unlucky motorist proves no drive is too short to avoid penalty points

By Gary Adair It is often the excuse given by motorists caught drink-driving or driving without insurance - 'I was only going down the road' or 'It wasn't even a mile',... Read more

NI barristers quit criminal cases over further legal aid cuts

By Neil Logan Barristers in Northern Ireland have announced that they will not take on any new criminal cases funded by legal aid in protest at the latest proposed cuts in... Read more

Law Society to take David Ford to court over legal aid reform

The Law Society of Northern Ireland will join with the bar council top bring legal action against justice minister David Ford over the new legal aid rules. It is hoped the... Read more

Lorry driver in court on charge of death by dangerous driving

By Gary Adair The lorry driver involved in the fatal road accident in County Tyrone that resulted in the death of Sean McElwee last weekend has been charged with causing death... Read more

Recent fatal road accidents in NI take 2015 total of deaths to 10

By Gillian Crotty Fatal road accidents in County Down and County Fermanagh this week means there have now been ten deaths on Northern Ireland roads this year. The number of fatalities is... Read more

Possible contempt of court proceedings for NI juror

By Gary Adair A juror who has been taking part in a criminal case in Northern Ireland could face contempt of court proceedings after allegations that he discussed the case in... Read more

Two years prison for attempt to dodge inheritance tax

By Lenore Rice A 56 year old woman has been given a two year prison sentence for lying about the size of an inheritance she received and failing to disclose gifts... Read more

Another criminal helps the police by boasting on Facebook

By Neil Logan Just last month an on-the-run criminal was arrested and returned to prison by police shortly after he taunted them to catch him on Facebook. Now, another criminal has... Read more

Research suggests drivers using mobiles to text or surf web

By Neil Logan Drivers who operate a mobile phone while behind the wheel are more likely to be sending a text, using social media or surfing the web than actually making... Read more

Calls to raise age of criminal responsibility in Northern Ireland

The criminal age of responsibility in Northern Ireland is currently 10-years-old, one of the lowest in the world, and there are now increasing calls for it to be raised to... Read more

Holding people with mental health issues in police cells must stop

By Gary Adair MPs have called for an end to using police cells to hold people with mental health illnesses when no hospital space is available. The Mental Health Act 1983 provides... Read more

Call for domestic violence inquiry after two women murdered

By Lenore Rice Stacy Banner is calling for a public inquiry into the state's response to domestic violence after her sister and murder were killed by a man who she had... Read more

100mph drink driver was two times over the legal limit

By Gary Adair Excessive speed and drink driving are two of the largest causes of road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and last weekend one... Read more

Belfast bus driver who hit pedestrian banned for a year

By Neil Logan A bus driver from Belfast who struck a pedestrian that he had not seen crossing the road he was turning in to has been given a 1 year... Read more

270 people caught drink driving in NI over Christmas

By Gary Adair There was an increase in the number of motorists caught drink driving in Northern Ireland over the Christmas period according to new figures released by the police. Between 27th... Read more

Employee made redundant over cyclist hit and run tweet

By Gillian Crotty A man who posted a tweet suggesting that his car hit a cyclist and that he did not remain at the scene has been sacked by his employers. Stockbroker... Read more

One in three drivers have had to avoid drunk pedestrians

By Gary Adair As Christmas fast approaches, the police in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are stepping up their awareness campaigns in respect of the dangers of drink... Read more

110 domestic abuse incidents in Northern Ireland every day

By Lenore Rice Over the past year there has been an average of 110 domestic abuse incidents and crimes reported to the police in Northern Ireland each day, but with a... Read more

Mum told 6 children she was popping out and then flew to Australia

By Lenore Rice Parents often query at what age they can leave their children at home alone in order to do some errands, or go out for the evening, but one... Read more

One Northern Ireland driver fined every 24 minutes

By Gillian Crotty One Northern Ireland motorist is fined on average every 24 minutes for driving at excessive speed or going through a red light, according to the road safety charity... Read more

Dentist patient death being looked at by police

By Gillian Crotty The police are investigating the death of a woman who had been treated by a dentist who was suspended following allegations he did not wash his hands or... Read more

Son loses inheritance and goes to jail for fraud

By Lenore Rice A man who defrauded his terminally ill father of nearly £50,000 has been given a 20 month prison sentence and will not receive the £27,000 inheritance from his... Read more

Cameras catch 48,000 Northern Ireland drivers speeding

By Gary Adair New figures reveal that over 48,000 Northern Ireland motorists were caught speeding on police cameras over the last 12 months. Two thirds of speeding offences took place on roads... Read more

3 teenager road deaths in 2 days on NI roads

By Gillian Crotty Three teenagers have died in separate road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland in the space of two days. Conal Daly, aged 18 from Belfast is the most recent fatality... Read more

Fatal road traffic accidents in NI up by 45 per cent

By Gillian Crotty Two teenagers died as a result of separate road traffic accidents in Northern Ireland on Wednesday, taking the total of fatalities on our roads to 64 so far... Read more

Arrests for dangerous driving after Belfast road death

By Neil Logan Two arrests have been made in connection with the fatal road traffic accident in Belfast which took the life of an 18-year-old student. Enda Dolan from Killyclogher in Omagh... Read more

Facebook used to identify alleged NI criminal

By Gary Adair Facebook has been used to identify a Northern Ireland man accused of committing a burglary at a property in Londonderry. Social media is being used increasingly in legal cases,... Read more

Police in Northern Ireland catch 15 yr olds drink-driving

By Gary Adair New statistics reveal a shocking problem of drink-driving among children in Northern Ireland who are neither old enough to drink or drive. According to police records there is a... Read more

Nuns killed in fatal road crash on Belfast Road

By Gary Adair Two nuns have died in a fatal car accident on the Belfast Road in Newry in a collision with an unmarked PSNI vehicle. The crash happened at 9.25am this... Read more

Report on Parry murder raises domestic abuse questions

By Lenore Rice The response by police to domestic abuse calls by Caroline Parry, who was murdered by her estranged husband, has been criticised in a new report into her death. Caroline... Read more

70 domestic abuse calls to PSNI every day

By Lenore Rice Police in Northern Ireland are receiving 70 calls relating to domestic abuse incidents every day, and while that number in itself is cause for concern, a senior judge... Read more

Teenager dies in yet another fatal road crash in NI

By Neil Logan There has been yet another fatal road accident in Northern Ireland, bringing the total of road deaths this year to 58, more than the entire 12 months of... Read more

Fatal road accident takes NI death toll to 55

By Gary Adair A fatal road accident in County Down has taken the number of deaths on Northern Ireland's roads this year up to 55. The accident came in the same week... Read more

NI motorists warned of zero tolerance to driving offences

By Lenore Rice Northern Ireland motorists have been put on notice that police officers will be operating a zero tolerance approach to dealing with driving offences. There have been 54 road deaths... Read more

Driving ban for travelling with unharnessed child

By Gary Adair A motorist has been fined and given a 6 month driving ban after being caught on camera traveling at 70mph with a child standing up in the front... Read more

Driver who killed cyclist jailed for 5 years

By Gary Adair The driver of a minibus who hit and killed a cyclist when he was operating his mobile phone while driving has been jailed for 5 years. Andrzej Wojcicki, aged... Read more

Son faked signature of brother to take £1.5m inheritance

By Lenore Rice Bristol Crown Court has heard that a man was cheated out of his share of a £1.5million inheritance after his businessman brother forged his signature to wind up... Read more

Speed cameras catch comedian reading paper while driving

By Gary Adair A traffic camera has photographed comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown reading a newspaper while driving his car, resulting in a fine and points on his driving licence. The 69-year-old comedian,... Read more

Jail for attack on cars over farmland lost in divorce

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man has been sentenced to 9 months in prison after using a digger to damage two cars in a dispute relating to farming land he... Read more

Driving ban for Northern Ireland teen speeding at 110mph

By Gary Adair A teenager from Northern Ireland has been banned from driving just 5 months after passing his test for speeding at 110mph. Martin Mulheron, aged 18 from Dungiven was caught... Read more

