Commercial Disputes

Wilson Nesbitt case update - High Court challenge successful

Wilson Nesbitt case update - High Court challenge successful

We are delighted to confirm that our client Rose Edmunds has been successful in her challenge of the decision to deny her funding for legal representation in a mediation process. Habitat... Read more

Belfast man in court over offensive Manchester bomb Facebook message

Belfast man Kevin O'Neill, aged 19, who is alleged to have posted material described as "grossly offensive" on Facebook about the bomb in Manchester that killed 22 adults and children,... Read more

Northern Ireland schools sued for refusing to accept disabled children

Three Northern Ireland schools have been sued for refusing to accept disabled children as pupils, even though the Education Authority had assessed the children and concluded that the schools were... Read more

Belfast Facebook troll given 4 month jail sentence

By Gary Adair A Belfast woman was given a 4 month jail sentence for persistent Facebook trolling of her ex-partner's new girlfriend. Maureen Curoe, aged 42 from Belfast, had set up a... Read more

Northern Ireland woman wins landmark pension case

A Northern Ireland woman has won a landmark legal case that could have significant impact on the rights afforded to cohabiting couples. Denise Brewster lived with her partner Lenny McMullan for... Read more

Term-time holiday case to go before the Supreme Court

A parent's refusal to pay a fine for taking his child on holiday during school term will finally reach the Supreme Court this week, and comes at a time when... Read more

Son of farmer who lacked capacity wins equitable estoppel claim

The courts have awarded sole ownership of a farming business to a farmer's son on the basis that it had been promised to him many years ago, and the son... Read more

Court reduces payout to farmer's daughter whose parents changed Will

By Lenore Rice The Court of Appeal has reduced the £1.3million payout awarded to a woman who worked on her parents farm on the basis of a promise that she would... Read more

Parent wins school term holiday case at High Court

By Gillian Crotty A parent who took his 6-year old daughter on holiday during the school term and refused to pay a fine has won his legal battle at the High... Read more

Ashers case is about the cake not the customer says Attorney General

The Northern Ireland Attorney General, John Larkin, has spoken at the Court of Appeal asking for the decision in the Ashers bakery case to be overturned. Ashers Baking Company were found... Read more

Ashers bakery appeal case adjourned following Attorney General intervention

By Gillian Crotty The Ashers bakery appeal case is destined to continue even longer after it was decided to adjourn the case after the Attorney General John Larkin QC requested to... Read more

What Northern Ireland car owners need to know about the emissions scandal

By Gillian Crotty We have started to receive an increasing number of calls from car owners in Northern Ireland who believe they own a vehicle affected by the recent Volkswagen emissions... Read more

Online system proposed for compensation and divorce cases in NI

By Gillian Crotty Solicitors dealing with divorces and compensation cases are being asked to consider the introduction of an online dispute resolution system in Northern Ireland. Holland and British Columbia in Canada... Read more

Ryanair fail in attempt to reduce compensation claim period

By Gillian Crotty Ryanair could be receiving compensation claims from 2.66million passengers after a ruling that its attempt to cut the period in which a flight delay claim can be brought... Read more

Student brings legal action against Belfast school closure

By Gillian Crotty A student has brought legal action against Education Minister John O'Dowd in respect of the decision to close down Avoniel Primary in east Belfast. The plan to close the... Read more

Number of spouses revisiting divorce settlements doubles

By Lenore Rice Last year the number of spouses going to court to revisit their divorce settlement more than doubled, with 29,060 court hearings compared to 14,690 in 2013. The so-called 'double... Read more

Cheap divorce cost doctor's wife her £3.2million home

By Lenore Rice A doctor's wife has described how she lost her £3.2million property as a result of trying to cut costs during their divorce. Norma Wilson was a nurse and a... Read more

Ashers bakery sets out grounds for appeal against court decision

By Gillian Crotty The owners of Ashers Baking Company have laid out their grounds for appealing the decision of the court which found them guilty of discrimination against a customer on... Read more

