Corporate Finance

Why does your business require advice on corporate finance

Corporate finance is the lifeblood of all business transactions whether private equity investment, management buy in or buy out, debt funded share or asset purchases or simply debenture, fixed or floating charges over the assets of the company.

An investor should ensure that his investment is secure and he is aware of all the legal pitfalls of investing in the company whether by loan or capital investment. The investor should ensure that complete due diligence is carried out on the company and that he is aware of potential risks which may affect his investment in the future.

A company wishing to raise or reduce its share capital, provide financial assistance to a purchaser or issue inter company loans they should ensure that they fully comply with the companies legislation to protect the directors from civil or criminal liability. If a company is looking to attract investors a solicitor will be able to facilitate the investment and advise on issues which an investor may deem as a risk.

How we can help

Wilson Nesbitt provide advice on all aspects of corporate finance from securitisation of bank loans through to inter-company loans, share issues and redemption, financial assistance and legal due diligence for investors.

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