NI teenager arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland teenager has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving in connection with a road accident in Whitehead on Monday night which has left a 17-year-old... Read more

Increase in rural crime in Northern Ireland

By Gary Adair Theft of livestock and farming machinery in Northern Ireland increased by 15 per cent last year according to a new survey. The National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Society (NFU... Read more

Figures reveal 25yr old men most likely to get driving ban

By Gary Adair New figures reveal that 25 year old males received more driving bans in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK between July 2013 and June 2014. The research... Read more

Jail for driver who killed motorist while using 2 mobiles

By Gary Adair A woman who was sending and receiving texts and calls on two different mobiles phones before crashing into another vehicle, and killing it's driver, has been given a... Read more

20mph speed limit considered for Belfast city centre

By Gary Adair Northern Ireland motorists are taking note of plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Belfast city centre, and they have 3 weeks to raise any objections to... Read more

Belfast drink driving doctor was unfairly dismissed

By Gillian Crotty An employment tribunal has ruled that a doctor who lost his job after being caught almost four times over the legal limit when driving into work was unfairly... Read more

Extra police on roads to crackdown on NI motoring offences

By Gary Adair There will be a stronger police presence on Northern Ireland roads over the next few months, as the PSNI attempts to crackdown on the motoring offences that are... Read more

Jail for Belfast drink driver who caused head-on collision

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland woman has been given a 9 month jail sentence by Belfast Crown Court after causing a head-on collision while drink driving. Briege O'Hara, aged 61 from... Read more

Over 75pc of night time arrests in NI involve alcohol

By Neil Logan A new report by the Department of Health says that 77 per cent of people in Northern Ireland who were arrested by the police between 10pm and 6am... Read more

Extra police on roads as NI road fatalities increase

By Gary Adair The PSNI has responded to the alarming rate of fatal road accidents in Northern Ireland by temporarily drafting 14 officers from the Close Protection Unit to assist with... Read more

Northern Ireland fatal road accidents triple in June

By Gillian Crotty There were 11 fatalities as a result of road accidents in Northern Ireland in June, nearly triple the amount of road deaths in the previous month. The year started... Read more

Jail for 150mph driver with 4 young children in car

By Gary Adair A man has been given a 20 week prison sentence for driving at 150mph with 4 young children in the car who were not wearing seatbelts. Police officers finally... Read more

Nine months jail for Northern Ireland driver in hit and run

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man has been given a nine month prison sentence after hitting a 7-year-old girl with his motorcycle and then leaving the scene of the incident. David... Read more

Social media crime levels causing problem for police

By Gary Adair The volume of online crimes involving comments posted on social media is causing problems for the police. Head of the College of Policing, Chief Constable Alex Marshall, says "at... Read more

HMRC warn of increase in tax credits scam emails

HMRC are warning tax credits claimants in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK about scam or ‘phishing’ emails promising money back. May 2014 has already seen an increase in... Read more

Six months jail for driver in crash that killed girlfriend

By Gillian Crotty A Northern Ireland man has been handed a six months jail sentence for causing the death of his passenger girlfriend in a road crash caused by speeding and... Read more

Parents of obese child arrested on suspicion of neglect

By Lenore Rice The parents of a 11-year-old boy that weighs 15-stone were arrested on suspicion of neglect and cruelty. It is understood that teachers at the school the boy attends raised... Read more

Suspended jail sentence for £140,000 benefit fraud

By Gary Adair A woman who claimed £140,000 in disability and other benefits over more than a ten year period has been given an 18 month sentence suspended for 2 years... Read more

6 weeks in jail for offensive Facebook post

By Gary Adair A 21-year-old man who posted an offensive message on Facebook about the killing of a teacher in Leeds has been given a 6 week prison sentence. Jake Newsome of... Read more

Speeding motorist who killed cyclist escapes jail

By Neil Logan A speeding motorist who ran into and killed a pedestrian as she crossed the road has escaped jail because there was no official 30mph limit sign on the... Read more

Wilson Nesbitt solicitor wins Young Leader of the Year award

The Annual Young Leaders NI Conference is organised by the Institute of Directors Young Directors Forum, the Northern Ireland Young Solicitors Association, Young Accountants & JCI Belfast.   This year’s... Read more

Trucker watching movie while driving on motorway

By Gary Adair A lorry driver has been fined for watching a movie during his 20 mile journey along the M20 motorway in Kent. Police were alerted to the driver by another... Read more

Mother in custody battle caught drink driving with kids

By Gary Adair A woman who is involved in a custody battle with the father of her children has been caught drink driving with her three young kids in the car... Read more

Investigation after arrested man dies in NI cell

By Neil Logan An investigation has been launched into the death of a Northern Ireland man who died in the cell he was being held in at Lisburn police station after... Read more

NI man secures bail by getting his gran to move in

By Gary Adair The High Court in Belfast has granted bail to a Northern Ireland man who wants to appear on a TV show on the basis that his grandmother will... Read more

4 years in jail for Belfast man who stole whiskey

By Gary Adair A Belfast man has been sentenced to four years in jail without remission by the Londonderry Crown Court in respect of a theft of two whiskey bottles. Darren Victor... Read more

Tough motoring legislation introduced into NI Assembly

By Gary Adair The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill has been introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly with tougher alcohol limits and tighter controls on learner drivers. The legislation reduces the alcohol limits... Read more

Man given 8 week prison sentence for Twitter abuse

By Neil Logan A 42-year-old man has been given an 8 week jail sentence in respect of abusive comments posted on Twitter in respect of the murder of school teacher Ann... Read more

Tougher sentences for banned drivers not applicable to NI

By Neil Logan The government has announced new tougher sentences for disqualified drivers who cause death on the roads, and the creation of a new offence of causing serious injury while... Read more

Clifford given eight year prison sentence

By Neil Logan The first case successfully tried as a result of Operation Yewtree has resulted in an 8 year prison sentence in relation to numerous indecent assaults against girls and... Read more

Legal aid in spotlight after fraud trial halted

The role of legal aid has been brought into the spotlight once again after a serious fraud trial in England was brought to a halt because the defendants said they... Read more

Northern Ireland farmer jailed for animal cruelty

By Neil Logan A farmer from Country Antrim has become the first person to be jailed under the Northern Ireland 2011 animal welfare legislation. Michael Agnew, aged 43 from Portglenone was given... Read more

Full jury trial for NI youth over theft of soft drink

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland teenager accused of stealing a £1.49 soft drink has chosen to exercise his right for his trial to be heard by a jury rather than... Read more

Suspended sentence for church treasurer who stole £60k

By Neil Logan A woman who stole £60,000 from funds while she was a treasurer for a church in Londonderry, Northern Ireland has been spared prison by the Londonderry Crown Court. Lyndsey... Read more

Two fatal road accidents in Northern Ireland in 24hrs

By Gillian Crotty Two fatal road accidents in 24 hours take the total of road deaths in Northern Ireland in 2014 to 22. At 2am on Sunday a man in his 40s,... Read more

Coronation Street actress denies drink-driving

By Neil Logan Actress Barbara Knox, aged 80 and known for her role on Coronation Street, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of drink driving at Macclesfield Magistrates' Court. Mrs Knox... Read more

Passengers reluctant to challenge drink drivers

By Neil Logan A new survey has revealed that a quarter of passengers who have been in a car driven by someone who had been drinking were too embarrassed to challenge... Read more

NI fraud victim criticises suspended jail sentence

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man who lost £50,000 as a result of a Spanish property fraud has voiced his frustration that the woman who took his money will not... Read more

MP Nigel Evans legal aid rethink after costly defense

By Neil Logan MP Nigel Evans, who was cleared of a number of sexual charges, has said that he has had to re-think his stance on legal aid cuts after spending... Read more

Northern Ireland money launderer escapes jail

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man has escaped a prison sentence after pleading guilty to his part in an operation that laundered millions of pounds. Rory Trainor from County Down ran... Read more

Public unclear on law on retaining wrongful credit

By Gary Adair The case of Michaela Hutchings, who discovered she had mistakenly received £52,000 in her bank account and then went on a spending spree, has received much media attention,... Read more