Ashers bakery to appeal discrimination judgment

Ashers bakery has decided to appeal the Belfast Court decision that it discriminated against Gareth Lee by refusing to fulfill his order for a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan. The... Read more

Belfast Court rules bakery discriminated against gay customer

By Gillian Crotty The Belfast Crown Court has ruled that a bakery discriminated against a gay customer when it refused to fulfill an order for a cake bearing a message supporting... Read more

Northern Ireland boy wins High Court case on secondary school placement

By Gary Adair The High Court in Belfast has overturned a school's decision to deny a place to a boy with special needs from County Down. The P7 transfer process for pupils... Read more

Council pays six-figure compensation to widow of cyclist

By Gillian Crotty North Yorkshire County Council has agreed to pay a six-figure amount of compensation to the widow of a cyclist who died after he rode through a pothole and... Read more

Man sues ex-wife after learning ex-boyfriend was father of their son

The Central London County Court is hearing a damages claim from a man who says his ex-wife admitted that he was not the father of their son, and that it... Read more

Show of support for libel law reform in Northern Ireland

By Gillian Crotty A petition calling for libel law reform in Northern Ireland has been signed by 747 people, and free speech campaigners believe there is overwhelming support for the Defamation... Read more

Rory McIlroy settles litigation case out of court

By Gillian Crotty The legal battle between Rory McIlroy and his former agent has been going on for some time, but the case itself has lasted no time in the High... Read more

NI developer says bank should have warned of property crash

By Gillian Crotty Michael Taggart, formerly a property developer and one of the wealthiest men in Northern Ireland, says the Ulster bank should have warned him about their serious concerns about... Read more

Dispute over right of way racks up £500,000 in legal costs

By Gillian Crotty A judge at London's Appeal Court has made clear his frustration with two neighbours who have racked up legal costs of nearly £500,000 in a court dispute over... Read more

Court rules father holds Strabane house on trust for daughter

By Lenore Rice A High Court judge has ruled that a father must honour a legal agreement in which he declared that he would hold his property on trust for his... Read more

Son of lethal overdose patient to pay doctor's legal costs

By Gillian Crotty The son of a man who was killed by a lethal overdose from a doctor on his first shift in the UK has been ordered to pay the... Read more

Quarter of property owners deal with nuisance neighbours

By Michelle Rock A quarter of property owners in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have to deal with nuisance neighbours according to a new survey by Which? The research... Read more

Northern Ireland nurse failed to investigate abuse claims

A Northern Ireland nurse has been struck off for failing to investigate allegations of abuse affecting five residents at a Country Antrim nursing home. Nurse Katherine McCall was employed as nursing... Read more

Belfast apartment buyers tried to get out of contract

By Gillian Crotty The Belfast High Court has ruled that a purchaser who had signed a contract to buy a city apartment tried to get out of the deal when it... Read more

Employers can learn from Policing Board rule rejection

By Gillian Crotty Northern Ireland employers should take note of the developments with regard to the Policing Board's eligibility criteria for a new chief constable. Justice Minister David Ford wanted to remove... Read more

99yr old woman sued by grandson over farm inheritance

By Lenore Rice The High Court has been asked to rule in a matter concerning a 99-year-old woman who is being sued by her grandson in respect of the succession of... Read more

Two men charged over abusive tweets

By Gillian Crotty Social media users should take note of the charges brought against two men who sent abusive tweets to feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez. Ms Criado-Perez successfully campaigned for author Jane... Read more

High court reduces neighbour's oil spill compensation

By Gillian Crotty The Belfast High Court has reduced the amount of compensation awarded to a family in respect of an oil spill on to their land from their neighbour's property. A... Read more

Appeal court hears father and son farm dispute

By Gillian Crotty The London Appeal Court has been hearing the case of a son who is retiring from the family farming business and insisting the estate should be carved up... Read more

