Police Investigations

Over 100 drivers caught going over 100mph in 2018

Over 100 drivers caught going over 100mph in 2018

By Gary Adair New figures, published by the road safety charity Brake under a Freedom of Information request, have revealed that 109 drivers were caught by police in Northern Ireland driving... Read more

NIPSA says holiday back-pay decision should apply to all employees

By Gary Adair The ongoing story of the public sector back-dated pay decision continues to be at the forefront of news in Northern Ireland as the scope of the decision grows... Read more

PSNI gearing up for summer drink driving crackdown

By Gary Adair The Police Service of Northern Ireland have released new figures indicating that over 1,400 motorists have been arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving so far in 2019.... Read more

£40m backdated pay decision could be wide reaching

By Gary Adair Employers in Northern Ireland should be taking note of a landmark judgment in backdated holiday pay. Following a decision by the Court of Appeal to dismiss a challenge raised... Read more

How to begin a road traffic accident compensation claim

By Gary Adair What to expect from your meeting with a Wilson Nesbitt road traffic accident claims solicitor Initially the process for making a claim for compensation may seem a little overwhelming,... Read more

Would you know what to do if you were involved in a road traffic accident?

By Gary Adair Let’s face it, nobody ever wants to find themselves involved in a road traffic accident, and as such it can be a stressful thing to even think about.... Read more

Jury concludes that football fans killed in crush were unlawfully killed

The jury at the Hillsborough Inquests have concluded that 96 football fans who died during a stadium crush in 1989 were unlawfully killed, with match commander Ch Supt David Duckenfield... Read more

Jail for fraud to lower divorce settlement

A man has been given an 18 month prison sentence for committing fraud and perjury in an attempt to deceive the divorce court about his assets, and thereby reduce the... Read more

5 year ban for Belfast drunk driver

Belfast man Carl Dougherty, aged 29, has been banned from driving for five years after committing a number offences that began with drunk driving in east Belfast, Northern Ireland. Police attempted... Read more

People jailed for not paying fines in NI up 76%

There has been a 76% increase in the number of people going to prison in Northern Ireland for non-payment of court ordered fines in the two years since a report... Read more