Son admits forging father's Will to cut out brother

By Lenore Rice A man has admitted forging a Will in order to make him the sole beneficiary of his deceased father's £49,000 estate. Peter Brightly, aged 51 from Shropshire, was named... Read more

NI Police Constable Keith Davidson cleared of fraud claims

Police Constable Keith Davidson of Bangor, Northern Ireland, has been cleared of the two charges he faced in respect of his application to have his home bought under the Special... Read more

Pensioner driving offender released on condition he takes bus

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland pensioner who was imprisoned for a number of motoring offences, including driving while disqualified, having no insurance, and failing to stop for police, has been... Read more

NI health minister considers medical error disclosure law

By Gillian Crotty Northern Ireland health minister Edwin Poots has said that he would be inclined to introduce a law in Northern Ireland that would impose criminal penalties on medical staff... Read more

Proposal to criminalise emotional cruelty to children

By Lenore Rice The government is considering reforming child neglect laws in England and Wales to criminalise emotional cruelty to children. The charity Action for Children has previously campaigned for a 'Cinderella... Read more

No jail term for NI men charged with animal cruelty

By Neil Logan The police have said that they are dismayed and disappointed by the failure of the Belfast Crown Court to use new powers from animal welfare legislation to jail... Read more

NI man with 576 convictions jailed for 4 months

By Neil Logan A man considered to have the worst criminal record in Northern Ireland has been jailed for 4 months and disqualified from driving for 5 years for drink driving. Mark... Read more

Survey reveals extent of domestic violence in Europe

By Lenore Rice A survey of 42,000 women in Europe has revealed that one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence since the age of 15, and Northern Ireland... Read more

Calls for jail terms for NI criminals targeting elderly

By Neil Logan Figures showing an alarming rise of crimes involving elderly victims in Northern Ireland have resulted in calls for mandatory prison sentences for criminals preying on the vulnerable. Police responded... Read more

Three jailed in Northern Ireland mortgage fraud

By Gary Adair A bank manager, estate agent and solicitor in Northern Ireland have been jailed for their involvement in a mortgage fraud and money-laundering scheme that involved millions of pounds. The... Read more

4 yr sentence for fatal punch may be reviewed

By Neil Logan The attorney general may request a review of the four year prison sentence handed down to Lewis Gill after he killed a man with a single punch. Many have... Read more

Northern Ireland man admits dangerous driving on beach

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man has pleaded guilty to a number of motoring offences in connection with an incident on Benone beach in County Londonderry when his car struck... Read more

Plans for cross-border penalty points recognition paused

By Neil Logan Plans to introduce a cross-border penalty points system for driving offences in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have been "paused" because of "complex policy issues". The scheme... Read more

Northern Ireland man with 227 convictions refused bail

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man facing four assault charges and several driving offences has been refused bail at Londonderry's Magistrates Court because police say his 227 previous convictions indicate... Read more

NI trial pays the cost for unreliable translator

By Gary Adair A rape trial in Northern Ireland has fallen apart after one day after accumulating a £30,000 legal bill because there were concerns that one of the interpreters being... Read more

NI man with £1m of cannabis gets 6yr jail sentence

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man has been given a 6 year prison sentence after he was found with £1million worth of cannabis in his car. Matthew Tyrie, aged 50 from... Read more

3 year ban and suspended jail sentence for 144mph drivers

By Gary Adair Two motorists who drove their cars along the A19 in North Yorkshire at 144mph have been disqualified from driving for 3 years and were also given 4 month... Read more

Gas fitter pleads guilty to manslaughter of two teenagers

By Neil Logan Gas fitter George Brown, from Aghadowey, has changed his plea to guilty in respect of the charges of causing death by manslaughter of two teenagers. Neil McFerran and Aaron... Read more

Driver with 29 penalty points escapes disqualification

By Neil Logan A driver has successfully escaped a driving ban despite having 29 penalty points after pleading mitigating circumstances. Takeaway driver Ala Udin, aged 44, told magistrates he would lose his... Read more

Police officer who forged father's Will gets jail term

By Lenore Rice A police officer who forged his deceased father's Will in order to receive the entirety of his estate has been given an eight month prison sentence. Darren Hart says... Read more

Inquest hears driver texting while travelling at 80mph

By Gillian Crotty The inquest into the death of Jeremy Middleton heard that he was texting on his mobile at the time, or immediately before, his van drove into a horsebox... Read more

NI drink driver had 41 previous motoring convictions

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man has been given an 18 month jail sentence after crashing into two cars while two times over the legal drink drive limit. The judge at... Read more

Northern Ireland farmers call for more police resources

By Neil Logan Farmers in Northern Ireland are calling out for increased police resources to deal with the growing problem of theft of agriculture machinery and livestock. The call for more support... Read more

1yr ban for 60mph drive without using hands on wheel

By Neil Logan A motorist who was photographed by police cameras driving at 60mph with his hands behind his head has been disqualified for one year. Richard Newtown, aged 36 from Whitby,... Read more

Conservatives considering 100 year prison sentences

By Gary Adair Prime Minister David Cameron says "life should mean life" when it comes to prison sentences for murderers, as the Conservative party considers how it can side-step a European... Read more

NI crime victims to get personal statement rights

By Neil Logan New legislation will be introduced to give victims of crime in Northern Ireland the right to make a written personal statement to tell the courts how they have... Read more

Advice for motorists and pedestrians this New Year's

By Neil Logan Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK is soon entering the most dangerous period of the year on our roads, as icy conditions and an increase in... Read more

AA warns drivers will still be drunk at 10pm on 1st Jan

By Gary Adair With Christmas now behind us, New Year's Eve is the next date on the calendar that will have the police on the look out for an increase in... Read more

AA survey reveals lack of understanding on alcohol

By Neil Logan A survey of 21,000 motorists conducted by the AA has revealed a common lack of misunderstanding on the effects of alcohol, and in particular, how long you need... Read more

Employment tribunal reveals possible £500k bank theft

By Gillian Crotty An employment tribunal has revealed that an employee of Ulster Bank may have stolen as much as £500,000 from the bank's vault in order to fund his extravagant... Read more

Sentence delivered in UK drug smuggling case in Peru

By Neil Logan Michaella McCollum of Dungannon, Northern Ireland, and Melissa Reid of Glasgow, Scotland, have been sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison in Peru after admitting trying... Read more

NI man on charges of drink driving and assault

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man who was already banned from driving is facing charges of drink driving at the High Court, as well as a charge of assault after... Read more

Two men charged over abusive tweets

By Gillian Crotty Social media users should take note of the charges brought against two men who sent abusive tweets to feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez. Ms Criado-Perez successfully campaigned for author Jane... Read more

Police catch drink-driver 2 mins after tip-off

By Gary Adair Any motorists thinking they will take their chances behind the wheel after a few drinks this holiday season should pay heed to the case of a woman who... Read more

Parent child abductions likely to increase over Christmas

By Lenore Rice Christmas is a difficult time for divorced parents and their children. Making arrangements that keep everyone happy isn't easy, and for many non-resident parents who don't get to... Read more

Man jailed for killing man in row over disabled space

By Neil Logan The man who punched and killed another man in a supermarket car park during a row over a disabled parking space has been given a five year prison... Read more

NI killer returned to jail for breaching probation

By Gary Adair The Northern Ireland man who was sent to prison for the manslaughter of musician Jim Gilchrist has been returned to jail for another 18 months for breaching the... Read more

Guidance for twitter users on discussing legal cases

By Neil Logan The attorney general will soon produce guidance to users of Twitter and other social media sites in respect of discussing live court cases. There have been a number of... Read more

Police offer reward for reporting drink-drivers

By Gary Adair Police in the West Midlands of England are offering concerned citizens a reward of £200 for every drink driver they report that goes on to be charged and... Read more

Guilty pleas entered in NI car crash manslaughter case

By Gary Adair Two men charged with causing the death of a police officer in a car crash in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, have entered guilty pleas to the various charges against... Read more