Belfast property overvalued by £2million

By Gillian Crotty The High Court has ruled that a Belfast property was overvalued by as much as £2million by an estate agent asked to confirm its worth by a lending... Read more

NI trader fined for misleading customer

A Northern Ireland car dealer has been fined £300 for misleading a customer by failing to tell her that the car she was purchasing had been a category insurance write-off. Blair... Read more

Private member bill to redress NI libel mis-step

Last month the Queen signed into effect new legislation increasing protection against libel to academics, publishers and 'authors of responsible journalism.' The legislation will not however take effect in Northern Ireland... Read more

Pothole claims up but compensation down

Motorists throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are all too familiar with the damage that potholes can cause to their cars. Few drivers who have to pay to... Read more

Landmark patient care decision puts patient first

An important case decision could have implications for many people in Northern Ireland who are provided money by a health trust to cover their care. David McKenna had been attending the... Read more

Man who called 999 sued by policewoman

A petrol station owner in Norfolk who thought his premises was being burgled call 999, which he was to later regret when he received a solicitors letter advising he was... Read more

Belfast could become the libel capital of the world

Northern Ireland could greatly benefit from topping a few tourist destination lists, with the exception of becoming the libel capital of the world. For many years the laws in Britain in... Read more

Even hobbit houses need planning permission

Property owners in Wales have learned that it is one thing to build a house that is friendly to the environment, but it also has to be friendly to the... Read more

Will set aside because of pressure from son

The revised Will made by a woman just two years before her death at the age of 96 has been set aside by the High Court because of pressure applied... Read more

Huhne and ex-wife jailed over speeding deception

Former energy minister Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce have both been sentenced to 8 months prison for their deception to police officers during an incident when their car... Read more

Husband deceived over children wins damages

A man who was tricked into believing that the two children he helped raise until they were teenagers where his has been awarded £25,000 damages after he sued his ex-wife. Factory... Read more

Decision on Belfast vested houses case today

A decision is expected today from the Land Tribunal in respect of the case brought by the Belfast homeowners who had their properties vested by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive... Read more

Causeway golf complex challenge at High Court

The Belfast High Court is currently hearing the arguments of the National Trust in support of its challenge to the planning permission granted to build a £100million golf and hotel... Read more

Pupil loses legal bid over Belfast school suspension

A former pupil of Victoria College in Belfast has lost her legal action against the school over the disciplinary action she received over racist remarks about a fellow pupil. The mother... Read more

Prison sentence for neighbour fight over fence

A man has been given a suspended 12 month prison sentence after an argument with his neighbour over a fence ended up in violence. Raymond Chaplin and Neil Armstrong have lived... Read more

Son runs up £100k legal bill suing father

A man who took his father to court four times in eight years has run up a £100,000 legal bill and been awarded just £5.60 per year by the High... Read more

Belfast site close to being seized by NIHE

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has successfully won the first part of a court case in a bid to seize back a site of land in Belfast city centre... Read more

End to 10 year dispute of over-repaired building

A ten year legal dispute over a derelict cottage that the council said was over-repaired has come to an end. In 1992 farmer Robert Burrough, aged 62, purchased farmland which included... Read more

Purchaser of Belfast house ordered to complete

A purchaser who entered into contract to purchase a house in Malone Park, Belfast, has been told he must complete the purchase after he attempted to withdraw from the agreement. Nicholas... Read more

Wheelie bin dispute racks up £21k legal fees

A neighbour dispute about a wheelie bin has resulted in a £21,000 legal bill, after it went as far as two civil court hearings. Mr & Mrs Ali received a complaint... Read more

£150k legal bill for 'slow dog walking'

A legal dispute between a landlord and tenant over 'slow dog walking' is likely to result in a £150,000 legal bill for farmer Linda Jeffries, aged 61. Ms Jeffries and her... Read more

