Free Initial Advice, Fixed Fee & Time Charged Services

We offer a free initial consultation service; for more details phone 0800 840 9288 or email your details to us by clicking here.

We also offer fixed fee pricing (see below) where both parties merely want what they have agreed made legally binding eg completion of a basic tax return form with employment pages.

For those who require more complex tax advice before making a decision which could affect your own personal income or finances we offer a unique transparent hourly billing system. We let you know what we charge from the outset. Your bill will be based on the below rates; you need to add vat to all prices outlined below.

Initial Consultations by appointment with team members: 

  • 15 mins or less free
  • More than 15 mins at an hourly rate of £120 per hour  

We understand that tax can be complicated and dealing with HMRC time consuming but we will endeavour to provide you with a fee estimate at the outset before any work is undertaken which describes our role and your expectations.  If we feel that in the course of our work that the original fee quote is insufficient or additional problems come to light of which we were not previously aware, then we will contact you immediately so that there are no unexpected fees on completion.  

Fixed fee rates

Fixed Fee Rates are available where you have agreed what you both want; for more details on our current pricing for the following situations phone 0800 840 9292 or email your details to us by clicking here.

Fixed Fee Quotes (prices excluding vat)  
Tax Repayment claim form £120.00
Basic Tax Return form £150.00
Employment Pages £25.00
Self Employment/Partnership pages (accounts provided)
Accounts prepared by Wilson Nesbitt
Land & Property pages (1 rental property)
Each additional rental property
Foreign Pages £50.00
Trust & Estate pages £50.00
Residence pages £70.00
Share Scheme pages £90.00
Capital Gains Tax Pages (calculation provided)
Calculation required

Discounts will apply if more than one set of accompanying pages or more than one Tax Return required.

Next Steps

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