Avoid the drink driving trap this Christmas

By Neil Logan Over the course of the last year we have acted for a number of clients who have been charged with drink driving offences, and at the risk of... Read more

Northern Ireland carer pleads guilty to theft from patient

By Lenore Rice Sally Convery, a former home help care worker from Londonderry, has pleaded guilty to the theft of £700 from her 85-year-old patient, and has been given a suspended... Read more

Two NI drivers clocked at twice the speed limit

By Neil Logan It has been revealed that two drivers have been caught travelling at over twice the speed limit in the past month in Northern Ireland. A facebook page belonging to... Read more

Northern Ireland woman jailed for false rape claim

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland woman has received a three month jail sentence for making a false claim of rape against her ex-boyfriend after he split up with her via... Read more

Child witnesses should no longer appear in court

By Gary Adair The current need for children witnesses to appear in court to give evidence is a "hangover from laughable far-off days of the quill pen and the ink well"... Read more

Driver who tweeted after hitting cyclist found guilty

By Neil Logan The charges against Emma Way, age 22, relate to fairly routine motoring offences, but her case has become infamous after she took to twitter to say she had... Read more

Brake charity calls for a ban on car hands-free phones

By Tanya Waterworth This week the charity Brake is asking motorists to consider the amount of distractions they allow into the car with them when they are behind the wheel, and... Read more

NI chicken thief drops sentence appeal

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man has dropped an appeal against his 9 month jail sentence for a number of offences, including stealing 16 packs of chicken, criminal damage, assault... Read more

Family of murder victim disgusted by lenient sentences

By Neil Logan The family of a Northern Ireland man who was beaten and left to die in his own home have spoken of their 'disgust' at the five-year and four-year... Read more

Antrim Court has first drive-through trial

By Neil Logan While we're all familiar with joining a drive-through queue to get our fast food without leaving the comfort of our car, one woman has managed to have what... Read more

Brake Road Safey week urges drivers to concentrate

By Tanya Waterworth Next week sees the launch of the Brake charity's Road Safety Week, asking motorists to 'Tune-in' when they are behind the wheel, and to avoid the distractions that... Read more

GBH case uncovered by video and photos on a mobile

By Gary Adair A case of grievous bodily harm against a Northern Ireland women with learning difficulties has come to light as a result of a video and photos found on... Read more

Banned Northern Ireland driver crashed and fled accident

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man was was already banned from driving is said to have taken a car without consent, driven it while under the influence, crashed it into... Read more

Police investigate man eating cereal while driving

By Neil Logan A youtube video showing a motorist eating cereal while driving through a busy city centre has generated criticism by action groups and has also got the attention of... Read more

Cyclists delight in Northern Ireland MP's driving offence

By Gary Adair Labour MP Kate Hoey, from Northern Ireland but now working in London, has been fined for failing to stop at a red traffic light - so why is... Read more

180 Italian couples in UK divorce fraud

By Lenore Rice The most senior family court judge is being asked to annul 180 divorces involving Italian couples after it was uncovered that they had fraudulently asserted residency in the... Read more

Derry man who drove into house appears at Court

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man has attended Londonderry Magistrate's Court in respect of six offences in connection with an incident that ended with him crashing a car into the... Read more

Footballer escapes jail for forged drivers licence

By Gary Adair Another month, and another high-profile footballer is in the media in connection with a motoring offence. While previous cases have involved drink driving, driving with no insurance, and... Read more

Sentence for County Armagh murderer criticised

By Neil Logan A County Armagh man who killed a young father by stabbing him in the neck with a kitchen knife will be freed from prison in just over 3... Read more

Outrage at no jail sentence for repeat drink driver

By Gary Adair A court to decision not to impose a jail sentence on a drink driver who was caught for the fourth time by police in 10 years has been... Read more

Ban for drink-driver who crashed into house

By Neil Logan A motorist has been given a fine and banned from driving after an incident in which his car crashed into, and became embedded in, the side of a... Read more

Driver gets 24 penalty points in one week

By Gary Adair A motorist who had a clean drivers licence managed to accumulate 24 penalty points in one week as a result of eight speeding offences. Vincent Holden, aged 30, had... Read more

Policeman jailed for forgery of pensioner's Will

By Neil Logan A policeman has been jailed for six years for stealing from a number of victims he was called out to help, and for forging the Will of a... Read more

PSNI handling 60 domestic violence call outs a day

By Lenore Rice The Belfast Telegraph has revealed that the police in Northern Ireland are having to respond to 60 call-outs a day in connection with domestic violence. There were 27,000 cases... Read more

Learner driver age uplift proposed to reduce crashes

By Gillian Crotty The government will consider increasing the age that learner drivers can obtain a probationary licence from 17 to 18 in a bid to reduce road traffic accidents involving... Read more

Two thirds of drivers admit breaking traffic laws

By Neil Logan A new survey has revealed that two thirds of motorists in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK admit to regularly breaking traffic laws, such as speeding,... Read more

Mother drove with son in car while 4 times over limit

By Gary Adair A mother of two has been given a suspended prison sentence and a three year ban after driving with her son in the car while more than four... Read more

Sun article on mental patients labelled irresponsible

By Gary Adair A front page headline article in the Sun newspaper has been labeled as "irresponsible and wrong" by one mental health charity, and criticised by many more for it's... Read more

Drink driving footballer gets 20 month ban

By Neil Logan Stephane Sessegnon, a footballer in the Premier League, has been handed a 20 month driving ban after pleading guilty to a charge of drink driving and a number... Read more

Edkins murder puts spotlight on mental health

By Gary Adair The killer of Christina Edkins has been detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of the school girl on the grounds of... Read more

NI woman pleads guilty to £100k theft from pensioner

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland woman who worked as a carer has pleaded guilty to stealing over £100,000 from an elderly man she was supposed to be looking after. Six charges... Read more

High incidence of repeat offending by drink-drivers

By Neil Logan Nearly 1 in 5 of the people currently classed as high-risk drink-driving offenders has been disqualified more than once. The DVLA compiles a "high-risk register" of drink driving offenders,... Read more

Prosecutors in Peru drug case reject guilty pleas

By Neil Logan Prosecutors in the drug smuggling case in Peru involving two women from the UK say that their guilty pleas would not be enough to get reduced sentences if... Read more

Motorist blames divorce for his drink driving

By Gary Adair A man charged with drink driving says his recent divorce is to blame for his offence because his wife is no longer waiting for him at home with... Read more

Appeal against lenient sentence for cyclist killer fails

By Neil Logan The Crown Office has lost its' appeal against the sentence of a motorist who caused the death of two cyclists. Gary McCourt escaped a jail sentence after causing the... Read more

Dungannon woman pleads guilty to drugs smuggling

By Neil Logan Michaella McCollum of Dungannon in Northern Ireland has pleased guilty to attempting to smuggle 11kg of cocaine out of Peru. The 20 year old was arrested at Lima airport... Read more

Jail for NI burglar with 143 previous convictions

By Gary Adair A Northern Ireland man has been given a 3 year prison sentence for breaking into a house with a hammer, with the judge calling his record of 143... Read more

Ban for drink driving father who had child in the car

By Neil Logan A man has been given an 18 month driving ban after he was found to be nearly two times over the legal drink-drive limit with his 7-year-old child... Read more

Council's unusual technique to reduce speeding

By Gary Adair Leicester City Council is trialling a new measure to reduce speeding on a road outside a Primary School, but the RAC thinks it could actually result in an... Read more

Clerk jailed for helping 70 drivers escape bans

By Neil Logan Former court clerk, David Kelly, has been given a 6 year jail sentence for helping 70 motorists escape driving bans by falsifying their records. The 47 year-old from Liverpool... Read more

Driving ban for woman 4 times over the limit

By Gary Adair A motorist has been given a 3 year driving ban and a 12 month community service order after testing nearly 4 times over the legal drink-drive limit. Amrit Kaur... Read more

Drivers keep licences despite 30 plus penalty pts

By Neil Logan Twelve accumulated penalty points for driving offences over a 3 year period is supposed to result in a disqualification, however the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) says there... Read more