Compensation for suicidal man pursued for debt

Torbay Council has agreed to pay compensation to a suicidal man they forced into bankruptcy in their attempts to recover a debt of £2,000 in respect of council tax arrears. Bailiffs... Read more

Neighbour dispute over wind chimes 'torture'

A set of wind chimes hanging from a clothes line in the rear garden of a property has driven a next-door neighbour to complain to the council of what he... Read more

Teacher accused of racial harassment of German neighbour

Geoffrey Butler, a teacher aged 54, has been accused of racially-aggravated harassment of his German neighbour, Reinhard Wendt, over a period of four years, including accusations of playing the Dambusters... Read more

Book review on Amazon results in libel allegations

Vaughan Jones, aged 28, is currently defending himself in the High Court against libel allegations over a book review he wrote on the Amazon website last year. The case was brought... Read more

Internet defamation cases double in a year

Sweet and Maxwell have published information suggesting that the number of people who have gone to court in England and Wales over alleged defamation online has doubled in a year. An... Read more

Neighbour dispute against nude gardener dismissed

Cheltenham magistrates have dismissed a case brought against a naturist by his neighbour, saying there was no case to answer. Theresa Fairchild had only been living in her new apartment for... Read more

Mother sues daughter 'for her own protection'

Millionairess Diana Lindsay, aged 85, is suing her daughter Beverley to claw back the Chelsea house she purchased for her 20 years ago. Ms Lindsay says she is taking the... Read more

Judge urges truce in fence libel row

Lord Justice Toulson has urged two people embroiled in a two-year libel fight which begun over a fence to "seek mediation". The dispute arose the when in 2006, pipe making... Read more

10million people have a neighbour problem

New research carried out by Which? has found that 10million people had a problem with a neighbour last year, with 5million people saying that they are annoyed by their... Read more

Donald Trump steps up boundary dispute in UK

Tycoon and media-celebrity Donald Trump has raised the stakes in his on-going feud with a property owner in Scotland who is refusing to sell-up and make way for a... Read more

Twitter users who undermine law to face legal action

Attorney General Dominic Grieve has issued a strong warning to Twitter users, and anyone publishing on other internet sites, that anyone who undermines the law will face legal action. Mr... Read more

Twitter vulnerable if UK office opened

The revelations made in Twitter over the past two days, and a a carefully worded question in the House of Commons yesterday, has caused the micro-blogging site to be... Read more

Twitter in libel spotlight over footballer injunction

The social media tool Twitter has found itself in the libel spotlight again after hundreds of users named a footballer who had obtained a court injunction preventing the newspapers... Read more

Newspapers warn libel changes are dangerous

A group of senior journalists have criticised the governments proposed change to defamation laws that would see an end to the use of juries in libel trials. A committee of... Read more

Pensioner could lose home over neighbour dispute

Ian Chisholm, aged 62, has said he could lose his home after running up £20,000 of legal costs in a boundary dispute with his neighbour over five inches of... Read more

Former NI Water director to sue over dismissal

Declan Gormley, one of three former directors of Northern Ireland Water to be dismissed by regional development minister Conor Murphy after an independent report, is to sue the minister... Read more

NIHE terminates Red Sky maintenance contracts

  The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has sent a termination letter to Red Sky construction company to end maintenance contracts in three months time. Red Sky is based in... Read more

£7.65m payout in professional negligence case

The High Court has ordered law firm Wragge & Co to pay £7.65million to their former client Amalgamated Metal Corporation (AMC) after finding them liable for professional negligence. ... Read more

Singing gardener silenced by neighbours

A home-owner who enjoyed singing while tending his vegetable garden has received a solicitors letter from neighbours threatening to take him to court if he doesn't "modify" his behaviour. Darren... Read more

Squatting to be criminalised

According to a senior Whitehall source Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke will criminalise squatting and thereby empower police to move into a property by force to evict illegal occupants. Squatters... Read more

