Real Estate Finance


We act on behalf of both primary and secondary lenders on a dual and separate representation basis providing commercial property finance support. We hold a number of key relationships and are trusted across the Northern Ireland market.

Borrower Representation

Our experience in acted for both lenders and individuals means that we are ideally suited to advice our client’s when they are undertaking refinancing. In advance of any refinancing we are able to provide comprehensive advice as to what the lender will require so that once the process begins we can act quickly with our clients to satisfy the lenders requirements.

Our proactive and diligent attention means that we help our client secured the funding they require.

Dual Representation

In some circumstance we are able to act for both the borrower and the lender. We act swiftly and diligently to ensure that the lenders requirements are satisfied and the borrower discharges any conditions precedent. We support our clients in preparing all the necessary property due diligence, resolving any title defects and preparing reports on title.

Lender Representation

With our significant experience in the Northern Ireland property market we are able to provide lenders with the reassurance that their interests are protected. We undertake detailed and thorough due diligence and reporting on commercial properties.


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