Court told Belfast flat was a forgery factory

By Gary Adair The Belfast High Court has been told by police that a flat in Cliftonville Avenue "really comprised a factory for making false cheque books, forged cheques and credit... Read more

Ban for driver who killed cyclist while eating at wheel

By Neil Logan Paul Brown, aged 30, has had his sentence reduced from causing death by dangerous driving to careless driving after he hit and killed a cyclist while eating a... Read more

Footballer was drink-driving while his team played

By Neil Logan Stephane Sessegnon, a 29-year-old footballer with Premier League team Sunderland has been charged with drink driving. Mr Sessegnon, who is from Benin, is not the first foreign professional footballer... Read more

NI cattle theft could be cross-border operation

By Gary Adair Farmers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are being advised by police to step up security after a number of high value thefts of cattle,... Read more

Prison for texting lorry driver who killed couple

By Gary Adair Lorry driver Ethen Roberts has been given a prison sentence of five years and three months after admitting causing the death of Mark and Tamsie McHale by dangerous... Read more

Woman driver eight times over drink-drive limit

By Neil Logan A female driver, aged 36, who was stopped by police turned out to be eight times over the legal drink-driving limit, and is considered to be one of... Read more

Jail for Belfast man with 100 driving convictions

By Neil Logan Belfast man, Anthony Fitzgerald Harmon, aged 34, has been given a 15 month prison sentence for driving while banned. The judge described Mr Harmon's record of 163 convictions, of... Read more

Drink drive mum asked son to lie to police

By Gary Adair A disqualified driver who was nearly three times over the legal drink drive limit asked her passenger son to tell the police that she wasn't his Mum, but... Read more

MP found guilty of multiple domestic abuse charges

By Lenore Rice Scottish MP Bill Walker has been found guilty of 23 charges of assault in respect of incidents of domestic abuse involving 3 former wives and a step-daughter. The charges... Read more

400 motorists caught in 3 day police crackdown

By Gary Adair A 3 day police crackdown in Scotland resulted in police catching 400 motorists without insurance, a valid driving licence, or driving an unsafe vehicle. Half of the offences were... Read more

Speed enforcement week begins in Northern Ireland

By Neil Logan Northern Ireland motorists might notice an increased police presence on roads and motorways this week, as a result of the European speed enforcement week. The operation is being supported... Read more

NI Lord guilty of assault in road rage incident

By Neil Logan Northern Ireland peer, Lord Maginnis, has been found guilty of assaulting a man during a road rage incident, but has vowed to appeal. Lord Maginnis, aged 75, admitted to... Read more

Northern Ireland footballer not guilty of assault

By Gary Adair David Healy, a 33-year-old Northern Ireland football player, has been found not guilty of assault after the credibility of one of the prosecution witnesses was brought into question. Mr... Read more

Thieves shouldn't go to jail says legal expert

By Gary Adair A legal expert who previously advised the judiciary on sentencing says that thieves and fraudsters should not be sent to jail, and that prison should instead be reserved... Read more

Man on manslaughter charge over ASDA car park death

By Neil Logan Alan Watts, aged 65, has appeared at Bedford Magistrates' Court on a charge of manslaughter following an incident at an Asda car park which resulted in the death... Read more

Mother drove 3 times over limit with son in car

By Neil Logan A 34 year old woman has been banned from driving for 2 years and 4 months after she was found to be 3 times over the legal limit... Read more

Barrister calls 13yr old sex attack victim 'predatory'

By Gary Adair Barrister Robert Colover has been barred from involvement in sexual offence cases pending a review of his comments that a 13-year-old sex attack victim was "predatory". The comment, made... Read more

Professional drivers using mobiles should be sacked

By Neil Logan A chief constable has called on employers to sack any professional drivers who are caught using their mobile phones while driving. Currently the punishment for using your mobile phone... Read more

Drop in cost of Northern Ireland rural crime

By Gary Adair The value of claims arising from rural crime in Northern Ireland declined by 20 per cent in 2012, totalling £3.4million, according to insurance firm NFU Mutual. Theft of farming... Read more

Drink-drive deaths up by 26 per cent

By Gary Adair The number of deaths caused by drink-driving in Britain increased by 26 per cent in 2012 according to figures from the Department for Transport (DfT). Approximately 290 people died... Read more

Community service for obscene facebook comments

By Neil Logan A Northern Ireland man has to perform 100 hours of community service after it was held that he had made obscene comments on Facebook suggesting that the office... Read more

Domestic abusers to be denied firearms licences

The Police in England and Wales have been advised that a person's suitability to hold a firearms licence needs to be reviewed after an incident of domestic violence. The new guidance... Read more

Footballer arrested over hit and run

Professional footballer Marlon King has been arrested in relation to an alleged hit-and-run incident. The incident took place just after midnight last Saturday in London, and the victim, who is described... Read more

Juror jailed for Facebook comment about defendant

A juror has been given a two month prison sentence for posting a strongly worded Facebook comment about the defendant in the case he was hearing. Kasim Davey, aged 21, was... Read more

Court of Appeal doubles Stuart Hall's jail sentence

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the 15 month prison sentence handed to former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall for a number of indecent assaults was unduly lenient, and has... Read more

Driver awareness - Penalty point guide

By Neil LoganSolicitor at Wilson Nesbitt specialising in motoring offencesIt can be easy to forget the convenience and opportunities that having a driving licence affords, and for many people it... Read more

Executor stole money meant for children's charity

Christopher MacKnight, aged 53, has been given a 27 month prison sentence for abusing his position as executor of his best friend's estate to steal money intended for a children's... Read more

NI drink driver charged with beach hit-and-run

The good weather in Northern Ireland is taking people to the beaches in their hundreds, but one mother and child suffered injuries after a hit-and-run incident on Benone beach on... Read more

Driver ban reduced because of impact on earnings

Criminal Appeal Court judges have reduced the ban of a driver who caused a crash that seriously injured another motorist, because the driver requires his licence in order to make... Read more

Graduated drivers licences would lower road deaths

A system of graduated drivers licences would reduce road deaths according to a report by the RAC Foundation. The report proposes a 4 year learning period for new drivers, and various... Read more

Younger drivers tempted to drink-drive in summer

A new poll carried out by AA/Populus suggests that younger drivers face increased temptation to drink-drive during the summer months. The motorists who responded to the poll said that there were... Read more

NI woman loses appeal against prison sentence

A Northern Ireland woman convicted of carrying out a 20-year benefit fraud has lost her appeal to have her 5 month prison sentence reduced. Donna McCool, aged 46 from Londonderry, was... Read more

Youthful folly and alcohol caused road crash death

A judge who sentenced a 19 year old motorist to 3 years and 4 months in a young offenders' institution for causing the death of his friend in a road... Read more

NI blackout driver jailed for fatal road crash

A Northern Ireland woman who caused the death of a passenger in another car after she blacked out while driving has been sentenced to 15 months in jail, though she... Read more

Jail term for NI man who attacked boy too lenient

The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland has ruled that an eight month sentence given to a Coleraine man who stamped on a boy's head was too lenient, and has... Read more

Complaints about lenient criminal sentences increase

There was an increase in the complaints made about 'lenient' criminal sentences in England and Wales last year according to Attorney General Dominic Grieve. There have been a number of high... Read more

Claim fraudster criticised for damage to honest victims

A judge has criticised a man who fraudulently claimed nearly £1million in compensation for adding to the public skepticism that damages "genuinely injured people putting forward wholly honest claims". David Ribchester... Read more

Survey reveals complacency over drink driving

A survey carried out by the AA has found that Northern Ireland motorists are among the most complacent when it comes to drinking and driving. The UK wide survey results show... Read more

'Domestic violence was just a playful tiff'

Pictures of art collector Charles Saatchi grasping the neck of his wife, TV chef Nigella Lawson, outside a restaurant caused outrage among campaigners against domestic violence, and they reacted even... Read more

Teacher caught drink driving during lunch break

A music teacher was found to be over three times the legal drink-drive limit when he was tested after driving back to his school from the nearby pub during the... Read more