Draft Defamation Bill published by MoJ

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has published its much anticipated draft Defamation Bill which aims to reform the UKs much maligned libel laws, which have long been criticised the... Read more

First UK Twitter libel claim win

The High Court in Cardiff Wales heard what is believed to be the first UK libel case involving comments made on Twitter. The case ended with Welsh councillor Colin... Read more

Victims Commissioner candidate loses discrimination claim

  Marie Breen Smyth, a candidate for the role of Victims Commissioner in Northern Ireland has had her claim for unlawful discrimination rejected by an industrial tribunal. Ms Breen Smyth... Read more

Squatters got legal aid to stay in £1million house

John Hamilton-Brown, owner of the £1million property taken over by squatters, has said he was "horrified" to learn that the people who had inhabited his house had received hundreds... Read more

Counting the cost of neighbours

New research by Direct Line has uncovered that neighbours are responsible for over £246 of damage to our houses every year. Research shows that neighbours are regularly... Read more

Employer to pay £13k to employee caught stealing

  Employer Simon Cremer has been ordered to pay £5,000 compensation and £8,000 court costs to an employee he caught stealing from him for "humiliation". Mr Cremer had discovered that... Read more

Judge criticises expensive water sprinkler battle

Lord Justice Ward has called neighbours Paul Langridge and Anthony Mead "ludicrous" for allowing a row over a sprinkler system and electrical cables to get out of control, with the... Read more

Neighbour dispute forces film star out of home

After a five year legal battle costing a quarter of a million of pounds, film star Greta Scacchi has said she felt forced to leave her 'dream' cottage in... Read more

Failed property developers serve writ on bank

  Michael and John Taggart, the two brothers behind one of the biggest property companies in Northern Ireland to go into administration in the aftermath of the recession, have turned the... Read more

Northern Ireland judge wins newspaper libel case

The publishers of the Sunday Times have agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of libel damages to Northern Ireland High Court judge Mr Justice Seamus Treacy in respect of... Read more

Singer and footballer clash over 6m fence

Former boyband member Matthew Johnson and ex-Welsh football captain Kevin Ratcliffe have appeared in court as a result of an ongoing row over a 20m fence erected by the... Read more

Jilted bride sues ex-fiance for cancelling wedding

A woman lawyer in Chicago is suing her ex-fiance for nearly $100,000 after he cancelled the wedding four days before it was due to take place, and she was... Read more

Senior health official wins 44k libel damages

Former senior health official, Bridget O'Rawe, has been awarded libel damages of £44,000 after a judge found that she had been defamed by an article in the Impartial Reporter... Read more

Neighbour builds bollard on shared driveway

Property disputes among neighbours are becoming increasingly more common, and in particular over parking, especially when common areas or shared driveways are concerned. A neighbour dispute in Mill End,... Read more

Neighbour dispute ends in car attack with spade

A dispute among neighbours over car parking resulted in the smashing of a car window with a spade on Ave Maria Road, Maryland. Alan Donnelly, aged 42, says he "lost... Read more

Internet companies ask PM for libel reform

David Cameron has received an open letter from Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL and the Internet Service Providers' Association (Ispa) requesting reform of the UK libel laws in order to protect... Read more

Celebrity neighbour dispute over scaffolding

Television cook Nigella Lawson and multi-millionaire husband Charles Saatchi have been caught up in a dispute with their Egyptian neighbours over scaffolding blocking the view from the rear windows... Read more

Developer warns residents not to object to plans

Developers have issued a written warning to residents that they will be in breach of their lease agreements and will face legal actions if they continue to oppose a... Read more

Belfast Titanic apartment counter-claim launched

  Property Developer John Taggart has launched a counter-claim to the action by Titanic Quarter Ltd trying to compel him to complete the purchase of a Belfast apartment. A number of... Read more

Belfast High Court throws out school place case

The Belfast High Court has thrown out a case brought by the family of a girl trying to force a grammar school to give a place to their daughter who... Read more

Bins: Neighbour disputes and property devaluation

A new study by Bin Buddy has revealed that more than 1 in 3 families have fallen out with their neighbours over the issue of bins; 35% in total... Read more

Neighbour dispute - the UKs most hated garden tree

They have been described by the Collins Tree Guide as "the most hated garden tree" and have been the subject of a number of neighbour disputes resulting in costly... Read more

Harassment conviction for 'obsessive' hedge cutting

Susan Sheldrick, a nurse aged 45, and her husband Nigel Sheldrick, aged 49, have been convicted of harassment of their neighbours for behaviour lasting 3 years which included what... Read more

£10,000 damages award to Facebook libel victim

Law student Raymond Bryce, who was falsely accused of being a paedophile on the internet, has been awarded £10,000 damages by the High Court. The allegations were made by Jeremiah... Read more

BSkyB says Skype trademark is confusingly similar

The Satellite TV group BSkyB has confirmed that it is in a trademark dispute with the Internet phone service provider Skype, saying that its name is so similar to the... Read more

Libel law should be changed to protect free speech

Britain's highest court, the Supreme Court, is currently hearing a test libel case which could make it easier for defendants to rely on the defence of 'fair comment' in libel... Read more

Purchasers of mansion sue sellers for lack of privacy

A couple have launched a High Court battle against the previous owners of the £1.7million country mansion because of a road which they say has cost them their privacy. Nicholas and... Read more

Actor wins wire fence dispute with Beatles widow

Actor Rodney Bewes, best known for his role in the TV show 'The Likely lads', has won a long-running dispute over a garden fence with the widow of George Harrison. Mr... Read more

?3million legal costs in settled libel case

Settling his libel claim against Channel 4 on the eve of the trial, and after legal costs of £3million had been clocked up, Matthew Fiddes maintained that his case was... Read more

"World's worst tennis pro" loses libel case

Tennis player Robert Dee has lost his defamation case against the Daily Telegraph in the High Court after the newspaper dubbed him the "world's worst tennis pro". The article was published... Read more

Increased negligence claims against Accounting firms

Accounting firms are facing more professional negligence claims from investors who lost money in the credit crunch, and some solicitors are predicting that it is just the beginning of a... Read more

Easyjet owner to sue Ryanair boss over "libellous" ad

Easyjet owner Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has instructed lawyers to serve a writ on the chief executive of Ryanair Michael O'Leary, saying "It was about time someone was willing to spend... Read more

Barahaven Construction fined GBP 4,000 over asbestos-related offence

A company has been fined GBP 4,000 for waste-related offences, those considering approaching Northern Ireland solicitors may be interested to discover.Barahaven Construction Limited, from Coalisland, was fined GBP 4,000 plus... Read more

BSkyB wins ?200million damages in largest commercial case of decade

BSkyB has won a landmark court ruling in what has become one of the largest commercial cases of the last decade, involving legal costs estimated at £70million. The satellite broadcaster... Read more

Crimes against business 'on the up'

Crimes against businesses are on the up due to the recession, it has been claimed.According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), its figures show that 64 per cent of... Read more

Ryanair and Expedia in dispute over contract

Airline Ryanair has issued travel company Expedia with a 30-day notice of intent to end its hotel contract with the firm, it has been reported.Ryanair says it is cancelling a... Read more

Government terror bill rejected by Lords

A government proposal to tighten the UK's anti-terror laws has been rejected in the House of Lords.The Counter-Terrorism Bill would have allowed police in Britain to hold those suspected of... Read more

Campaigners lobby Westminster over abortion law

Campaigners for changes to the law regarding abortions in Northern Ireland have lobbied MPs at Westminster, which may interest those in the legal profession.The Irish Times reports that up to... Read more