Prank on friend ends with manslaughter conviction

A man who claims he was carrying out a practical joke on his friend while they were out drinking at a bar has been found guilty of his manslaughter, after... Read more

Dangerous driving charge for NI man after hit-and-run

A 23 year old man from Londonderry in Northern Ireland has been charged with dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm, driving without a licence, and failing to remain at the... Read more

NI couple jailed for benefit fraud lasting 20yrs

A couple from Northern Ireland have been given a jail sentence after admitting to a 20 year period of benefit fraud that totalled £144,000. Michael Cecil Harkin, 50, and Donna McCool,... Read more

Speed cameras reduce number of serious injuries

New research by the RAC suggests that there are less road traffic accidents resulting in fatal or serious injuries on the roads that have speed cameras. Using data from 9 areas... Read more

Newly qualified NI driver jailed for head on crash

A Northern Ireland driver who had passed his test just one month before causing a head-on crash with another vehicle has been jailed for 15 months at Londonderry Crown Court. Nathan... Read more

Blackmailing employees unfairly dismissed

Two nursery workers have won their claim for unfair dismissal by their employers, but will receive zero compensation because they sent blackmailing texts to their employer. Sharon Ingham and Sharon Sadler... Read more

10 yrs jail for driver who killed married cyclists

A man has been given a 10 year prison sentence for causing the death of a married couple that he knocked off their tandem bike while trying to evade the... Read more

Survey shows support for new learner driver rules

A survey carried out by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line suggests that 84 per cent of drivers would support the introduction of a minimum learning period for new... Read more

Twitter boast by hit and run driver alerts police

Police are investigated a claim that a woman knocked a cyclist off his bicycle on the strength of a bizarre tweet the driver herself made after the accident. The tweet, by... Read more

Belfast woman in court for defrauding mother

Belfast woman Ruth Noble is currently appearing in court facing eleven charges of theft, fraud and fraud by false representation, in connection with £40,000 she is accused of conning from... Read more

1 year of jail for Belfast bus queue manslaughter

A 31-year old Belfast man who pushed a 72-year old grandfather to his death in a bus queue argument over who should get on the bus first has been handed... Read more

NI blackout sufferer in court over fatal crash

A woman from Northern Ireland is currently at the Belfast Crown Court facing a charge of causing death by dangerous driving, after a fatal accident on the M5 that killed... Read more

3 year ban for 4th drink-driving charge

A retired teacher who was charged with drink-driving for the fourth time has been given a three year ban and ordered to pay a fine of £700. The solicitor acting for... Read more

Burglary accused breaches bail to go on holiday

A Northern Ireland man accused of burglary, and who is receiving legal aid to finance his case, has breached the conditions of his bail by going on holiday without the... Read more

Driver who killed cyclist gets 5yr ban

A driver who caused the death of a 75 year old cyclist has been given a 5 year driving ban and ordered to do 300 hours of community service. The... Read more

Woman steals £120,000 from great uncles account

A woman who was put in a position of trust with access to her 84-year-old Great Uncle's life savings admitted to embezzling just under £120,000 to fund her gambling addiction. Franciso... Read more

Employee fraud puts colleagues at risk of redundancy

Employees at Careerlink Ltd in Walsall are looking at a real possibility of redundancy after a member of the payroll department, Gemma Freeman, spent £136,000 on a luxury lifestyle. The Crown... Read more

NI man admits killing friend by careless driving

A man from Country Antrim Northern Ireland has pleaded guilty to causing the death of his friend by careless driving in April 2011. David Paul Higgins, from Ballyclare, was driving the... Read more

Tax fraud prosecutions double as HMRC gets tough

The aggressive approach taken by the HMRC to tax evasion and tax fraud over the past couple of years has seemingly paid off, as prosecutions relating to tax fraud are... Read more

17 year old detainees to be treated as children

The High Court has ruled that the current policy of treating 17-year-olds in police custody is contrary to human rights law, and that they should be treated as children. Currently, any... Read more

Driver who killed woman requests jail

A 22 year old man who knocked over and killed a young mother told the judge that he wanted to go straight to jail, passing up the possibility of being... Read more

Third Man City player banned from driving

Three players at football club Manchester City have now been banned from driving within the space of two weeks, as Micah Richards was the latest to be disqualified after receiving... Read more

Imprisonment over unpaid fines deemed unlawful

A judicial review has decided that the procedure for dealing with unpaid fines in Northern Ireland was unlawful, and as a result people will no longer face instant imprisonment without... Read more

Second Man City player banned from driving

Footballers at Manchester City are fast running out of options for a lift, with a two players banned from driving in the same week. Samir Nasri is the latest player to... Read more

Footballer admits driving while banned

Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez, aged 29, has admitted to driving while banned and without insurance, and has been ordered to carry out 250 hours of community service. Mr Tevez must... Read more

Quarter of NI road deaths involved drugs

New figures have been released which show that a quarter of the motorists, including motorbike riders, who died on the roads of Northern Ireland over the last three years had... Read more

Man who killed parents to get inheritance jailed

The man who shot and killed both his parents in order to get his inheritance early has been given a life sentence with a minimum of 40 years, as well... Read more

Theft from lorry stuck in Belfast snow

Motorists in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can be forgiven for thinking there is some solidarity with their fellow drivers when it comes to getting stuck in... Read more

PC drove at 108mph in 40mph zone before crashing

A police officer is said to have reached speeds of 108mph in a 40mph zone in the time leading up to his crash in Shropshire in October of last year. Pc... Read more

Jail for drink-driver who left fiancee to die

Merthyr Crown Court has sentenced Ceiron Cook, aged 36, to four years in prison after he crashed his car while under the influence of drink and drugs, and fled the... Read more

Six months jail for mother who glassed woman

Julie Apsley of Newtownards in Northern Ireland, a 28 year old mother of five children, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which she will service at least... Read more

NI car crime victims sued by police

It has been reported by the BBC that some victims of car theft in Northern Ireland are being sued by police officers who were injured during the retrieval of the... Read more

Will at centre of forgery conviction declared genuine

The dispute over a Will has taken a bizarre turn after it was recently declared to be genuine, despite a woman having already been convicted with forging it. Wealthy estate agent,... Read more

'Friends should stop each other drink driving'

Road safety charity Brake, and insurance company Direct Line, are calling on people to intervene when they see that their friend intends to drink and drive. The two companies carried out... Read more

False allegations of domestic violence are rare

A new report by the Crown Prosecution Service is hoped to dispel some of the myths around how many false allegations of rape and domestic violence are made each year. The... Read more

Footballer charged for driving while banned

Footballer Carlos Tevez, aged 29, has been charged for driving while disqualified and without insurance. At the start of this year Mr Tevez was given a six month driving ban when... Read more

Huhne and ex-wife jailed over speeding deception

Former energy minister Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce have both been sentenced to 8 months prison for their deception to police officers during an incident when their car... Read more

ABI proposes safety measures for new drivers

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has proposed a number of safety standards for new drivers, which they say would reduce deaths from road traffic accidents and lower insurance premiums... Read more

PPS under scrutiny after costly failed legal cases

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) is being called upon to improve how they assess the strength of evidence in any case before ordering action, after it was revealed that a... Read more

Prison for drunk bus driver who travelled 70miles

Lewis Robert McDonald, aged 68, has been jailed for nine months and had his driving license removed for 2 years, after he drove his coach load of passengers on a... Read more

Clergyman uses power of attorney to steal £60k

Reverend Peter Hesketh, aged 65 from Worcestershire, has been found guilty of using a power of attorney to steal over £60,000 from a vulnerable pensioner.The Catholic deacon was given a... Read more

Call for prosecution of NHS staff who hide mistakes

A public inquiry into mistakes made at Stafford Hospital has proposed that hiding information on staff errors and poor care should become a criminal offence. The inquiry makes 290 recommendations in... Read more

Man arrested after hit-and-run in Whiteabbey

A man has been arrested in connection with a 'hit-and-run' incident which occurred earlier this week in Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland, and involved an elderly woman. The motorist driving the car did... Read more