Ulster bank applies to join rescue scheme

The Ulster Bank has applied to join the scheme put forward by the Irish government that protects deposits should a financial crisis occur, it has been reported.Legislation which was needed... Read more

EU farmers' victims of "unfair" regulation

European farmers are "hampered" by regulations that don't apply in non-EU countries which export into Europe, according to a commissioner.Mariann Fischer Boel, the EU Agriculture Commissioner, said that while this... Read more

New plans cause "considerable concern" to human rights body

A human rights body has said that government plans to allow police to hold terror suspects without charge for 42 days are of "considerable concern", reports the BBC.The Council of... Read more

Irish government will guarantee six banks and building societies

The Irish government has said it will guarantee all deposits in Irish banks as well as all money borrowed by the banks from other financial institutions, it has been reported.Following... Read more

Planning dispute over Irish shoreline

A stretch of shoreline at Warrenpoint in Ireland is in the middle of a clash between developers and local authorities, according to a report. Plans for a development close to... Read more

Sub prime crisis action brought against Lehman Brothers

The Northern Ireland Local Government Officer Superannuation Committee has been appointed a plaintiff in a class action against Lehman Brothers, reports IPE, with Lothian Pension Fund co-lead plaintiff.Millions of dollars... Read more

Belfast firm part of aviation trade dispute

The US and the UK could clash over £155 million state aid given to the Shorts aerospace factory in Belfast, it has been reported.Canadian company Bombardier is using the aid,... Read more

Commercial disputes 'could rise in crunch'

The frequency of commercial disputes in Northern Ireland and Britain could increase with the credit crunch, it has been claimed.According to, late payments of contracts from large to small... Read more

Crunch 'will increase commercial disputes'

Solicitors in Northern Ireland may be in increased demand as the number of commercial disputes grows with the credit crunch, it has been predicted.Company lawyer Iain Monaghan told Computer Weekly... Read more

Equality bill poses problems for insurers

The equality bill that was put before parliament earlier this summer could pose problems for the insurance industry, one expert has suggested. Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive at... Read more

EU business disputes regulation

The government has voted to protect businesses in Britain and Northern Ireland by signing up to new European Union legislation intended to prevent international commercial disputes. Under the Rome I... Read more

Businesses advised to seek mediation before court

Firms in Great Britain and Northern Ireland should seek mediation and advice from solicitors sooner when involved in commercial disputes, the government has advised.According to employment relations service Acas, small... Read more

'More business owners need a written contract'

Not enough small firm owners have approached solicitors to ensure they have a written contract in case of business disputes, it has been claimed. Figures from O2 and the Law... Read more

Commercial disputes in crunch 'may provoke more litigation'

An increase in commercial disputes during the credit crunch may mean more litigation cases in the UK, including Northern Ireland, it has been claimed.Writing in Legal Week, expert Claire Ruckin... Read more

Good planning 'essential in avoiding commercial disputes'

Drawing up clear contracts is essential to avoid commercial disputes in the technology industry, according to a contract lawyer.Writing in the Yorkshire Post, Andrew Dyson said that both parties in... Read more

"Surging" e-commerce driving growth

Spending on online advertising in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK is set to overtake that used on television adverts for the first time in 2008, according to... Read more

NI businesses 'should seek advice' on succession

A succession plan is essential when a parent wishes to split a family business between heirs, reports Karen E Klein in the LA Times.Northern Ireland firms should consider Ms Klein's... Read more

Report issued into attitudes to commercial disputes

PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University in London have released a report into the attitudes of corporations into international commercial disputes.The research is intended... Read more

Kenny court case reaches settlement

Irish broadcaster Pat Kenny has settled a legal action with his neighbours over who owns a strip of land behind his house.Mr Kenny agreed to buy the land following a... Read more

Kenny court case reaches settlement

Irish broadcaster Pat Kenny has settled a legal action with his neighbours over who owns a strip of land behind his house.Mr Kenny agreed to buy the land following a... Read more

Minister admits to contractor slur

Solicitors in Northern Ireland have secured damages for a contractor after SDLP minister Thomas Burns admitted he had libelled the firm.Not only did solicitors win damages for Eastwood, but also... Read more

Minister admits to contractor slur

Solicitors in Northern Ireland have secured damages for a contractor after SDLP minister Thomas Burns admitted he had libelled the firm.Not only did solicitors win damages for Eastwood, but also... Read more

Jury members 'are not peasants'

A solicitor has spoken out for all of the profession in Belfast and Northern Ireland by voicing concerns that juries are sometimes treated like idiots.In Belfast's Court of Appeal a... Read more

Jury members 'are not peasants'

A solicitor has spoken out for all of the profession in Belfast and Northern Ireland by voicing concerns that juries are sometimes treated like idiots.In Belfast's Court of Appeal a... Read more

Nipsa probes government settlement

While solicitors in Northern Ireland have resolved a government court case, trade union Nipsa is angry that there has not been more transparency about the settlement. The Department of Finance... Read more

Nipsa probes government settlement

While solicitors in Northern Ireland have resolved a government court case, trade union Nipsa is angry that there has not been more transparency about the settlement. The Department of Finance... Read more

Freedom of the press challenged

Solicitors in Northern Ireland and the rest of the western world will be paying close attention to an appeal case which could have massive implications on the freedom of the... Read more

CLA offers £100k for copyright whistleblowers

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland may see more clients concerned about licensing and copyright infringements after the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) has offered those who inform on people breaching... Read more

Tougher penalties for bad employers

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland should see fewer claims from employees after a new employment bill has been published to ensure bosses are fairer.Even if businesses do exploit or... Read more

Businesses 'should document everything' to avoid claims

Solicitors in Belfast and Northern Ireland may be able to defend more businesses against professional negligence claims if only firms documented all the advice they give.Northern Ireland solicitors are best... Read more

Subbies owed thousands by haulage firm

Northern Ireland solicitors may see an increasing number of sub-contractors coming to them for legal advice after Reid Transport has gone into administration, owing them tens of thousands of pounds.The... Read more

Commercial disputes led by emotion

Solicitors in Northern Ireland may see clients involved in commercial disputes become as bitter as some of the divorce clients they have seen, after new research reveals that around half... Read more

Advice 'essential' for commercial property minnows

Advice 'essential' for commercial property minnowsFor small businesses thinking of renting commercial property in Northern Ireland, advice from solicitors is one of the most important things to obtain, the Royal... Read more

Lack of education on dispute avoidance revealed

Although 58 per cent of senior managers worry about how a commercial dispute will affect staff morale, law firm Nabarro has found that 30 per cent of firms in Britain... Read more

Solicitors doubles negligence claims

Law firm Eversheds is facing a new claim of professional negligence, after already being sued for £20 million for the same reason by Nationwide Building Society over mortgage fraud.The latest... Read more

Law firm hit by lawsuit

City legal practice Charles Russell has been served with court papers by pop record producer Mike Stock, who is suing the firm for professional negligence.The law firm will face a... Read more

Ad agencies' legal dispute continues

The dispute between An Agency Called England (AACE) and marketing consultants Fuse 8 group is set to see court in November for a five-day hearing if negotiations can not be... Read more

Photographer ruled as unprofessional

Freelance photographer David Hoffman has failed to win his business dispute against MP George Galloway, after he refused to pay for blurry pictures.Mr Galloway failed to pay Mr Hoffman his... Read more

Dissolution to solve selling distress

Proposals to change the law could result in easier transactions for people who want to sell their apartment in a development where the facilities management has a poor track record.Until... Read more

iSoft considering legal action after CSC bid block

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Music companies win record copyright payout

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Daily Mail libel battle begins

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Watford's woes cemented with libel

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DJ war ends in settlement

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FSA investigates banks' retaliation against complaining customers

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