Republic vote on drink-driving criticised

A plan to relax the drink-driving limits in south-west Ireland has come under attack from road safety campaigners and councillors who opposed the motion. The plan would allow for permits to... Read more

Divorce cash struggle results in jail term

A six month prison term has been handed to property dealer Scot Young by the High Court, who failed to provide details of his finances to explain the disappearance of... Read more

Footballer Tevez banned from driving

Motorists caught speeding should learn an important lesson from the banning of footballer Carlos Tevez from driving for six months. Letters received from the police in respect of driving offences... Read more

Jail sentence for aunt who stole inheritance

Carole Walker, aged 57, has been sentenced to eight months in prison after admitting the theft of over £30,000 inheritance money that was intended for her niece. Ms Walker was named... Read more

Derry man who drove at 100mph disqualified

Thomas Hyndman, aged 22 from Londonderry, has been disqualified from driving for 18 months after a police chase in which he drove his car through the city at 100mph. The solicitor... Read more

NI musician convicted of careless driving

Northern Ireland musician Duke Special has been convicted of careless driving after the court heard that he drove at 187 kmph on the M1 in County Lough last year. Peter Wilson,... Read more

Work drivers take more risks on the road

New research suggests that people who drive as part of their work take more risks on the road than those driving as part of their day-to-day private life. The survey by... Read more

NI drink driving down on last December

There were 134 detections of drink-driving in Northern Ireland between 29th November and 21st December this year, 88 less than in the same period in 2011. The 134 motorists were deemed... Read more

Speeding motorists bizarre excuse to police

A man has been jailed for 28 days after telling a police officer who caught him speeding that he was a doctor on an urgent call to a hospital to... Read more

Mother and L-driver daughter both over drink limit

The police got a surprise when they stopped a car that had crashed into a stationary vehicle in Aberdeen - both the 44 year-old woman and her 22 year-old learner... Read more

Drink-drive campaign targets morning-after drivers

The police will be targeting 'morning-after' drivers this year as part of the Christmas drink-driving campaign, saying many drivers get into the car the morning after a festive party without... Read more

Derry woman sentenced for driving offences

Londonderry woman Sheilagh Edwards, aged 55, has been sentenced to 18 months probation for driving offences, and has lost her license for 10 years. Ms Edwards knocked down in a pedestrian... Read more

NI man with 472 convictions jailed

A 39 year-old-man from Derry, Northern Ireland, said by his solicitor to have the biggest criminal record in British and judicial history, has been given a 28 month jail sentence. Eamon... Read more

Prison sentence for neighbour fight over fence

A man has been given a suspended 12 month prison sentence after an argument with his neighbour over a fence ended up in violence. Raymond Chaplin and Neil Armstrong have lived... Read more

4 Northern Ireland courthouses to be shut down

David Ford is continuing his rally to save money from the legal sector by announcing the closure of four courthouses in Northern Ireland over the next two years. The courts in... Read more

PC argues crash due to ice and not alcohol

An off duty police officer that was two times over the drink-drive limit when he crashed his car, causing the death of his passenger, has told the court that icy... Read more

Guard jailed for manslaughter after train fall death

A railway guard has been jailed for manslaughter as a result of signalling for a train to move away from the platform even though a teenage girl was supporting herself... Read more

Motorist jailed for fatal motorway crash

Wilfred Museka, aged 31, has received an eight year prison sentence for the fatal crash caused by him driving the wrong way along the motorway while two times over the... Read more

Nurse convicted of fraud spared prison sentence

A Northern Ireland nurse who was convicted of benefits fraud has been spared a prison sentence. Sharon Nelson, aged 52, pleaded guilty to six charges of fraudulently obtaining income support, housing... Read more

NI farmer charged with sheep theft

A farmer from Derry, Northern Ireland, has been charged on accounts of sheep theft, receiving stolen sheep, and fraudulently presenting stolen sheep for sale at market.Samuel George Leslie, aged 53,... Read more

Quarter of NI motorists drink and drive

More than a quarter of Northern Ireland motorists have said they will drive after having one alcoholic drink, according to a new government survey. Similarly, 72 per cent of people said... Read more

NI age of criminal responsibility could increase

The age of criminal responsibility in Northern Ireland could be increased, after justice minister David Ford announced that he was in favour of the move. At the moment, children aged 10... Read more

Jail for fraud to lower divorce settlement

A man has been given an 18 month prison sentence for committing fraud and perjury in an attempt to deceive the divorce court about his assets, and thereby reduce the... Read more

Unusual argument to overturn NI drivers ban

A Northern Ireland motorist who was banned from driving for ten years has had his ban lifted after an unorthodox argument on his behalf.Geoffrey Falconer, aged 48, was convicted of... Read more

Driver jailed for boys death had 72 convictions

Disqualified driver, Andrew Paul Morrow from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been given an eight year prison sentence for dangerous driving which resulted in the death of a 12-year-old boy. Mr Morrow... Read more

Sneezing motorist charged with careless driving

A bizarre crash in Northern Ireland resulted in £37,000 damage to a hair dressing salon and a careless driving charge for a motorist who took a fit of sneezing while... Read more

Drivers favour increased fines for motoring offences

The majority of drivers are in favour of increased fines for motoring offences according to a survey carried out by the charity 'Brake' and 'Direct Line'.Of those surveyed 78% said... Read more

Guilty plea by NI driver who caused passenger death

The driver of the vehicle involved in a road traffic accident that resulted in the death of the 20 year-old woman passenger has pleaded guilty to the various charges against... Read more

4 years prison for death by careless driving

Gordon Dyche, aged 24, has received a 4 year prison sentence for causing death by careless driving. Mr Dyche told police he was rushing to get to work when during an... Read more

Accused requests relaxed bail to attend gym

A man accused with causing the death of 19 year-old Claire Kelly while driving dangerously and without insurance has request that his current bail conditions be relaxed so he could... Read more

Power of attorney used to steal from mother

An online gambling addict was found guilty of breaching both the trust of his employers and his dementia suffering mother as he stole money from both to fund his addiction. Graham... Read more

9 years prison for 180mph getaway driver

A getaway driver that reached speeds of 180mph as he attempted to evade the police has been sentenced to nine years in prison for conspiracy to burgle, conspiracy to steal... Read more

2 in court over Olympic torch disturbances

Two men have appeared in court in connection with disturbances when the Olympic torch relay passed through Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Eamon Barry Millar, aged 27, and Shaun Anthony McIntyre, aged 38,... Read more

Trustee jailed for theft from blind charity

A former trustee of the 'Fund for the Blind and Partially Sighted' has been given a 32 month prison sentence after being found guilty of stealing £120,000 from the charity. An... Read more

Compensation for Olympic torchbearer

The woman who was carrying the Olympic torch when a youth emerged from the crowd and tried to grab it is to receive £100 compensation, with an officer injured in... Read more

High Court urges swift NI law reform

A High Court judge has warned of the need to expedite Northern Ireland law reform, saying the current proposals before the Assembly should not be allowed to "gather dust". Mr Justice... Read more

Derry court confusion over identity of accused

A case at Londonderry Magistrates Court in Northern Ireland began with confusion over whether they had the correct man in the dock. Martin Michael McDonagh was to appear in the court... Read more

5 year ban for Belfast drunk driver

Belfast man Carl Dougherty, aged 29, has been banned from driving for five years after committing a number offences that began with drunk driving in east Belfast, Northern Ireland. Police attempted... Read more

People jailed for not paying fines in NI up 76%

There has been a 76% increase in the number of people going to prison in Northern Ireland for non-payment of court ordered fines in the two years since a report... Read more

£20m to reduce Northern Ireland crime

Justice Minister David Ford has announced that a £20million pot has been created to tackle crime in Northern Ireland via various projects. The money has been generated in part by using... Read more

Northern Ireland criminals target agriculture

Farmers in Northern Ireland have been shocked by the news of a second large scale theft of sheep in the province, just a week after 200 were stolen at a... Read more

Carroll murder sentences to be reviewed

The Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland, Barra McGrory QC, has released a statement confirming that he has sought leave to refer the sentences of both men convicted of... Read more

Review of murder sentencing in Northern Ireland

Justice Minister David Ford has confirmed that there will be a review of sentencing in all murder cases in Northern Ireland. The 14 year minimum sentence imposed on John Paul Wootton... Read more

New minor offences police powers in NI

Police in Northern Ireland will have new powers to deal with minor offences from next week. A system of fixed penalty notices will allow police officers to issue £40 or... Read more

2hrs in prison for answering phone in court

Paddy Sweeney, of Marlborough Terrace in Derry, Northern Ireland, was put in a prison cell for two hours for answering his mobile phone during a sitting at Londonderry Magistrates Court. Mr... Read more

Public Prosecution Service accepts Manslaughter plea

Gary Moane, 36, from Lisolvan Park, entered a plea of guilty to the manslaughter of Ciaran Woods in Tempo in July 2010. Mr Moane was originally charged with murder... Read more

Northern Ireland criminal courts not to be televised

The Justice Minister David Ford has announced Northern Ireland will not follow Scotland in televising any aspect of criminal trials at this time. His comments came following an assembly... Read more

Road adoption dispute facilitates burglary

The owner of a home in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, says burglars took advantage of poor lighting in the area to break into their home while his family was sleeping and... Read more

Prison sentence for racist Twitter comments

A student who made racially offensive comments on Twitter about Fabrice Muamba, the footballer who suffered a cardiac arrest during a match and is now in hospital, has been given... Read more

Newry woman given 14yrs for murder of homeless man

A second person has been given a prison sentence in connection with the 'horrific' murder of a homeless Polish man, Marek Muszynski, in 2009. Newry woman Lindsay White, aged 23, was... Read more

MP charged with assault

MP Eric Joyce was arrested on Wednesday night following an incident at a House of Commons bar. Mr Joyce is a Labour MP representing Falkirk. The disturbance allegedly... Read more

30% of NI prison sentences involve non-payment of fines

David Ford faced questions in the Assembly yesterday on the numbers of people who are in prison in Northern as a result of non-payment of fines.  Questions were raised of... Read more

Northern Ireland legal aid reform proposed

A reform of the Northern Ireland legal aid system has been proposed by Justice Minister David Ford that would see defendants deemed to be of 'sufficient means' having to pay... Read more

Northern Ireland criminal cases criticised as too slow

A report has criticised the speed of justice in Northern Ireland, noting that some cases take twice as long to dispose of as in England and Wales.  The report calls... Read more

Protesters occupy vacant former bank in Belfast

A Belfast city centre property which was formerly a Bank of Ireland building has been occupied by a dozen protesters from the 'Occupy Belfast' group. Police have not yet attempted to... Read more

New criminal powers used by police over 4000 times

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has confirmed that it has used new powers to deal with minor criminal offences more than 4,000 times to date. The new powers enable... Read more

Celebrity chef cautioned by police for shoplifting

Anthony Worrall Thompson, one of the most well known celebrity chefs in the UK, has been cautioned by police after being arrested for shoplifting at a Tesco store in Reading.... Read more

Woman given jail sentence following manslaughter conviction

Caroline Meeking, the woman found guilty of causing the death of her husband Alan Meeking, has been sentenced to serve two years in prison. Mrs Meeking had been found guilty... Read more

Stats on non-payment of criminal fines released

Northern Ireland news website The Detail has published figures that show the high number of people being imprisoned for the non-payment of criminal fines. The results highlight the fact that... Read more

Assembly calls for tougher criminal sentences

The Northern Ireland Assembly yesterday voted for a motion calling for tougher prison sentences for those committing attacks on the elderly.  Some MLAs warned of the dangers of interfering with... Read more

Legal Aid paid to Northern Ireland Criminal Solicitors criticised

Stormont’s Public Accounts Committee has criticised a number of groups including the Legal Services Commission (“LSC”) and criminal solicitors in relation to the criminal legal aid spend in Northern Ireland. ... Read more

Ex-security chief urges discussions to decriminalise cannabis

The former head of MI5, Baroness Manningham-Buller will use a speech to the all-party parliamentary drugs group to call for the decriminalisation of cannabis. Baroness Manningham-Buller joins a long list... Read more

Court Clerk first person convicted under Bribery Act

Munir Yakub Patel, a former court clerk at Redbridge Magistrates’ Court, has been jailed for 6 years for accepting a bribe to avoid logging details of a parking offence on... Read more

Police investigate assault on man during football match violence

Following the scenes of violence that marred the Tyrone county football league final between Carrickmore and Dromore last Sunday the police have confirmed that they are investigating an assault of... Read more

Former Police Officer pleads guilty to forging witness statement

Former policeman Gary Paul Millar has admitted perverting the course of justice and forging a witness statement.  The 32 year old former officer failed to investigate a complaint of assault... Read more

Son of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour released from prison

Charlie Gilmore, the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who was jailed for 16 months for violent disorder has been released from prison. The criminal conviction relates to offences... Read more

10 years jail for fraudulent VAT claims of fake company

Former policeman Nigel Cranswick has been jailed for 10 years at Newcastle Crown Court for conspiracy to cheat the public revenue. Several other co-defendants have also received similar sentences for... Read more

Criminal conviction for husband who waived loaded gun at love rival

A husband who waived a loaded shotgun in a threatening manner at his estranged wife and the man with whom he suspected she was having an affair with has been... Read more

Police clamp down on bail breaches and court absentees

The PSNI have confirmed that 130 people have been arrested in the Derry area within the last month for evading court and breaching their bail conditions. ‘Operation Relentless’ was launched... Read more

Police Ombudsman receives 16,000 complaints in 5 years

The Police Ombudsman has released an equality report tracking trends in the make up of the 16,000 complaints he has received since 2006.  The report showed young men are the... Read more

Measures to tackle gang and youth criminality

The Home Office have published their plans to tackle gang and youth violence in the UK. The growing number of young persons involved in criminal behaviour was particularly apparent during... Read more

Two men stand trial for Antrim barracks murders

The trial of two men charged with murder at a Northern Ireland army barracks began today.  Colin Duffy, 43, and Brian Shivers, 45, have been charged with the murder of... Read more

Northern Ireland Criminal Solicitor becomes head of the PPS

Sir Alastair Fraser has been succeeded as director of public prosecutions by Northern Ireland criminal solicitor Barra McGrory QC.  The post has been vacant since Sir Fraser retired over a... Read more

Legal Aid increased for Northern Ireland Criminal Solicitors

The High Court has increased the level of legal aid paid to two firms of Northern Irish Criminal Solicitors and their QC for acting in two criminal appeals.  Mr Justice... Read more

Prosecution delay leads to bank theft charges being dropped

  Charges brought against Coalisland man Ciaran Devlin relating to the alleged theft of £7,000 from a County Tyrone Ulster Bank branch have been dismissed at Dungannon Magistrates’ Court.   District Judge John... Read more

Kimberley-Clark plead guilty to health and safety breaches

Kimberley-Clark has pleaded guilty at Barrow Magistrates’ Court to charges relating to health and safety breaches at their factory in Barrow. The charges follow the death in 2007 of factory... Read more

Questioning continues over murder allegation in Derry

A man, aged 31, is still being questioned on suspicion of murder after the stabbing to death of a man in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Christopher McGaughey, aged 56, was attacked at... Read more

Two men charged with Possession with Intent to Supply in Belfast

Eight thousand ecstasy tablets with an estimated street value of £80,000 were marked MTV, a court has heard.  Police claim the drugs were destined for distribution during the MTV Music... Read more

Bribery Act 2010: First Conviction

Following the commencement of the Bribery Act in July of this year a former Magistrates’ Court official, Munir Patel, has become the first person to be successfully prosecuted under the... Read more

Closing speeches in Joanna Yeates murder trial

Barristers for the prosecution and defence will address the jury in the Joanna Yeates murder trial for the last time today.  The trial judge, Mr Justice Fields, is expected to... Read more

Judge warns jury in Cardy murder trial

The Judge hearing the Jennifer Cardy murder trial, Mr Justice Weatherup, has warned the jury in the trial that they should not focus on the accused Robert Black’s past convictions... Read more